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HenryMakow.com — May 9, 2022

(Right, Daniel Andrews, Gauleiter of Victoria, Australia)

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The pain is not over folks.  The shit will just get more fragrant.

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: Premier Dan Andrews is passing a bill that prohibits people from growing their own food.

The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 has had its second reading in parliament. Biosecurity is stated as the reason for changes.

New Zealand Government is sending letters to unvaxxed people – telling them that if they are not vaxxed by the 1st June 2022, they will face $15,000 fine or 6 months in prison



Comments on Reddit-

“We were duped into giving our weapons in by the Australian Government when they sent that fucking lunatic into port arthur with a machine gun and a bloodstream full of meth and adrenaline.

“You tell me what we can say or do unarmed that’ll deter the cunts from raping us on a daily basis fuck ya.

“Canada is bad but no where as bad as Australia, no killing of puppies by government during the pandemic to save us from the covid19 here, no app to make sure you don’t leave your home no police brutality on the scale of what was seen in Australia.


Continues …