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ANI – May 8, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic, drought and the crisis unfolding in Ukraine are pushing food prices to record highs and threatening the world with the worst famine since World War 2, German Minister for Economic Development and Cooperation Svenja Schulze said on Sunday.

“The World Food Programme (WFP) believes that more than 300 million people are now suffering from acute hunger, and the projections constantly have to be adjusted upward. The unpleasant message is that we are threatened with the worst famine since World War 2, with millions of victims,” Schulze told the German newspaper Bild.

According to the minister, food prices have already climbed by one-third worldwide, reaching record levels.

The WFP has warned that the conflict in Ukraine will lead to spiralling food prices and exacerbate hunger across the world, due to disrupted supply chains and derailed crop production. Such regions as Africa and the Middle East may suffer the most, being heavily dependent on cheap grain exports, with a total of 811 million people worldwide exposed to the risk of malnutrition.

Ukraine is a key global grain producer, accounting for 9 per cent of the world’s wheat exports, 13.5 per cent of corn and 70 per cent of sunflower products, therefore any disruption in supplies drives prices up, resulting in growing food insecurity across the world.

The WFP said on Friday that for eight months before the hostilities broke out, the now-blocked Ukrainian seaport of Odesa has transited enough crops to feed 400 million people. (ANI/Sputnik)