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Reflections in a Petri Dish – May 6, 2022

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Yesterday… it was brought to my attention how people come and go here… time passes. Sometimes people reappear after the passage of years. Sometimes they say goodbye. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they go away mad, but they don’t say why. Sometimes they pass away, and it is brought to my attention. Sometimes they pass away and it is not brought to my attention; ships in the night, my friend, ships in the night on a cruise through eternity. Wow!!! Look at all those stars!

Some people would come around to pound scripture, the way frat-boys pound beers. I can’t remember a single time that anyone was moved by this, but… this doesn’t mean we were spared the experience; dusty tomes are opened and particles waft into the air… dust motes dancing in sunlight. Then… the person sneezes and it breaks the mood… whatever mood there might have been, in the Karmic record of ♫where, or when♫… BUT… I digress… into fields of Proust and watercress (WTF?). “In the rooms, the women come and go, talking of Fra Angelico.” No… that’s not right. That sounds off. It had something to do with The Renaissance, or maybe it was just before that.

Getting an inside joke is similar to hitting the big league curve… heh heh, especially if the curve breaks outside (WTF?). Did I tell an inside joke? Was it half literary bon mot, and half-circle to a magically rounded square? That’s the thing of it. It is not possible to discuss certain matters. It is why we have symbols in the first place or… what I call, ‘trapped lines of force in specific form.’ Then… there is the matter of turning it upside down, (like a Pentagram or a cross) which… I am told… reverses the meaning, and… I have been dancing like a chicken on a griddle here, because… I want to talk about something beyond the reach of words.

There are people who reject The Kabbalah- out of hand -because of the race of people it is associated with. This tradition DID NOT originate with them. It came out of the Chaldean Tradition, and that came out of earlier times still… with the Egyptians… Sumerians, and much further back even. Their hieroglyphic alphabet is derived DIRECTLY from The Chaldean Flame Alphabet.

You must think of The Kabbalah as a stairway… a ladder. It goes up, and it goes down. Well… here’s the deal; if you’ve studied the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, you have some idea of what I might say. It’s all about a magical language; an angelic language that permits you to converse with angels. Need I add that if you reverse it, you are communicating with demons?

Personally, I believe you only get an understanding of the language through Divine Revelation, and I have no problem speaking with angels, and NO DESIRE to influence them. They are CERTAINLY welcome to influence me!

See… there are things that angels won’t do, because… angels ONLY-EVER do The Will of God. That’s an absolute. Those who act contrary to The Will of God are demons/devils; out of balance life forms that are never on the level; at least this is what you encounter when you are not on the level. This is not strictly true, because EVERYTHING… everything serves The Will of God; knowingly, and unknowingly.

SO… those who hijacked The Kabbalah have employed it in a reversed fashion for material gain. It’s what you would expect. PEOPLE!!! Please… stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The same thing is true of freemasonry. It’s a system. You can use it as intended, OR… you can pervert it.

Those of us who have done the research, unlike those who have not, and prefer to argue instead, KNOW that the whole story of Jesus the Christ, was subverted to temporal ends, and crowd control by Constantine and his posse of Bishops… way back in 325 AD. They did this to hijack the history of Apollonius of Tyana, who had become so popular that something had to be done. I tried to soften the ground in yesterday’s links, with a couple of brief mentions.

They burned the Library of Alexandria to kill off The Evidence Trail, and The Historical Record so they could rewrite it. Yes! I know… this preceded the Constantine Caper by a few centuries. TRY… to remember that the Visible Plane is controlled from the Invisible Plane. Those who reside there might be around for far longer than mere centuries. The battle between Good and Evil is as old as time. Time is… in fact, the tool we measure the sequence of incidents with.

I’m not going to do a Ross Perot here, with line graphs and colored geometrical triangles from a mathematical pie… like prosecutors working with timelines, and… (shudder) Details. We… just indicate directions, possibilities of thought… trends, and patterns. The reader is then empowered to make up their own minds.


I’ve not gotten into this OBVIOUS reality before, BECAUSE… the Fundie-Cinderblock Heads go fully rabid when they hear ANYTHING that besmirches their near-zero understanding of WHAT IS, and WHAT IS NOT, concerning Jesus the Christ. It all starts with being honest with yourself. If you can’t manage that, and in Times of Material Darkness, few do, you shouldn’t be playing with metaphysical verities in the first place. That is how you burn your fingers.

It’s kind of like the stories of… WHO… was Shakespeare? You have several characters you can pick from, BUT… there is no real evidence. The people OR person involved in bringing Shakespeare’s works into being, KNEW the value of it, and its projected longevity. It is the same with the story of Jesus the Christ. After the Shakespeare (that no one seems to know who that was)… died… had his death faked… disappeared; whatever the case was, some academics went to Stratford on Avon, years later… and visited his daughter, who was forty years old at the time, and… they discovered she could neither read, nor write, and… had no details. Yeah… nothing to see here… moving right along.

Personally, I am not interested in The Kabbalah (not for decades now). I am not concerned about who The Real Jesus the Christ was, or… Shakespeare, or… much else; in much knowledge, there is much sorrow. I… in my limited fashion, have discovered the important feature in The Search for The Divine; love him with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind, AND practice The Presence. There is NOTHING… in all this wide and mysterious universe that I need to know besides… to love him with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength, and with all my mind. That’s it… everything else is on tap when the need presents itself.

If God can live in and through me, and express himself without my hindrance… effortlessly… and so on, and so on; what more is there for me to do? Self Mastery is the key. The ability to restrain oneself is The Secret. The Master… is the one you give way to, and give way to, until there is no more of you… only the timeless master remains… and whatever persona he chooses to reside in and present through.

Who was the author of The Essene Protocols? Who was the author of the Obscene Protocols? Who removed Reincarnation, Karma, and The Divine Mother from the cosmic framework of the Christianity Schematic? Have you made any kind of a study into the behavior patterns and perspectives of The Papal Legacy? Speaking as if to one who has not done their homework; Do you know who Honorius or Innocent the 3rd was? Don’t get me started. What do you ACTUALLY KNOW; not what you read somewhere, or what someone told you, what do you know?

I know there was a Jesus the Christ, who was perhaps like whoever spoke through Shakespeare, and a number of others, across the landscape of history. God is The Invisible Man. He it is that is channeled in every act of heroism, all great creative works, and the inception of every spiritual renaissance. He is The Sun in the sky and The Moon at night in his reflection, BUT… he is also… that which is behind that… which is behind that… which is behind all beauty, all art, all joy, all wonder, and righteous enthusiasm.

People come and go here. One night I was at Larry Coryell’s house (in a Connecticut suburb of NYC). His wife was a monster in human form and… since I did not want to be around her shameful dismantling of him among the small group in attendance (this is something she did regular like), I went into the piano room and this young lady was sitting there and playing in her self-taught way… so that it looked as if her hands had been crippled; I kid you not.

She was singing and she was good. I joined in and we had quite a time. It turned out that she was Vicki Sue Robinson who sang “Turn the Beat Around.” It was quite the disco hit of its day. It was playing on the radio in the same time frame. We got on like gangbusters (whatever that means). At one point she told me she was gay, for no particular reason. She was definitely someone that I was instant pals with.

I watched “The Martian” again last night. That song played. It made me think of her. One day… a couple of years ago, I wondered what had happened to her, and looked her up; turned out she had been dead for some years. People come and people go. Sometimes we know them for brief hours or days. Sometimes we know them for years, peripherally. and have never spoken to them. You can spend your whole life around some people and never know them. It happens more frequently than you might think.

I’ve met a lot of people on my way through here. Some of them were famous and some should have been. Some were and should not have been, but… they were there for The Purpose of Demonstration. I met people who were also not like everyone else, in good… and bad ways. A lot of people are going to be coming and going here in (what I call) The Short Term; mostly going… actually.

When you REALLY see this life as an unbroken continuation of life through a multitude of forms, it can REALLY affect your time sense and your perspective; you get the panorama feature. If your heart is disposed to be open… there is REALLY no telling who and what you might encounter.


End Transmission…….


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