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Henrymakow.com — Jan 8, 2022

Meet the Young Global leaders, Class of 2021. You don’t know their names now, but you will.

Our political, cultural and business leaders are chosen by the people they serve. This more complete list includes Human Abedin, Charlize Theron and Ashton Kutcher.

If you want to get ahead in the NWO, you literally have to sell your soul to the devil, Jacob Rothschild front man Klaus Schwab. The goal is a worldwide Communist Chinese social credit system where access to your own money depends on your obedience to Satan’s earthly representatives.

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Klaus Schwab’s WEF Alumni – A List
Posted on October 6, 2021 – by Joss Wynne Evans

From Swiss Policy Research – a useful summary of this menacing organization

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been involved in the pandemic hoax in several ways.

First, the WEF was, together with the Gates Foundation, a sponsor of the prescient “Event 201” coronavirus pandemic simulation exercise, held in New York City on October 18, 2019 – the same day as the opening of the Wuhan Military World Games, seen by some as “ground zero” of the global pandemic. China itself has argued that US military athletes may have brought the virus to Wuhan.

Second, the WEF has been a leading proponent of digital biometric identity systems, arguing that they will make societies and industries more efficient, more productive and more secure. In July 2019, the WEF started a project to “shape the future of travel with biometric-enabled digital traveller identity management”. In addition, the WEF collaborates with the Gates and Rockefeller-funded ID2020 alliance that runs a program to “provide digital ID with vaccines”. In particular, ID2020 sees the vaccination of children as “an entry point for digital identity.”

Third, WEF founder Klaus Schwab is the author of the book COVID-19: The Great Reset, published in July 2020, which argues that the coronavirus pandemic can and should be used for an “economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental and technological reset”, including, in particular, advancing global governance, accelerating digital transformation, and tackling climate change.


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