Rixon Stewart – Jan 8, 2022

After centuries of anticipation the anti-Christ may finally be here. However, before I say who I believe he is, and most importantly why, a little background perspective is in order.

Crucially, the anti-Christ isn’t a figure confined to Christian prophecy. Islam speaks of a very similar figure, the Dajjal or deceiver, who is predicted to appear at the end of days.

Esoteric Christian researcher and teacher Rudolf Steiner also spoke nearly a century ago of the manifestation of a comparable figure around this time. As with all Steiner’s teaching, his prediction concerning this figure’s appearance provides additional depths and dimension.

According to Steiner, to fully understand the significance of his incarnation we need to grasp several points:

As their names would suggest: Lucifer and Satan are two entirely different entities. It’s a big mistake, and one that they no doubt encourage; to consider them one and the same because Ahriman and Lucifer are two distinct entities with their own modes of operation and sphere’s of influence.

To be sure they both actively oppose our spiritual growth but Lucifer delights in illusion and delusion. He constantly strives to lead men astray with false hope and fake spirituality. This is why he is particularly evident in much of the New Age movement today.

Ahriman’s countenance by Rudolf Steiner. Click to enlarge

This is in contrast to Satan, or as Steiner refers to him, Ahriman, which is the ancient Persian name for the same entity. Satan/Ahriman wants to entrap man entirely in the physical world, keeping him ignorant of the realities of the broader spiritual reality, which we are part of even if we cannot always perceive it.

The two represent opposite ends of the spectrum. Satan/Ahirman is in his element in hard scientific materialism, where everything is seen in purely material terms, while Lucifer flourishes in dreams and illusions. They both have their place: Ahriman/Satan provides a grip on hard practicalities while Luciferic impulses can inspire illuminating insights.

However, humanity is not destined to be perpetually beholden to these two forces. We have a purpose and to fulfil it we have to overcome them with a third force: the Christ force. The qualities embodied in Christ need to be cultivated in ourselves so as to overcome the Luciferic and Ahrimanic impulses, which also manifest in ourselves.

I realise that this may sound far removed from mundane reality but these concepts need to be grasped because Satan-Ahriman is incarnate in human form right now and he wields considerable power and influence. Only the vast majority haven’t quite realised this, which is exactly the way he wants it. He thrives in our ignorance.

It’s all part of a broader process and for humanity to fully comprehend these forces/consciousnesses, these entities first had to incarnate here in human form.

As Les Visible is wont to say, this was for the purposes “of demonstration”, so that we can better understand and engage in our destiny.

Thus, according to Steiner, around 2,000 BC Lucifer incarnated in human form in China, during the Xia Dynasty. So little was actually known about this period that many later Chinese historians regarded it largely as a myth. Although modern historians view the Xia Dynasty as more than a myth now, very little is still known about the era.

Two thousand years later, and thousands of miles further west and the Christ force incarnated in Jesus of Galilee.

Fast forward another two thousand years and humanity now lives in an age when Ahrimanic/Satanic influence predominates, with the prevalence of so-called “scientific-materialism”.

In keeping with this sequence of incarnations and the predominant cultural ethos, Ahriman/Satan is now incarnate in human form. In fact Steiner predicted he would appear in this realm in the latter half of the twentieth century, somewhere in North America.

Before I identify who I think he is a couple of further points need to be made.

First of all Ahriman is smart. So he’s not going to incarnate as some all-powerful dictator with vast armies at his command. Despite what Bible belt preachers may claim, that would be too obvious. No, Ahriman/Satan wants to catch humanity off-guard and lure us into following him, unaware of who or what he actually is. So he’s going to assume a much less intimidating persona.

Secondly, he needs to be understood. That doesn’t mean we should obey him but we do need to comprehend what he’s doing simply because our destiny depends on it.

Indeed, I suspect that is why he has assumed the human form and persona he has. It amounts to a test and it’s up to us to figure it out.

So without further ado, let me present Ahriman/Satan incarnate in human form … Bill Gates, the archetypal geek whom now wields more power than anyone else on the planet.

Just look at the way his Covid vaccination program has been adopted across the planet. Those leaders who objected, like Burundi’s President Nkurunziza or Tanzanian President John Magufuli, were simply removed from power overnight, without a murmur of dissent.

Who else wields that much power in the world today?

Nobody. Neither the leaders of Russia or China or the U.S. nor the richest oligarch has the power to make all the nations of the world act in obedience, as one, as they have in response to the supposed “pandemic”.

Moreover, in 1923 Steiner also warned that around this time a plan would be implemented to sever humanities’ ties with the spiritual realm. Leaving humanity’s spiritual potential completely unrealised. This is the complete antithesis of work of all the great spiritual teachers like Christ, the prophet Muhammad, Buddha and others. The objective would be to counteract their work and paralyse mankind’s spiritual potential, on the pretext of protecting our health.

So it’s fitting that a program to vaccinate humanity against an ailment that is no more deadly than seasonal flu should be driven by none other than Bill Gates. It is also entirely apt that some of the vaccinated who were formerly devout suddenly find themselves in the thrall of demonic forces after being vaccinated.

According to Steiner, Ahriman excels in cold hard logic, devoid of emotion. So it is no coincidence that Bill Gates should be CEO of Microsoft, the world’s richest and most powerful software company. He is in his element.

It is also no coincidence that many of the vaccinated have exhibited signs of nano-structures being assembled in their bodies after vaccination. These microscopic structures resemble nothing other than microchips.

Satan/Ahriman supposedly tried to usurp the Creator. Is he now incarnate as Bill Gates, trying to remake mankind in his own image?

Finally, I’m not suggesting that we do anything like put Gates on trial. That would be futile as he would hire the best lawyers, and the legal system is rigged in his favour anyway. The best we can do right now is to observe and learn. Ed.