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Henrymakow.com – Jan 7, 2022

“We should not let a single attorney general or US attorney evade the fact that that this is a bio-weapons program meant to destroy, maim and kill the Citizens of the United States and the people of the world.”

This electrifying talk by Dr. David Martin at Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour last November is an advanced dissertation on what is the most important legal case in human history, as it affects us all now and future generations.

Martin Bio

 Dr. David Martin Exposes the Great Reset and Covid 19 Vaccine Agenda-

(abridged by henrymakow.com)

“Ladies and Gentlemen, call it what it is: It’s premeditated murder. Stop dancing on the side of this thing and jump in the pool!…

“This is a crime and we need to start treating it like a crime, instead of watching a bank robber walk out of the bank and calling the Uber for them. This is about getting Anthony Fauci cuffed and perp-walked. That’s what this is about!

“We’ve got to set a single goal: Anthony Fauci in chains and in jail. That’s our goal, because that ends…the Emergency Use Authorization and what that does, is it puts the liability for every injury and death back on the companies, because the minute we get a felony conviction, the entire EUA has been pierced. If we get a single felony – one felony – there is no shield of immunity, because the ’86 act and the PREP Act say that you get immunity unless. Unless -“

( Martin’s Eye of Horus tattoo suggests he may be part of the Illuminati dialectic described here. Especially since this picture is being suppressed by search engines. Nonetheless I believe his message here is credible.)



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