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In the UK, GCHQ- Government Communications HQ

Henrymakow.com – Nov 24, 2021

Intelligence Agencies Monitor All Digital Communications

I wouldn’t say anything online that I didn’t expect some traitorous stiff from CSIS (Cdn. Sec. Int. Svce) to read.

2013- Canada Spent Nearly One Billion Dollars to monitor its citizens

Someone knew the covid scam was coming down the pike.

by CR – (henrymakow.com)

Years ago Edward Snowden revealed widespread electronic surveillance by government intelligence agencies.  Since then, technology has advanced and governments have become increasingly authoritarian.  Nothing typed into a computer or spoken on the phone is private.

As explained here, a company named Paragon has developed a program to hack encrypted communications.  The article specifically mentions WhatsApp, Facebook, and Gmail, but it would be naïve to think that only mainstream e-mail and messaging services are vulnerable.

A Paragon spokesman said that “the company would only sell its surveillance products to countries that abide by international norms and respect fundamental rights and freedoms”.  However, the founders are former Israeli intelligence operatives so you can imagine what sort of countries meet their criteria. Western countries are trampling citizens’ rights in any case.

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NSO Group, another Israeli company, has developed Pegasus spyware.  This technology allows the user to remotely access people’s computers to view or download anything stored or done on the computer.  Furthermore, it can be used to operate the computer’s camera and microphone – you could be sitting in front of an Israeli surveillance device right now and not know it.


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