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Above: Jon Stuart Leibowitz forgets what Jews did to Palestinians

Henrymakow.com — Nov 24, 2021

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US

Hoffman-“This entry of whites into the civil wars of the natives is the “genocide” for which the founders of New England are indicted, while the genocide perpetrated by Native Americans on one another is censored or absolved.”


Celebrating Thanksgiving is celebrating racist genocide

Thanksgiving: The annual genocide whitewash

Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Genocide of Native Americans


Makow comment- This is yet another example of Communist Jewish (Satanist) cancel-culture, i.e. cancel Christian civilization and whites in general. This is the real genocide today.

Should We Honor Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims in 2021?

By Michael Hoffman – (abridged by henrymakow.com)

In our day, not only turkeys but the American celebration of Thanksgiving is headed for the chopping block, should the Left prevail in stripping the calendar of our cherished traditional holidays.

Toward that objective, it has been decided by the overlords of consensus reality that the Protestant dissidents who founded the commonwealth of Massachusetts and much of New England were “genocidal” toward Native Americans…

“Woke” history, for all the support it receives from mighty organs of mass opinion like the New York Times, in many of its most basic assumptions and tenets is ludicrously ignorant and simplistic.

For example, why are we made to believe that the history of genocide on the North American continent began with the arrival of white people?


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