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By N. Morgan – Before Its News Nov 20, 2021

In this shocking video, Dr. Guido Hofmann gives a final warning before possibly committing suicide? He was the Chief of a clinic in Cheminitz in Germany has committed suicide having said he could no longer live with lies to citizens and patients and calling the ‘vaccines’ genocide. Chemnitz mourns the loss of Dr. Guido Hofmann (55).

Whatever the truth of the death, his brave, truthful, honest and honorable video message STANDS !!!

The head of the Chemnitz hospital ‘fell’ from the hospital building on Flemmingstrass on Tuesday morning. He died on the spot from his serious injuries. (make it look like suicide?)



German Dr. Guido Hofmann with a last message before committing suicide

Bitchute – Nov 18, 2021



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