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By Lasha Darkmoon – Oct 17, 2021

Based on a variety of new reports,

— “He was one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics.” — British PM Boris Johnson, not known for his undeviating allegiance to the truth; an Eton and Oxford elitist and breaker of every promise he has made. (pictured)

— “This is the most devastating, horrific and tragic news.” — Former Tory PM David Cameron, under legal investigation for  financial scandals.  

— “Heartbreaking.” — Former Tory PM “(“Je Suis Juif”) Theresa May, personal friend and confidante of British rabbis.

— “Horrific and deeply shocking news.” — Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer; attends synagogue with his Jewish wife who is said to be his “secret weapon”. (Pictured)

— “I was shocked and horrified.” — Tony Blair, retired New Labour Party Leader, Zionist war criminal and friend of pedophile Jimmy Savile

— “I am devastated.” — British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, an ethnic Indian from Uganda, who has presided over the biggest mass invasion of Britain by illegal immigrants  from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Said to run a “taxi service” for dangerous refugees crossing the English Channel in record numbers every day, often more than 1000 refugees a day receiving red carpet treatment. Few are ever deported and all are “potential terrorists”, especially those being welcomed from Afghanistan after the country’s takeover by the Taliban.    

Poor Sir David Amess! A highly principled Tory MP of impeccable character, whose honour cannot be impugned or tainted in any way by the ragtag of opportunistic scoundrels quoted above, all trying to shore up their own  appalling  reputations by singing his praises after his death. Shame on them! It’s a pity they had so little to say to Sir David while he was still alive and walked among them, a moral colossus among pygmies.

—     §     —

Sir David Amess was holding a constituency surgery when a knifeman ran into the church building and launched a frenzied attack. The 69-year-old politician was stabbed at least 12 times and died at the scene.

“Counter-terrorism police and MI5 were probing last night whether the suspect, who is a 25-year-old British Muslim of Somali descent, had links to extremists.” (The Daily Mail).

LD: The Daily Mail was the only British newspaper, as David Irving points out on his site, to have the chutzpah to mention the killer’s ethnic origins (Somalia in Africa) and religion (Muslim). No other newspaper or TV station in Britain, including the flagship BBC, dared to offer us a clue as to the identity of the killer. This information was almost universally suppressed.

One of the first videos I saw astonished me by referring to the killer in its mindlessly silly opening sentence as “He or She”, as if the mere mention of the killer’s sexual identity needed to be kept a closely guarded secret! — for fear, no doubt, of offending the powerful Transgender lobby. You’ll  know the world has gone to hell in a hand basket when you’re no longer allowed to refer to Jack the Ripper as a “man”. (LD) 

At a vigil last night more than 100 people packed into St Peter’s Catholic Church in Leigh-on-Sea.

Praise for Sir David also came from the vicar of the Methodist church where the murder took place. The local Baptist minister expressed surprise that a kindly man like Sir David, who went out of his way to help refugees, should in turn be killed by a former refugee.

Witnesses who saw the suspect being arrested on suspicion of murder described him as oddly calm and compliant.

Home Secretary Priti Patel — the minister responsible for doing nothing to stop the tidal wave of illegal immigrants swarming into the country across the English Channel (pictured), but who has actually been accused of running a “taxi service” to ferry them to safety on our unprotected shores, giving them free accommodation in expensive hotels and the best council houses being denied right now to native Brits on the long waiting list — the same Priti Patel has ordered “an immediate review of security arrangements” and done her best to bustle around and look extremely important and relevant.

Ironical, is it not? that this widely detested “bully”, known for her hissy fits and mistreatment of her own staff  (picture of one her victims who took an overdose after Patel’s bullying) — whose sacking has been demanded by thousands for her ineptitude and flagrant disregard for our country’s borders — should hold onto her position when any bus driver could do a better job.

Let me add in my own defence that my negative critique of  Priti Patel has nothing to do with her Indian ethnicity or her Uganda connections. I would have criticized her just as fiercely if she had been a White South African or even an Eskimo.

I could say much more, but on this sombre note I will end. You already know the score.  Just watch the video below. It was the only one I could find in which the person being interviewed, Nigel Farage, had anything interesting to say.  (Pictured) No, I am not a Farage supporter, but nor am I a Farage hater.  It’s just that I can’t  help feeling that Britain would be in  far better shape today if Farage had somehow managed to barnstorm his  way into 10 Downing Street instead of Boris and his gang of rich toffs playing at “democracy”.

The One Nation Tory party, if it ever existed, has now reverted to type . It has morphed into a bunch of predatory robber barons who would happily steal the last penny out of the homeless  man’s begging bowl if they thought no one was looking.

Indeed, they are doing this right now and getting away with it.