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Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Show Oct 12, 2021

A whole lot of people have a lot of explaining to do. Boxes of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca show a Manufacture Date of July 15, 2018 . . . But “COVID-19” wasn’t discovered until 2019 and wasn’t NAMED until February 11, 2020.

Here’s the smoking gun: A box of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca, with the manufacture date of July 15, 2018 computer printed on the box flap:

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Manufacture Date: 2018.07.15


According to a Google Search using the Term “When was COVID-19 discovered?” the result is:

Taking close note of the name of the vaccine on the box “COVID-19 VACCINE” I then asked Google when COVID-19 was named?  The result:

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So if COVID-19 didn’t become an outbreak until late in 2019, and the outbreak wasn’t even named “COVID-19” until February 11, 2020, then how could AstraZeneca have been manufacturing “COVID-19 VACCINE” in July of 2018???????

Easy. The whole thing was planned.   The disease itself was INTENTIONALLY RELEASED.   

This evidence from AstraZeneca itself, their own product box, proves that “COVID-19” was PLANNED.  The whole thing.   The “outbreak,”  the declaration of a pandemic, the NAME chosen for the outbreak, the alleged frantic search for a vaccine . . . it was all PLANNED.

What the world is seeing with the COVID-19 situation is actual Biological Warfare being waged against the citizens of the world, which was PLANNED.


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