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by Mike Stone – (henrymakow.com)

It’s official. Starting November 4, I and many others living in Los Angeles will not be able to enter a restaurant, bar, concert hall, movie theater, salon, barber shop, or a whole lot of other places. Like modern-day lepers, we are to be shunned, ostracized, cut off from life.

I don’t go to bars, concerts or movies, so that part doesn’t bother me. I hope they all go broke.

However, I do like eating in restaurants from time to time. I like getting books at the library. And I need an occasional haircut. I guess I can put a bowl over my head and cut around it with a pair of scissors.

Of all the stupid and retarded cities in the world, I live in the stupidest and most retarded. Almost two years into this charade and 95% of the people here are still wearing masks. Alone. In their cars with the windows rolled up.

I walked by a recently reopened gym the other day. People were running on treadmills with masks on. I stopped and stared in the window. I guess it never occurred to any of them that they could run freely outside without wearing a mask. But that’s L.A.

At least half-a-dozen friends of mine have been threatened with losing their jobs if they don’t take the jab by next month. Another half-a-dozen caved to pressure and took it. One woman told me she couldn’t walk for three days after her first shot.


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