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Visible Origami – Oct 11, 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It is a wonder to sit and watch the world in cosmic transformation, and the destinies of nations in play. People acting out in groups and as individuals in less than sane ways. The force of the change of the age is upon us, and the guiding lights are either present or on their way. Lesser lights always precede greater lights who herald the approach. Heaven is a subtle thing… most of the time, but… it has the power to act in dramatic fashion using the players at hand… and others. Heaven commands all life. People, in their freedoms and hungers, choose to go contrary and that automatically programs a given effect further on. I’m not fond of those results.

I have lived outside the system since before I can remember. I recall trying to fit in now and again but was unable to. I gave up on that decades ago. So… when I hear the big guns of Big Tech talking about deplatforming, demonetizing, and similar, I pay no mind. I am not monetized. When I hear about vaccine mandates, I pay no attention because nothing they can threaten me with applies. This is when “nothing is a real cool hand” (paraphrased likely). Because I don’t have anything they can take we have no business together. Yes… it’s not for everyone. I suspect I had no choice in the matter. Human destiny is beyond mortal perspective. It is a matter of many lives before one may see the light.

Yes… “success is speedy for the energetic.” You have to want it badly, more than anything else.

Your moral compass should not also serve as a gyroscope. That is not its function, but some people use it as such because it adds more flexibility to The Will. The one thing The Will does not need, at least for me, is flexibility cause the morals go right out with that, and without morals? without a code? Without a guide? You are headed for the swamp. I’m an adventurer, so I’ve been down some number of roads. I’ve also been on the kinds of roads where you find yourself. That… that is a remarkable experience. One of the greatest joys and reliefs is that you find out you are a good guy. You can do good things or nothing at all. You can do bad things too if you want bad things to happen to you. I fail to see The Up-Side.

So much of life, to me, is Common Sense. I did not always have as much as I needed, and… I was reckless. Now though, because I have no skin in the game, what can I lose? Then you give it away for free. That’s pretty much all you do. You give yourself away and it no longer weighs you down.

Paramhansa Yogananda once said something like, “take all of your cares and woes, your false memories of yourself (I’m adding in here), all your hopes and dreams and put them in a bag and cast them into the sea.” Then, I guess… I’m only guessing here because this is what I am doing; you only host the angels of God… in ALL life situations, come what may, and lo and behold… he works it all out. Once you let go, the wind will fill your sails; not to sail through the confined spaces of compressed hunger, with too many people pushing and shoving. The span of Heaven opens up, and you can dance on the mountain tops inside your mind, and bring The Kingdom of Heaven with you wherever you go.

Your heart can be turned into a rushing river, which is fed by the measureless ocean of God’s Love. The very stars in the sky shine because of it. There is PLENTY of love for that rushing river, you just have to channel in or channel it in; however you understand the process. If people knew what a marvelous instrument their bodies are, they would not abuse them so, and whenever they abuse others, they also abuse themselves. However… the spell… the enchantment of The World is VERY POWERFUL. It is intoxicating and a playground for The Personality in this relentless costume ball. Sometimes the masks come off.

When I look at The World, I never think in terms of fixing it. That is a whole kind of Stupid. Anyway, I just fix myself and I will have no problem with The World. Invariably, we run into things when we first get here. Sometimes you hit one of them so hard you are back on The Conveyor Belt again. It is possible to come to a point where you don’t hit anything anymore. That sounds like a sane objective to me. If you can’t dance you are at a disadvantage. You are at another disadvantage when you can’t cook. You are at an extreme disadvantage when you won’t open your eyes. You are at the worst possible disadvantage when you won’t or can’t open your heart. No rushing river, I fear.

The whole of all one could wish to learn is written in The Book of Nature. If your own being fascinates you, you have only to study your own nature. When you find out what works… …oh yeah, music to my ears. I am constantly astounded at how many people there are who cannot seem to enjoy life. Once again, you look at Nature, you can look at yourself. Nature is a mirror. She’s like The Sub-Conscious. It is a garden you tend, or you don’t attend to it. You see a lot of that in times like this, with so many inclined to steal from another’s patch. They will continue to run out. Those who give it away will have more and more to give away; The Rushing River being what it is.

Something big is coming. There are many theories concerning what this might be. Some are in states of ever-intensifying panic. The last year really softened them up… and then the vaccines. That’s not working out the way they wanted. Pilots are refusing to fly. Transportation workers are refusing to transport. The military membership has thousands upon thousands of vaccine resistors. This is causing critical interconnected systems to break down. Some might say this is intentional on the part of those pushing the vaccines. I don’t know one way or the other about details not given me. I assume there are both ill-intentioned and well-intentioned people in the scrimmage. What I DO KNOW is that God is in command of everything, and everything is under control, except in places where it may appear not to be. Is that where you are? Then you must find a place where all is as it should be, and that is most quickly achieved by those who accordingly.

If you have uncertainty in your mind, cast it out. Some things are certain and some things are not. Let them sort themselves out. God takes care of The Details, maybe because, as I have heard it said, The Devil is in The Details. I don’t meddle in the affairs of my betters. I speak of The Supernal Kingdom. They are more advanced than I… and I look to them for guidance. Since I have been fairly consistent about that, and especially of late, I get guidance. I even have a guidance system. Well… I guess all of us have one of those. The question would be whether it worked. With life, it is best to work with one-size-fits-all.

I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t think all kinds of disturbances and cataclysmic natural events can happen. There is a good chance of that in specific locations. There is no chance of it in others. As I mentioned, I was told that there would appear something like human cellphone towers and they will transmit a message of Unity and Harmony. People may or may not be aware of this but in some places, life will simply go on. I don’t think building survival fortresses in old missile silos is the answer. I don’t think having stockpiles of food and weapons, and lots of money is the answer… because what is happening is not going to answer to stockpiles, or weapons and money. Should things go South, the wrong people will know the right people to steal from. HOWEVER, if an area is guarded by invisible wrathful deities. Hmm…

There was this fellow named Padma Sambhava. Near as I can remember, there was this village in a valley in Tibet or several villages in interconnecting valleys. The whole area was being attacked by hordes of demons. He pacified the landscape and made the demons go away. If you want more details, you can look into it. These things HAPPEN! It might be hard to see what happens where the senses do not record, but… you can certainly see the effects on the visible plane. He’s the fellow who rediscovered Om Mani Padme Hum after it had been lost for some time. It could be that is what he used to get rid of the demons.

I want to close with what I consider a very important point. People living high on the hog, who have no reverence for the food they eat and waste most of it. People who also do this with their sexual force. People who take certain things for granted, WILL… at some point be severely denied these things or have their capacity removed. The World is The World. It is a Teaching Zone. People learn here or else. Sometimes they get a big ride for a long time, but… sooner or later it comes to an end. I do not want to depend on the less than tender mercies of The World. Well… I am already depending on the kind and tender mercies of The Kingdom of Heaven.

One can bring no greater gift than The Kingdom of Heaven to others. One may only be able to celebrate it with themselves initially, but… as the range extends, and The Rushing River runs wider, one can carry it with them wherever they may go, and NOTHING can stand against it or challenge it. Nothing inimical even shows up. It is The Kingdom of Heaven after all.


End Transmission…….




A brief mention about The Links. They may seem an odd contrast to what gets written about here. They are evidence of Trends and Patterns. One does not need to see them, but I include them so that the reader can see what is being fashioned for Humanity by the ill-intended. This has no relevance for us if we are in The Kingdom of Heaven… I may cease doing it soon.



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