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Reflections in a Petri Dish – Oct 8, 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Every day, for half an hour to an hour, I scour the news feeds, which kind of circles the planet. In the last six months, one feature stands out above the rest, and that is the intensifying Insanity in The World, and The Work of Mr. Apocalypse. There are many links below that show some amount of it. I’ll be gone for a couple of days, so… it’s something to do (grin).

Here is one of the places they set policy for The Central Banking Satanists, AND The Prince of Darkness, who is the inspiration for their Intent. It’s a who’s who of visible icons for The Infernal Realm come to Middle Earth. Middle Earth is that plane which exists between Heaven… and The Depths. There are planes ever more and more rapturous, beyond the ken of the mortal mind… finer and finer. I again recommend reading Chapter 43 of “Autobiography of a Yogi.” A CAREFUL reading gives a clear indication of what is there. Beyond that… words do not go, but existence continues all the way to the throne of The Most High.

It goes in the other direction as well… denser and denser, hotter and hotter, as would be expected from increasing compression. It becomes more alien, and fear is alive and palpable. Both of these actually exist in you and can be accessed to one’s delight and terror, depending. Those presently tormenting Humanity are booked for passage on the down escalator. Others are ascending Jacob’s Ladder or some similar trope associated with a particular tradition. There are MANY sections to Heaven, and also to Hell.

We are, simultaneously, a tiny particle in a vast and immeasurable body, AND also contain the whole within us as well. We are the government in an ungoverned land, UNTIL… until we come to an understanding and permit good government to be visited upon us, If you follow the laws of Heaven, you will undoubtedly find yourself in Heaven. If you follow the call of Mammon, you will find yourself in Hell. Everything exists in The Mind BEFORE it becomes a physical reality. When you purify The Mind and The Emotions, nothing otherwise can come near you. Whatever you have made yourself attractive to will be drawn to you, be they angels or demons. This is The Work of one who is aware; to sort your companions, to put out one welcome mat and withdraw the other. Like consorts with like.

When you KNOW that Mr. Apocalypse is a real and conscious force. When you have convinced yourself that an Awakening IS in operation. When you can see the Trends and Patterns making mosaic-like, and acting like paisleys poured from a teapot, to make a magic carpet of colors, traveling on a wavelet of sound that is caused by God humming to himself, you are in a place you can’t talk about and there is no one you need to explain yourself to.

We imprison ourselves. One of the main functions of death is to get us out of what we got ourselves into. The intent of evolution is to make us known to one another as gods, in a reflection of The True Light of the one who makes it possible, and without whom it WOULD NOT be possible. Elsewise, we can descend into the quicksand and entropic murk; where it is… that carnal desire and appetite WILL take us. Everything is upside down. You start out seeing the world upside down and reverse the process when you learn to walk, which is one of your greatest accomplishments… learning to walk.

Life has devolved into a snatch and grab free for all, whether it is earthly goods, power and fame, a smorgasbord of carnal delights, certain to rot your teeth in every sense or… wherever the carrot leads; remembering that the whip cannot be far behind. MANY of us have opted out of self-restraint, in order to be an indentured slave to the hard hand of stomach troubles and STD-s. Anyone driven to dance on the lower floors will find that they are chained to the galley. People lie, and connive, and offer their necks to vampires unseen.

For The Purpose of Demonstration, I went through the gauntlets of The World, got whipped with knotted ropes, and… somehow… in the night, was cut loose of the dock. I floated far out to sea and woke up. It was a thrilling few moments of fear and surprise. I was fortunate there were dolphins in the area and they brought me safely to another land. Certainly… I deserved death for my sins if the Wages of Sin are Death. Having directly experienced the mercy of Heaven, I am a True Believer in what I cannot see, though… I am told, I WILL see at some point further on.

The whole of The World is composed of tissue paper lies, a kind of flammable, crepe-like paper-mache on which all objects in extension are moved about by invisible rollers. It is a carnival ride of thrills and chills, followed by a sense of lasting disappointment and regret. People feel their shame is reason enough to stay. In these times it can even make you rich for a moment. None of us has to be in the soup. We are not frogs made comfortable by the company of those we call friends, as the heat rises and we grow sleepy. So many of us have hostages from a fortune we CANNOT protect them from. Those who live in mortal fields will have their mortality harvested in its season.

Once again… we are in a Time of Summing Up. Everyone is being exposed to others, and later… even simultaneously… to themselves, as the costumery melts away under the gaze of Mr. Apocalypse. You see them on the big stages and smaller stages, cluelessly embarrassing themselves for all The World to see. It is as if some fiendish hand is at work, both setting the stage, and clouding the mind. The makers of the vaccines have all now found themselves on The Forbes 400 list. Everything you see and hear is being manipulated by those showing it to you. A cabal of obscenely rich sociopaths is at work with a burning fury to enslave The World and kill most of the inhabitants. This is not up for dispute.

Unfortunately for them, the battle is already OVER. The Good Guys won. We are now living in the echo of that victory. It can take some time for the results to precipitate down into our day-to-day. Think about how fast a thought can fly as you imagine yourself running along behind it… way… way… behind it.

If you are troubled by appearances, which are manipulated to that end by those working them, it is a simple task to free yourself from the rodeo. Your mind is an airport. Thoughts fly away, and land constantly. Most of us are inept thought-traffic controllers. Empty your mind of all thought or hold your mind to one thought. Either of these will work. All bondage begins in The Mind. Fear is the bonding agent, and it is what your Underlords drink and are intoxicated by. These Underlords roil the waters of your being… IF YOU LET THEM. They are full-bore-spreading doubt and confusion, and this is glaringly evident. Don’t give these things a place to land. Send them on their way elsewhere. The time WILL come when you can incinerate them in their tracks and they will not fly on any further. For the moment, you must leave this in the hands of those who can.

We are ALL guided and guarded to the extent that we will accept that it is so. In the process, WE LEARN to be the co-pilot. We learn to consciously allow The Light that banishes the darkness to be resident within, as it already is. It is a simple acknowledgment, an Act of Faith… if you will. You ARE NOT alone, even though you are most certainly alone if that makes any sense. Both of these are good things when properly understood. You are also far more powerful than the appearances being directed at you by the agents of The Father of Lies, who is also God as he is understood by The Wicked. There is ONLY God, angel, or devil… as perceived through the lens of your perspective, formed out of your attractions, your fears, and your superstition.

Why oh why do people take the fabrications of another mind as the template for their own beliefs? Why not go in search of it yourself? Why not venture into that undiscovered country BEFORE you are put in transport? Why not find what is there, as it applies to you, instead of the version someone else laid on you? It has no meaning unless it is Visceral and the fruit of your own direct experience. Otherwise, it is a listless song and dance of the intellect; endless whimsical projections of angels dancing on the head of a pin… a tawdry, mind-numbing festival of false lights, with tables of white wine and cheese; the endless chatter of how it looks from that angle, in a peep-show looping video of blind men groping elephants.

All you need to know is that God is Real. Then… a sane mind seeks and strives for a closer proximity. The veil of the High Priestess closes behind you forever, and you are on your way. When The Truth takes off her clothes, The World disappears.


End Transmission…….


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