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The main villain looks like he’s straight out of an episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. His workers look like buttons on a Playstation controller.

Vigilant Citizen – Oct 6, 2021

The Netflix series “Squid Game” is about poor people taking part in horrific games while elite “VIPs” watch the show for entertainment. Through messages and symbolism, “Squid Game” reveals what is truly about: The incurable sickness of the elite.

Warning: Humungous spoilers ahead!

If you enjoy watching people getting killed execution-style, boy do I have the Netflix series for you. It’s called Squid Game and it also features a bunch of people falling from high platforms and splattering onto the ground. Indeed, you will witness so many brutal deaths in Squid Game that you won’t have a choice but to become desensitized to them. Even the characters in the series end up having whole conversations about their childhood or something while others are getting shot in the face about ten feet away from them. They don’t care anymore. And you won’t either. And that’s kind of the point.

This is one of the images one can come across while browsing Netflix. Children could easily mistake this thing for a children’s movie and there is nothing preventing them from watching it.

In short, everything is there to lure children to the series to then traumatize them with scenes of rare violence and psychopathic mind games.

A Squid Game-themed playground in a shopping mall in South Korea. In the series, the playground is where dozens of poor people get killed by soldiers, all for the elite’s entertainment. Today’s pop culture is sick. Click to enlarge

At the core of Squid Game is the age-old and undying “legends” of rich elite people recruiting peasants to take part in deadly games for their entertainment. The 1924 short story The Most Dangerous Game is about a Russian aristocrat who captures people, releases them in the wilderness, and hunts them for sport; The 1994 movie Surviving the Game is about a homeless guy who gets offered a “job” only to end up in a remote location to become prey in a hunting game played by rich and powerful people. More recently, the Hunger Games trilogy is all about poor people killing each other under the watchful eyes of the elite.

Many legends are based on true stories. And there’s something about these “elite games” stories that ring true. Squid Game took this age-old concept, added today’s society flirtation with high tech dystopia, and mixed in a whole lot of occult elite insanity. The result appears to have struck a nerve because Squid Game is on its way to becoming the biggest Netflix series in history.

But, like most Netflix series, the messages in Squid Game are twisted. It is about the culture of death that obsesses the elite and making the viewers a part of it. And, through subtle symbolism, the philosophy of the elite is there for you to witness.

Here’s a look at the messages and the symbolism in this series.

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