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Mike Yeadon is a PhD in respiratory pharmacology and a former VP of Pfizer

 Henrymakow.com – Sept 12, 2021

Given that these are not vaccines, they don’t work as vaccines, they’re massively far away from any acceptable safety profile & there are low cost, well understood drug treatments, why would you allow anyone to stick a needle in your arm?”

This was written in response to this article by Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Howard Tenenbaum

by Mike Yeadon  (Sept. 12, 2021) henrymakow.com

The population of the planet of being taken through the gates of hell over a probably partly-invented virus, which is not unusual in its lethality.

I agree these ‘vaccines’ were never appropriate & there was ample evidence of global fraud by fear long before that vaccine was prematurely considered for emergency use authorization.

Re-reading Dr Peter Doshi’s blog post in BMJ, referencing Pfizer’s regulatory submission to FDA, he made some striking observations.

Specifically, he pointed out how THOUSANDS of suspected ‘cases’ from the vaccine arm of the trial had been “removed from statistical analysis because of “unspecified protocol deviations”.

When Doshi reanalyzed the data with all the subject included, ‘efficacy’ fell to 19% (and not significant).


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