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Ema Čepon – 24ur.com Sept 10, 2021 machine translation from original Slovenian

People from the margins of society, especially the homeless and addicts, offer vaccination services on behalf of others. Namely, they set the shoulder instead of someone else. A few days ago, a spectator witnessed this at a vaccination site near the Ljubljana emergency room, who learned in a conversation with two homeless people that one of them had already received the fourth and the other the seventh dose of the vaccine. They charge from 150 to 350 euros for such a service.

Our viewer, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently visited the vaccination center at the Ljubljana emergency room. In front of the vaccination site, she got into a conversation with two middle-aged gentlemen while talking about the side effects after vaccination. “They told me that one had already been vaccinated four times and the other seven times. To their surprise, they told me they were doing it for a fee,” the viewer says. The business is quite lucrative. She is supposed to charge 150 euros for one dose of Janssen and 350 euros for two doses of Pfizer. Our viewers said they were willing to do it because “350 euros doesn’t just fall from the sky”.

They added that the fraud was simple. All they need is a payer’s health card, set up a hand, take a covid certificate, receive payment. In order not to be identified and caught doing so, they visit a different vaccination site each time. “All that matters to them is payment. But they rely on not verifying identities in vaccination sites,” the viewer says. We checked on the streets of Ljubljana how often this happens. They said that they had already received such offers, but that they rejected them. That, however, this has become a very common practice among the homeless in recent months, especially since testing has become chargeable. Offers range from 200 to 300 euros, says one of the homeless. “People are afraid to get vaccinated, but they need a certificate,” he says.

Another homeless person talks about such offers: “Whoever doesn’t want to be vaccinated, pays you, and you take his health card and go get vaccinated.” Behind such abuses, however, are clearly well-organized people who go to places where the homeless and addicts usually stay and look for people from the same age group as the payer. “There were quite a few offers,” says the homeless man, who adds that he himself has already come across such an offer. Our viewer has already informed the Ljubljana University Medical Center and the Ministry of Health about the incident in front of the vaccination site, and the matter will now be investigated by the Police.