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Ian Fantom — Sept 11, 2021

We live in a sea of deception, and the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 is being celebrated by an orgy of deception in the government broadcasting services and indeed throughout the Establishment media. The lies of 9/11 are just being reinforced by reference, rather than being stated explicitly, but if the intent is to deceive, then they are still lies.

Yet some of these issues could be explained to a five-year-old. Just take a toy aeroplane and crash it into a tower of blocks. The child would know that the blocks would fall in the direction of the flight of the aeroplane. He’d know it would be silly to expect the tower to fall straight down. Yet that’s what many grown-ups believe in the case of the Twin Towers. Why? Because they don’t understand Science.

Different issues: same problem

Whether it would be wise to explain that to a five-year-old would be a different question. That could undermine the child’s confidence in his teachers, and he may end up believing nothing, and learning nothing. I found the issue of religion at school undermining when I was at infant school, though I didn’t quite think of it in that way at the time. What did the teacher mean when she was talking about God? It worried me that I didn’t understand it. I did at one stage wonder what religion I would have if I’d been borne in a part of the world where they had a different religion, but the essential issue was that I didn’t understand what the teacher was talking about. It didn’t occur to me that no-one else did either, but that they just accepted it. Instinctively I remained quiet. Questioning such a thing would have implied that I wasn’t a ‘good Christian’, and that bore the implication that I wouldn’t be a good person. No-one questioned it in the 1950s. I have nothing really against personal religion, but just against institutional religion, in which people believe only because they believe that everyone else believes it.

So I was pleased recently when a five-year-old asked me directly: “Do you believe in God?”. I replied that I don’t, but that many people do. He said his whole school believed in God. He is now equipped to start thinking through the whole thing for himself, and hopefully without too much damage to his confidence in his teachers. Some time later, he asked whether pirates really exist. I told him about the pirates of past centuries, and a bit about the colonies. “How do you know all this?”, he asked. That, again, is the right question.

Yet the issue of Covid-19 and the vaccines poses a new problem, now that government ministers are suggesting that they will go ahead with the vaccination of children from the age of 12 upwards without necessarily obtaining parental consent. One minister even said that only the child’s consent would be required. This means that such issues must be brought to the attention of children, at least at secondary school, for there to be any chance whatsoever of there even being a smidgeon of consent by the child. I’m sure that most, if not all, schools in England would not undertake such a thing at the moment without parental consent, because they have strict guidelines on what they can and can’t do. But I have to wonder how many schools would go against government guidelines if they were changed. Not many, I fear, just as hospitals follow top-down protocols on the wearing of masks. This will pose a horrific dilemma for many parents, I’m sure.


Even with the vaccination controversy some things could be explained even to a five-year-old. There are lots of videos on the Internet showing how, following the jab, the skin around where the injection took place has become magnetic. Why? No-one knows, but I think we need to know before we have a jab.

The Japanese government has banned AstroZenica vaccines because of impurities found in the vials, reportedly responsible for the magnetic properties. There is speculation that these impurities could be graphene oxide (https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=235752).

A video has been circulating on social media. It is narrated by Ricardo Delgado, founder of a group called La Quinta Columna [The Fifth Column]. Apparently the video originated on Telegram, but I received it in Piers Corbyn’s Whatsapp group ‘NoNewNormal+NWO+ClimateChange’. I was unable to find it on the web, though the website web.orwell.city is given on the video. The website of La Quinta Columna contains many references and abstracts, but I couldn’t find it there either, but the same information will be available from the many detailed reports they present. I did find an interview by Michel Chossudovsky with Ricardo Delgado, dated 16 June 2021. There they mention only an analysis of the Pfizer vaccine, whereas in the later video Ricardo Delgado mentions all the mRNA vaccines. He states that the Canadian and Spanish governments at one stage withdrew the masks, precisely because they contained graphene oxide. So how could it be that they are now allowed to inject graphene oxide into the blood of the people, he asked.

According to the later video, graphene oxide has been discovered in all the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’, as well as the flu vaccine from the previous year, and also the swabs used in the Covid tests, and in the material of the plastic masks. Graphene oxide is magnetic. It blocks detoxification, is an oxidant when activated by electromagnetic radiation of a frequency range included in 5G, thus turning it into a free radical. It can trigger a cytokine storm, which various whistleblowing medics have been warning about, can disrupt the immune system and create blood clots. One person commented in the WhatsApp group: “The vax reduces the immune system to one sixth after the 3rd booster. This causes auto immune deficiency A…I…D…s . Got it yet?”. I can’t vouch for the authenticity of these claims, and I haven’t the time to go through the many studies given on La Quinta Columna. The amount of new information coming through on a daily basis is now so overwhelming, and so is the amount of rubbishing by the government broadcasters. It matters not how much evidence our reports link to; all that will be ignored by unreferenced and unsubstantiated claims of ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ on the government broadcasting disservices.

“Remember that it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot sample city in the world for the 5G technology trial in November 2019”, Ricardo Delgado said in the later video, “There is a coincidence in space and time. Both the pangolin and bat soup versions were simply distracting elements”. Yes, I had noticed that, and mentioned it in my report ‘The Crown’s Viral Power Grab’ of 25 March, 2020 but I thought at the time that that could have been an attempt to sabotage the Chinese 5G system, which had been rubbished by the West.. Even in this video it is not clear whether the 5G frequencies could be interacting with graphene oxide amongst the population of Wuhan. He doesn’t say whether they have previously received a flu jab before the outbreak, or how else graphene oxide could have been introduced into their bodies. But given the high level of atmospheric pollution in Wuhan, it could have been via masks.

In the interview he moves on to talk about the antidote to graphene oxide, which is to build up high levels of glutathione, a naturally occurring chemical, high in children and low in the elderly. It can be boosted by exercise or by taking directly.

Normally I would look through the source material before writing such an issue up, but time is short. This comes across to me as very honest and authentic, but like any scientific research, needs to be validated by other researchers. It is of course ‘debunked’ by the ‘fact checkers’, such as Health Feedback, which claims: ‘There is no conclusive evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains graphene oxide’. This considers only the Pfizer vaccine, and states that the origin of the sample used cannot be traced, and that the University of Almería distances itself from the claim. That’s strange, when the analysis was carried out by one of their professors. All the fact checking agency reports that I have come across on anything I know about have been equally superficial and obviously lacking in evidence.

It’s important to get this information out as widely as possible. I think it’s also important to link the massive deception over Covid-19 with the massive deception over 9/11 on the twentieth anniversary of that new obvious false flag attack, and the obvious lies that enabled them to invade Afghanistan. The one and only excuse for invading Afghanistan was to ‘get Osama bin Laden’. This issue is now becoming acutely topical as widespread questioning of why we were in Afghanistan arises. This started with the repeated echoing in the mass media of ‘Osama bin Laden’ on the day of 9/11, which was clearly designed to implant the idea that he was the perpetrator before anyone had time to even think about who was responsible, let alone investigate the facts. This is a hallmark feature of a false flag operation. Such a feature was repeated in 2019 when an illness they were initially calling ‘CoronaVirus’ broke out in Wuhan. In hospital recently, where I was in for unexpected heart surgery, one of the surgeons challenged me on my (presumed ) views on the Pandemic. I asked: “How could it be that they knew the name of the virus before they had characterised the disease?” He replied, “You have a point”.

Bringing it all together

I think it’s important to bring these major issues of state deception together. A former MI5 officer once said to me, “You do realise that this isn’t just about 9/11?” I said that indeed I did. That was during a march in Trafalgar Square. We could at the time muster only tiny numbers of people on the 9/11 marches. I said that we wouldn’t get very far until we could apply some humour, and with 9/11 that was difficult at that stage. The nearest we’d got to that was in the recently released film ZERO, but that was Italian humour, which not all the English could appreciate (I’d worked in Italy).

I had become aware of the 9/11 Truth movement because I realised that the interventions in the Esperanto movement must be part of something much bigger. The resources thrown into that must have been massive, and way out of proportion to anything that any normal person could have imagined for Esperanto. I had done a rough estimate of the payments that would have to be made to all those involved on the ground – if indeed they were working for money rather than privileges – and come to a figure ‘of the order of a million pounds per year, over many decades’. I was on the same journey that others were on who had started from different places.

Piers Corbyn’s WhatsApp group ‘NoNewNormal+NWO+ClimateChange’ is at the centre of the million-strong marches in London that we have not been hearing about on the government broadcasting services. Their focus is the medical scam, firstly anti-lockdown, and now against the injection of children with this sham vaccine. Obviously they are on board with the climate change scam. I think they are generally on board with the central banking scam. I was working on how to bring them on board with the 9/11 deception, but force of events cut my time right down, and I still had to deal with the practicalities of keeping the Keep Talking group running.

What happened in the 9/11 Truth movement in 2008 was a coup. The leadership of the steering committee suddenly resigned en bloc, without explanation. Still no explanation has been given, though there are people around who know all about the inside story. There followed a ‘crisis meeting’. The owner of the domain name of web forum for 9/11 truth gave notice of withdrawing the domain name because of ‘antisemitism’. Shortly afterwards another meeting was held at which the committee was replaced by a self-perpetuating ‘Gang of Four’. During that meeting the thought struck me: “If someone is trying to dismantle the 9/11 Truth movement in this country, this is exactly how they would be doing it”. I didn’t know the people well enough at that stage to be able to pin that down.

I had prior experience. In 1978 The British Esperanto Association (Inc) was replaced by Esperanto Association of Britain as the national organisation for Esperanto in the UK. The pretext was acquisition of Charity Status. It had taken two years of discussion, whilst they virtually went into enclave to work the thing through. The sceptics turned out to be right; I later enquired of their legal advisor. That, too, was a coup, and both cases had the following in common:

  1. A concentration of power in the hands of a few people, who in practice became self-perpetuating;
  2. A distancing of the ordinary members;
  3. A narrowing of the scope of the discussion and activities; the new 9/11 group dealt ONLY with 9/11, whereas the 9/11 Truth movement had dealt with a wide range of issues / BEA (Inc) primarily was campaigning for the wider teaching of Esperanto for the purpose of bringing peoples closer together and so to help reduce military conflicts; EAB dropped that side of things and emphasised only the learning and practice of the language itself, and now claims only to be a language ‘community’, thus attracting only a few language nerds.
  4. Targeting of individuals who step beyond explicit or implicit ‘red lines’ they have set.

The targeting of individuals can help give confidence in their good intentions. However, I’ve come across previous examples in which they can do such a thing with precisely that purpose in mind. Some other conflicts, too, have infiltrators on both sides. So when in 2021 a ‘journalist’ who had been targeted in 2008 was turning on me and on Keep Talking, insisting quite arrogantly and aggressively that there were certain ‘red lines’, there seemed only one sensible interpretation of the story as a whole.

When, in Piers Corbyn’s NoNewNormal WhatsApp group some of us stated that no virus had ever been isolated for Covid-19, the journalist called us ‘virus deniers’. I challenged him for evidence. He responded with only personal abuse and denunciation of my ‘chum’ Nick Kollerstrom, and of Keep Talking. This was outrageous. I stood firm, and he had no evidence or arguments other than slinging abuse. That is not the behaviour of a genuine investigative journalist. He stated that there were ‘red lines’. A hallmark feature of controlled opposition is that they will allow apparently free discussion of dissident topics, and appear even to lead it, but that all discussion must be ‘circumscribed’. If you go over certain boundaries you will be dealt with, not by arguments and evidence, but by abuse. That’s what happened to me in 2003, when I started talking about the outstanding nineteenth century journalist W T Stead, not suspecting that that journalist, who had a monument on Thames Embankment, was designated to be airbrushed out of history for his work in the cause of peace. That made me all the more curious, and led me on to my researches in 2005.

Since 2006 I have made the effort to back up targeted individuals, having had no such public support myself. Once a targeted individuals gets public support from one other person, the threshold for others to speaking out in support drops significantly. That is why I defended Nick Kollerstrom in 2008, and how we came to set up Keep Talking in 2010. Keep Talking continued the tradition of the 9/11 Truth movement of covering a wide range of issues, simply because, “this isn’t just about 9/11”. Nick, by the way, has just been in conversation with Professor Jim Fetzer on his radio show The Real Deal on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. They undoubtedly wanted to shut him up in 2008 for his investigations into the London bombings of 7/7 in 2005.

There are many examples of such take-overs, in various forms. In the Labour Party it was a mere rebranding as ‘New Labour’. The League of Nations was abandoned in 1918, when it should have had an important role to play in negotiations of the armistice, but that would have gone beyond a red line for the Allies’ Deep State; the Treaty of Versailles would have been challenged, and there would have been pressure to put it to the UK Parliament and the US Congress for ratification. If they had done so it would undoubtedly have failed. So they waited until after WW2, when they set up the UN and put its HQ conveniently on US soil. Now look at the ‘red lines’ set by Agenda 2030.

It’s clear that the World Health Organisation was taken over at some stage by Big Pharma, but I haven’t been in the medical world enough to know just how.

The point of my talk on ‘Pandemic of the Mind’ was to show how the same linguistic manipulation was consistently used throughout, whatever the area of deception. An understanding of that could lead to a better common approach of the main issues of deception that we are currently dealing with.

The origins of deception

This is the case in all types of movement. Mohammad Iqbal Adil, a surgeon who said covid-19 was a hoax and was suspended pending investigation by the General Medical Council wrote in Facebook, and in the NoNewNormal Whatsapp group: “I strongly believe that ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’. ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends’”. That’s exactly it! The answer is not to ignore these things, but to stand up to them. Always stand up to bullies. If a substantial number of people would do that on each issue, rather than hoping it will go away, then this tyranny will be defeated. The most important person in any bullying episode is the first person to step in to publicly defend the victim. My intervention in NoNewNormal had the desired effect, in that several people intervened in support, telling the ‘journalist’ he was out of order. Such an intervention is actually quite rare. It shouldn’t be.

Dr Mike Yeadon is a former Pfizer Vice President and Research Director. He issued a warning that “they will begin VACCINATING ALL SCHOOL CHILDREN AGED 12 – 15 years old STARTING SEPTEMBER 6th 2021”. I think that date must apply to England, but even so, the warning is dire. He stated: “KNOWING WHAT I KNOW FROM 40 years TRAINING & PRACTISE IN TOXICOLOGY, BIOCHEMISTRY & PHARMACOLOGY, to participate in this extraordinary abuse of innocent children in our care can be classified in no other way than MURDER. It’s up to you. If I had a secondary school age child in U.K., I would not be returning them to school next month, no matter what”. This is what twenty years of gross state disinformation and brainwashing of the public is coming to.

Dr Vernon Coleman traces the origin of this deception to the earlier launch of the global warming scam in the latest of his series of videos on the current medical tyranny. In my Keep Talking talk of 5 July this year I traced it back to Winston Churchill’s speech of 6 September 1943 at Harvard University, in which he stated ‘Empires of the future are empires of the mind’, and went on to talk about the globalisation of the English language. We haven’t yet managed to get the video of that posted, but we will do. On my way back to Halifax I picked up The Light newspaper from a newspaper stand at the station. I found that impressive, and when I got back I half-wrote an article based on my talk. That was the beginning of the takeover of the English language by the propagandists, leading to the present state of brainwashing by political correctness, and the undermining of other languages, and in particular, of the Esperanto movement, which was spreading a dangerous principle of universal bilingualism; the Establishment’s objective was hegemony of English only.

So what more can we do to bring all this together amongst the public? Well, perhaps more awareness of how we are being manipulated by language manipulation, in similar ways in different areas of deception. Perhaps we can nudge people by asking them what they mean when they use meaningless phrases, like “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories”. I’ve just received an email from an African friend who was trying to figure out the meaning of a sentence, and tried thinking about it in three languages: Ewe, Esperanto and French. That’s exactly it: Tyrants don’t like multilingualism.