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Hal Turner — The Hal Turner Show Sept 9, 2021

Dr. Julie Ponesse, Professor of Ethics, University of Western, gives an emotional last lesson to her students in anticipation of being fired for her choice to not take an experimental and unapproved Covid-19 vaccine.

She was subsequently fired.

Just an Amazing short video !!!!

Below is her very concise and succinct final lesson.

Institutions of government and of learning are forcing people to choose between their conscience and their job. This lady chose her conscience and I applaud her.

That decision is being forced upon untold thousands (millions?) and is an example of the lies, propaganda, and coercion rampant in our society.

Covid has become a useful tool in which those in power further their stranglehold on innocent people. They have successfully negated our 1st Amendment Right, a foundation on which all the rest of the Amendments are built – all to push an experimental Vax.

History will judge harshly our willingness to go along with this tyranny.

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