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The Hal Turner Show – Sept 8, 2021

The Official Canvas of the November, 2020 election in the state of Arizona is completed.  This is DIFFERENT from the “Audit.”

In the “Canvas” officials go out to a certain percentage of registered voters to ask “Did you vote in the November, 2020 election?” and compare official records to see if that voter was shown in official records as having actually voted.

Of the voters asked “Did you vote” 173,104 of those voters are shown in official election records as having NOT VOTED.

Their votes were thrown away.  Discarded.  Destroyed as though they never existed!  THEY THREW AWAY 1 in every 3 voters Vote!

Also, upwards of 96,389 “Ghost” votes were, in fact, cast.    A “Ghost” vote is a ballot that was filled out, but the voter does not exist, or the address they claimed as their residence does not exist.

Again, this CANVAS is not the “Audit.” A CANVASS is where volunteers went door to door asking people if they voted (not who they voted for)..but IF they voted… and checking to see if anyone lives in such and such parking lot or house address that had people recorded as voting from that address.

The election was not changed BY fraud, the entire election WAS fraud!

The official results of the Arizona election have absolutely nothing at all to do with reality.  The entire Arizona election was a complete fraud.

The persons holding elected office as a result of that election, were not actually elected.  They have no right to hold office and none of their official functions or decisions need to be followed or obeyed because they hold office completely illegitimately