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Smoking Mirrors – Sept 8, 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Big changes are in the wind. Some of them are good. Some are bad, and some we will have to wait and see about. As I monitor The Probables and The Possibles, as well as The Likely and The Unlikely, one feature comes to mind over, and over, and over; if you are not looking out for yourself at the expense of others then no one will hinder your own progress.

Over recent decades, we’ve had The Me Generation. We’ve been told that ‘Greed is Good’. We’ve watched as Materialism has become, more and more, the arbiter of action and intent. We’ve seen mass insanities hit the surface like Pop-Tarts out of a toaster. There is The Gender Batshit Plague. There is Babylon Virus that compels the infected one to seek to copulate with everything in reach, living or dead. There is the Lying Virus that mostly affects specific demographics of Talking Heads, Pundits and pretty much everyone in any form of the entertainment industry, and the Super Spreader Effect is a direct result of Peer Pressure for them.

A general sense of ever more pervading Fear and Anger are being stoked and amplified through news media, government actions, and constant street violence, in random outbreaks too much alike to be merely random. There are powerful agendas out of Trap Door spider’s nests, which seek to control all human behavior. If 1984 shows up a few decades late, is it still 1984?

1984 already exists in some locales. In some places, it is dreadful and Draconian. You could say it is closer to happening in Australia and New Zealand than it is in The U.S. Then you could say it is closer to happening in Pennsylvania than it is in Arizona. Certainly, a form of it is present in China. Certainly, another form of it is spreading across Afghanistan, like a Kalifornia wildfire. The Tavistock-MK-Ultra Alt-Sex tornadoes are running in patterns like The Trade Winds. I call it a tornado because a tornado is also known as a Twister by those who live in the path of them, and twisting is what they are doing in a calculated fashion to destroy the formerly known world, and replace it with Death, Living Death, and Endless Servitude.

Whoa! We would REALLY be in trouble if there were no Divine Presence. In some locations, this is true, after a fashion, and those present there ARE in trouble. When a collective of people turn away from God, and the sense of an invisible and indwelling presence, they are… doomed. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” New Yawk City is Babylon Risen, and Chicago is ♫a Hell of a town♫ There are probably a tiny few who reside there and seek to serve Heaven and operate their life according to Faith and The Higher Virtues. Everyone else is in a mad scramble to get rich by ANY means necessary. It is a cannibal smorgasbord. If you have been there and gotten the t-shirt, the t-shirt has a demon on it with a knife and fork, accompanied by the pithy statement; “New York, where the weak are killed and eaten.”

Some of the pizza shops there have a new item on the menu. It’s Hog Nostril Pizza, sliced real thin, like Pepperoni. They bake it in a flaming dumpster that sort of resembles one of those Italian brick ovens. I had one of those… once.

Think of the urban centers of The World as being each a vortex. This vortex hums with the collective appetites and desires of the residents. It’s the hive mind in all its features. It could be like a beehive, but it could also be a roach motel or a rat’s nest, or an ant farm. The hive mind principle still applies. As you approach the bridges, tunnels, and entrance ramps, you come into the atmosphere of the specific vortex. In New Yawk, there is a sudden sense of urgency, like frequent piss syndrome. The sidewalks feel like they are heated, smoke billows out of the sewer grates. You get to see The Pushing Crowd in real-time. In L.A. It’s a more laid-back air-kissing indifference to anything besides whatever pose you are affecting. It is an empty and vacuous wasteland with pretty lights.

There are not many who are sane in either place. In the Pacific Northwest, there is a whole other kind of Crazy, half Khmer Rouge, half Marquis De Sade, and half-wit happy faces on a fifty-foot pitcher of Kool-Aid. There is, however, a fascination that is so intense in each of the specific atmospheres that one is mesmerized On Location.

One is trapped in an endless conundrum; call it a quandary. It’s some kind of an Entropic Swamp, once again specific to the location.

Endless, manufactured COVID hysteria hasn’t worked out as THEY intended, so it is on to False Flag Country. They started the hive humming just as soon as Afghanistan got handed over, and they PROBABLY did that so they would have a credible adversary to blame the next False Flag on. They blamed 9/11 on Afghanistan, even though it was orchestrated by Israel, in concert with foreign and domestic, rogue intelligence agencies. They are STILL, jungle drumming the Bin Laden Boogeyman, though NO ONE with any intelligence or character now believes it. (for a point to point, all-points analysis, see the right sidebar menu for the Israel did 9/11 site.) The same group of thugs is behind The COVID Scam as well. The Usual Suspects are behind almost every malady presently causing havoc in The World.

Gender confusion= they’re behind it. Widespread sexual perversity, AND pornography= they’re behind it. Race hatred= They’re behind it. The CDC, The FDA, and The FCC= They run those shops, as well as The State Department. The FBI, the CIA, Homeland Insecurity, and all the alphabet-internet-social media quagmires= They are in charge there too. Go to EVERY left-leaning or free-falling online presence, and magazine= They are the writers, publishers, and editors. Look it up! See if I’m wrong. Climate Change? Yeah… they’re behind that too. Unfortunately for them… their time has run out. And Communism? Yeah… that too.

Presently… everyone is being OUTED. They are doing it themselves, under the subliminal urging of Mr. Apocalypse. They are ON STAGE every day now; lying, wheedling, obfuscating, and playing The Victim. It doesn’t wash anymore. They are in the LOOK AT ME stage, totally clueless to the impact, BECAUSE they ‘think’ they are untouchable. They ARE NOT. There are following stages to come, and we will be present to witness them.

There are all kinds of perspectives on WHY such events are taking place now. People argue incessantly about the whys and wherefores. They have no idea what they are talking about, they’re in it for the prestige (such as there is of it) and The Money. The thing is… these are Cosmic Events, fostered by Cosmic Imperatives and they cycle round every so often, according to a Cosmic Schedule. It’s been a long time since the last apocalypse, and an even longer time since a Grand Apocalypse happened on us.

Apocalypses USUALLY precede the arrival of The Avatar. From around 700 BC to the coming of Jesus Christ there were all manner of personalities that showed up; Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. There was Apollonius of Tyana. There was Pythagoras. I could list a SURPRISING number of souls who came and went in that period. They may not have all been World Saviors, as the Mahavatars are meant to be, BUT… they all significantly impacted on human thought. We are NOW in a similar time zone. Let us say that there are Greater and Lesser Avatars. We are going to see a repeat performance in multiples to come on a much larger scale.

Also coming is The Avatar appearing in The Human Heart… WHERE-EVER possible. For those resistant, another permutation will appear in the mind. You WILL want to be in the first group.

It is quite likely that a great many of us will no longer be here. We will be on to other ports of call or scheduled for a return visit here. Whole countries may cease to be present in their formerly recognizable shape. Parts of continents may well fall away, and new land masses emerge from the ocean. It is going to be as strange, and terrible… and wonderful as the imagination is capable of registering. Only a fool can look at The World of the present and NOT think that radical transformation is on the menu.

You don’t have to get hot under the collar or panic unless your acts and intentions REQUIRE this. Whatever it takes to wake people up IS GOING TO HAPPEN, and a Golden Age will rise Phoenix-like from the ashes of The Old World and we shall have that ‘shining city on the hill’. It will not be everywhere on the planet. Some locations will be uninhabitable, and some will only feel like it. God is The Supreme Director and Decider and he plays his cards close to his chest. No one knows the hour of his coming, BUT… come he shall. Come he shall.

Find your sanctuary BEFORE circumstances arrive which compel you to. REMEMBER… your whole world is a projection of your mind. That sounds like a good place to start the process… or end it.


End Transmission…….


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