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Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Show Sept 7, 2021

A cyber attack is being blamed for almost complete failure of major banking web sites in New Zealand today.

Government Cyber Security agency “Cert NZ” said it was aware of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack targeting a number of organizations.

“We are monitoring the situation and are working with affected parties where we can.”

DDoS attacks involve cyber-criminals overloading and crashing an organization’s online services by bombarding their internet-facing systems with vast amounts of traffic.

Hundreds of users began reporting problems accessing the online services of ANZ, Kiwibank and NZ Post from shortly before 9am on Wednesday.

ANZ Bank, KiwiBank and New Zealand Post all suffered outages.  Banking customers were unable to access account information or even get to the bank web sites.

Remember the World Economic Forum (WEF) held a simulation several months ago, which practices how authorities and industry might respond to a “massive cyber attack” and when reporting about that “exercise” the Hal Turner Radio Show reminded listeners “these exercises often turn out to be real shortly after.”


At least two years ago, word was passed on the Internet that if people heard about a cyber attack against BANKS starting in mid-week, and getting worse by Friday, some people suspected troops would be quietly deployed over the weekend and a Bank Holiday would be declared the following Monday, cutting off everyone’s access to money and credit.  That “Bank Holiday would then be extended for  . . . who knows how long.

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