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Conrad Rook – July 19, 2021

The psychological phenomenon of “projection” is fascinating.   It simply refers to a person who is so oblivious to the less admirable aspects of their inner nature — like racial prejudice and animosity — that while they consciously claim to harbor no such sentiments, they are constantly “projecting” their own inherent racism on everyone and everything they see. 

In other words, rather than view of the world thru “rose colored glasses,” they instead see the world thru race colored glasses nearly everyone, and everything is seen thru the lens of race and racism.   These people are always on the lookout for racial slights, slurs, potential double meanings, and micro-aggressions which exist only in their own minds.

Examples of seeing the world and events thru “race colored glasses” are legion.  Some examples are provided here to illustrate the contagious cancer of imagined racial oppression that currently infests the “World of the Woke” after they are triggered by some imagined racial slight they perceive is aimed directly at them as a precursor of their persecution.

A few years ago at Central Connecticut State University, the president of the college, an Hispanic woman by the name of Zulma Toro, was “triggered” when she spotted what she construed to be a noose dangling off the end of a construction crane on the college campus. Toro then condemned the construction company for using looped cables at the construction site, stating that “Quite frankly, I think it is reckless and tone deaf behavior.” She added: “We have been in contact with the construction company and demanded that the cable be lowered tonight. We have a team on site tonight monitoring the situation.”  The fact that such cables are used to hoist equipment was seen as utterly irrelevant compared to the fear and anguish such cables represented to “people of color,” especially Blacks, who happened to be students on campus.

Ironically, the crane in question happened to have multiple steel cables dangling from it; but the only cable Ms. Toro objected to was the one that had an American flag attached to it, indicating that it was the American flag that had actually “triggered” her to write a campus-wide Email detailing her selective outrage at such a “racist” act.

Or take the case of three Black students at “Ole Miss” (University of Mississippi) who happened to notice a banana peel that had been carelessly tossed into a nearby tree.   Rather than simply shrug their shoulders over the slovenliness of one of their classmates, these young Black students were “triggered” by the banana peel, and interpreted the banana peel dangling in the tree as a “racial attack” aimed squarely at them!

So acting on their own internal racist thoughts, they perceived the banana peel as some sort of sly, subtle commentary on their “blackness,” because monkeys eat bananas in trees.  They had made the association of Blacks, monkeys and bananas in their own minds!

The end result was that the entire campus was locked down for a group therapy session of grieving and atonement, as the student body sought to assure these Black students that they really were not the kind of terrible racists that would throw a banana peel in a tree and thereby disparage their Black classmates as monkeys.  No one ever learned whether or not it was a White student who had committed this “horrific” trigger event.

“Racism” certainly seems to be the burning issue issue of our time.   However, eradicating the last vestiges of racism may well turn out to be a very difficult task, for the simple reason that “racism” seems to be popping up wherever one looks, like that game “Whack-A-Mole.” This vast new racial landscape has been starkly revealed by an ever increasing cadre of “woke warriors” intent on over-turning every rock, pebble and grain of sand that might, somehow, be construed as “racist.”

So for your enlightenment, and perhaps even some unintentional humor, listed below are behaviors, expressions, objects, and references now considered to be “racist” by the pillars of our righteous “progressive” civilization as it blindly marches towards the Valhalla of an imagined Marxist Utopia.  The following words, phrases, products, and elements of our common reality have been publicly declared, at one time or another, as enduring vestiges of White Supremacist racial oppression in America.  They not only encompass our world; they go beyond our galaxy, although even newer discoveries are sure to be made by the “woke” race traders, race hustlers  and race baitors.  One additional note:  many of these “qualities” and “behaviors” were gleaned from The National Museum of African-American History and Culture.


  • — being on time (what’s the big deal?  I’m here now!)
  • — being assertive (better being wishy-washy?)
  • — being self reliant (better to rely on government?)
  • — being polite (why bother? Be obnoxious!)
  • — being correct (what so wrong about being wrong?)
  • — rugged individualism (emphasis placed on ‘self’ rather than group identity…)
  • — avoidance of conflict (should be slapped upside the head for dissin’ us!)
  • — controlled emotions (F- – – dat shit!)
  • — brown bag lunches (Whites always be trying to get ahead by saving money…)
  • — the nuclear family (obvious prejudice against one parent minority households)
  • — husband as breadwinner (obviously White sexism; plus most Black families have only one person, the mother, as ‘head of household’)
  • — wife as homemaker, subordinate to husband (as most people in the know admit, the Black woman is usually the head of the household by default)
  • — tipping (because Blacks once worked for next to nothing on the railroads as porters and depended on tips from wealthy White customers to eke out a living)
  • — picnics  (the woke want to replace the term with “outdoor eating” as “picnic” is supposedly tied to outdoor lynching parties as a social event; DEBUNKED)
  • — hard work as key to success (why must work be hard?  Why work when you can enjoy entitlements instead?)
  • — work before play (no wonder White people be so messed up!)
  • — winning as the most important goal (has it ever been otherwise?)
  • — following rigid time schedules (Whites can’t be spontaneous and enjoy life right now)
  • — time viewed as a ‘commodity’ (what’s a commodity?))
  • — enduring delayed gratification (Why wait? Could be dead tomorrow?  Typical White mind trip!)
  • — public restrooms (all white porcelain)
  • — fireworks (air pollution impacts minority neighborhoods more than White neighborhoods)
  • — single family homes (purposely designed not to be affordable for Blacks, and also designed too small for single parent Black families with more than four children)
  • — any commercial featuring black children without a father
  • — all Dr. Seuss Books (symbolically racist stories and illustrations)
  • — voter ID laws (obviously, minorities, especially Blacks, are incapable of either acquiring or carrying state issued identification, according to Democrats)
  • — any opposition to illegal immigration (“Whitey” trying to keep out People of Color from this racist country that they walk across continents to get into…)
  • — dress codes (White people are prejudiced against pants that fall below the crotch)
  • — Aunt Jemima products (shows a Black women in the demeaning position of a cook; since eliminated from grocery shelves)
  • — Uncle Ben’s products (currently being eliminated by the PC Police for the same reason)
  • — fast food (designed to make and keep Black people fat and unhealthy)
  • — pornography (not enough Blacks, plus perpetuation of Black stereotypes)
  • — liquor stores in majority OR minority Black neighborhoods (either way, apparently it done be racist…)
  • — menthol cigarettes (to addict Blacks and only Blacks with smoking tobacco)
  • — cause and effect relationships (why bother to understand why things happen?)
  • — facial recognition technology (rather than just identify individuals, it supposedly predicts behavior based on visual characteristics, and is therefore predisposed to labeling Blacks as potential criminals)
  • — automatic soap dispensers (they supposedly only respond to White skin — debunked—they respond to proximity)
  • — self-driving cars (more likely to drive into Black people because they can’t “see” them)
  • — mathematics (because math demands the correct answer—another White power trip!)
  • — English grammar (Blacks prefer Ebonics?)
  • — ability to read sheet music (what White musicians do)
  • — correct spelling (another White power trip about always being correct)
  • — classical music (few, if any, minority composers; and purposely designed to not appeal to Black’s sense of rhythm)
  • — standardized testing (it’s just not fair to Black people to apply any “White standards”, or any “standards” to them!)
  • — food pyramid (Blacks are mostly lactose intolerant and the pyramid emphasizes milk and cheese)
  • — suburbs (only exist to escape Black inner city culture)
  • — solar eclipses (The path of many solar eclipses is most prevalent in places less inhabited by black Americans–Nature is racist)
  • — black holes in outer space (why are there no “White Holes”? The Universe must be Racist!)
  • — the overwhelming “blackness” of Space (the Universe is still “racist” because now it is too Black?!)
  • — crime statistics (seem to illustrate Blacks commit more serious crimes far out of proportion to their population—it’s just not fair!)

One cannot escape the perception that Black people wearing these race colored spectacles not only perceive that society is against them from a cultural perspective, but they see the entire world and even this galaxy and the Universe as being created to permanently cast them as eternal victims of a higher power.  Undoubtedly some kind of White God has taken his/her/its animus out against them due to his/her/its own inherent racism — even though his/her/it was their de facto creator!

If you read this list and end up thinking everything is racist, you are not far from The Truth.  To a person who is actually a racist at heart, one who sees every vestige of reality thru race colored glasses, not only is everything apparently “racist” but The World, the Galaxy, and ALL of Reality including the God of their Creation is racist, and has made them a perpetual victim and slave of oppression!

What can possibly be done to reverse this terrible situation where a vast number of Blacks and a few other select minorities feel that, no matter what they do, they are constantly impeded and undermined by the systemic, structural racism of The Universe and God?   Probably the best remedy is to laugh at them, and help them understand that their so-called “woke” sensitivity is only relevant to this time and place due to the illusions promoted by Socialists and Communists who want nothing more than to keep them on the plantation of permanent government dependency and under their thumbs forever.

Only by advocating that people of all races look back upon our collective history without the jaundiced eye of our current hyper-sensitivity can we even begin to see how incredibly far we have progressed from slavery and oppression, and how much farther we have to go to enjoy the fruits of an eventual color blind society based on merit and achievement rather than guilt and skin color.



Conrad Rook