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Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Radio Show July 15, 2021

Astonishing video is out showing a South African government official telling Blacks to go into Indian and White neighborhoods, Kill them and burn their houses down.

Today, Thursday July 15, 2021, is Day 4 of the societal collapse in South Africa.  It began as a protest over the weekend over the jailing of former President Zuma, who was held in Contempt of Court for refusing to turn over evidence in a corruption trial.

Within hours, the “protest” turned into rioting, then looting.  Literally thousands of businesses in the city of Durban were looted bare, and when there was nothing left to steal, many were set on fire.

As the looting parties grew, the attacks moved out into the suburbs – the Indian and White suburbs.  Houses were broken into, families robbed, some beaten, some raped, some killed.  Then the houses were set on fire.

Astonishing videos and photos of the ONGOING carnage appear in stories HERE and HERE.

Turns out, it was all PLANNED.

Video below shows a South African government official, speaking with a PA system to a group of Black folks, telling them to “go into Indian neighborhoods, KILL THEM and burn their houses.”  He then tells them, “Then go into White neighborhoods, Kill them and burn their houses.”

Every time this video is posted to social media, the big tech censors take it down.  They don’t want the world to see the racist hatred of Blacks against Indians and Whites.  They want to frame the issue as one of the poverty-stricken, desperate for food, doing what they must to survive; which is all a fallacy.

Here, watch the video yourself:


So all the wanton destruction we see taking place in South Africa is not some grassroots uprising by poor, starving people; it is outright racist hatred with looting, burning, and killing, taking place AT GOVERNMENT ORDER!

This is state sponsored GENOCIDE and TERRORISM being openly perpetrated by the Black government of South Africa against Indians from the sub-continent, and against White people.


Continues …