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Darkmoon – July 11, 2021

An eloquent rant from a commenter on the Truthseeker site, calling down fire and brimstone on the heads of the wicked ones of the world,  as we race toward Armageddon and the end days . . . 

By UMBRA BELLATOR – July 10, 2021 
Sourced from Truthseeker

DRONE OPERATOR Michael Haas (pictured):
“You had to kill part of your conscience [to do this job].
Ever stepped on ants and never given it another thought?” (Guardian)

I love Ms. Darkmoon’s description of the drone pilots in her recent article I read on Truthseeker: “America: The Doom to Come”.   It was spot on!

I had someone actually trying to defend drone operators to me just this week, as one of their buddies was a drone operator for the Jew-S-A military and is now struggling to find a decent job in the real world. I laughed in the guy’s face and said , “There is no use trying to defend the indefensible. F**k that guy. He should probably commit suicide.”

In case you need reminding, here is Darkmoon’s description of the typical drone pilot:



LD:  “The heroic Drone Warrior, invincible in his omnipotence, kills people in distant Third World countries while relaxing in his shirt sleeves at his keyboard: wedding parties, villagers shopping in market squares, women in hospitals having their babies, schoolchildren in their playgrounds—he kills them all without a qualm of conscience. He doesn’t stab you to death in a dark alley with a Florentine dagger. He presses a button on his keyboard and—PHDOOM!—entire families vanish in a puff of smoke.

The ultimate Keyboard Coward.

But shushh! you mustn’t say so! That wouldn’t be “woke”, would it? That would be hate speech.  You can’t call this creep a coward. You’ve got to pretend this mass murderer is a bit like the Head Butcher in a slaughterhouse, doing a distasteful job that has to be done. A model citizen! He needs a pat on the back for keeping his nerve: relaxing in his spare time by collecting butterflies,  teaching Boy Scouts how to pull up their socks, and cooking vegan sausages for the homeless in Salvation Army soup kitchens.

This is America’s so-called  “war on terror”.

My God, who would have possibly thought the Pentagon would lie to us about all these things?

Umm, the answer to that is “Everyone knows the Pentagon is lying!” And anyone who isn’t mentally retarded, or otherwise suffering from catastrophic cognitive damage, knows this too.

The Pentagon is nothing but a collection of psychopaths, pathological liars, deranged lunatics, and depraved homosexuals.

The Pentagon is a F***ING DIGRACE!

Let us bow our heads and pray:

Dear Lord, we beseech thee, please offer us relief from such wickedness and darkness, and send upon the Pentagon a flaming asteroid from the cosmos; stout and sudden and without warning, to reduce that den of evil, fully occupied at the time, into a pile of smoldering ashes.

‘”Reduce that den of evil
into a pile of smoldering ashes!”

Please Lord, feel free to do the same to the US Capitol, with Congress in session of course, the Supreme Court, Parliament, the Bundestag, the French Parliament, the Bank of International Settlements, the UN, the WEF offices, the City of London, Wall Street, Tel Aviv.

Strike down every Rothschild with a plague of excruciating pain and crushing humiliation and have Klaus Schwab, Dick Cheney, Dov Zackheim, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, George Soros, Boris Johnstein, Kamala Harris, Bibi Nuttyahoo, and Bill Gates, all simultaneously strangle each other to death on international broadcast.

And please, Lord, for the sake of all that is good and holy, destroy the satanic evil that is organized Jewry.


We humbly call upon thee, Lord,
to release humanity from such demonic wickedness!

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