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henrymakow.com – June 19, 2021

An e-mail allegedly from British epidemiologist and pandemic planner Neil M. Ferguson explains that the lockdowns and restrictions in place since last spring were only the first part of the plan.

The second phase will see the UK permanently locked down and for much more severe measures, including bracelets, to be put in place, starting on July 15th.

The leaked email

by CR – (henrymakow.com)

After the recent announcement that the UK will keep covid-19 restrictions in place for at least another month, startling new information has been leaked to the public.

The Ferguson emails explains that the excuse the public will be given will be an initial spike of “cases” of the Indian and Nepalese variants, followed by multiple new variants claimed to have originated in the UK.

Modelling will be manipulated to show cases increasing as a result of events such as anti-lockdown protests and football matches, as well as people travelling to seaside resorts and various tourist attractions.

All that is required is continued cooperation between from the government and media and the majority of Brits will keep doing as they are told.  The result will be the end of anything resembling freedom.



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