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Smoking Mirrors – June 8, 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Greetings of the day! May you find yourself with no smoke on your mirrors. I have new missives from Mr. Apocalypse. On the one hand, the news is not good. On the other hand, it’s being publicized is very good news. Here is a revealing that fits nicely into the age-old motive. It would not surprise me whatsoever. There is ALWAYS more to the story, so we have this as well. Then we have the Official word from the professionals in their field. All of this is the hand of Mr. Apocalypse.

Perhaps you have been noticing an acceleration in the revelations, concerning what has been hidden? The pace of this apocalypse has not yet reached its cruising speed. I am not sure the plane has even left the runway yet. What I am noticing is the presence of a particular force coming MORE and MORE into view. It is operating in the human mind and this is getting two basic results. It is either extremely agitating, like an itch you cannot scratch with all these people around. The other result is of a rising awareness and sense of confirmation.

In the first case, this itch continues to intensify. The person experiencing it becomes so involved in what is happening to them that they start having ‘accidents’. They speak and act out of character. Then again, that may be their real character, surfacing out of the formerly tight constraints that held it restrained. Oops!!!

In the second case, the person is willing to embrace what is being shown to them and their real self comes more and more into play. Both of these are expressions of what we maintain here concerning Free Will.

In the first case, the individual is resisting the force with the strategies of the Personality. They are woefully and ludicrously out of their depth at that, and so the pressure blows through the weakest porthole in the ship, or it washes them off the deck, or… or…

In the second case, the person lets their false perceptions go, and a series of realizations occur. One is either blocking The Light or stepping out of the way of The Light. Blocking The Light leaves you in shadows. Stepping out of the way of The Light causes The Light to light you up on its way thru.

This has been the case for a long time. It accounts for the righteous and the malefactor’s presence here. These are two time-honored ways of dealing with this eternal force. The problem for The Malefactors, at this time, is The Advent of the Avatar. The Avatar brings many implements and elements with him. Some of them are to REWARD and some of them are to PUNISH. Above all, The Avatar brings one contrivance with him out of which all the others are fashioned and that is… LIGHT!

Here I MUST point out that Darkness DOES NOT banish Light. Light ALWAYS banishes Darkness. It might be a small banishment when a candle is employed, or it might be like The Sun= ♫here comes The Sun♫ Literally, this is what happens. The Avatar comes from The Sun. Therefore one can say that with the coming of The Avatar, The Sun also comes. There is one major caveat here. This is The Spiritual Sun that comes with/as The Avatar. The Spiritual Sun is the source of the luminosity in EVERY star. What needs to be understood is that The Avatar is God HIMSELF! The Avatar is God in the Flesh, though his flesh is a bit different than our present time corporeal state.

We have a particle of God’s luminous being within us right now. We COULD NOT be living otherwise. When that goes, our corporeal form DROPS. Mikhail Aivanhov says we have two atoms within us. One of the atoms records EVERY event in our lives. This is the Recording Atom. The other atom is the Prayer Atom. Its presence is Living Evidence of The POWER of Prayer. It is our direct line to God, though… of course, there are step-down transformers. Still… if you come to God through that atom, you are certain of the prayer reaching The Throne of God. Master Aivanhov did not say these things. I have added my understanding of what he said to the points being addressed here. His words on this matter are to be found in the second segment of the chapter, “Prayer”, which is in Volume 2 of the book, “Know Thyself- Jnana Yoga”

He said that the Recording Atom is set to reverse when one is dying and that is why people who have survived see their whole life flashing before their eyes. For whatever the reason, now and then, people are pulled back from The Brink and they give evidence of this same phenomenon in different times and in different countries. There is a lot of empirical data on this happening. What it is though, is not empirical, EXCEPT for the person experiencing it. Material Science is USUALLY lacking the necessary measuring spoons for what is metaphysical. This is now changing as new understandings come into play. This is all caused by The Light approaching.

Heaven is ONLY Heaven because God lives there. Hell is the Absence of God in his positive aspect. All of the chaos that you see in The World at this time, is being caused by The Coming of the Avatar. If you are wicked then The Light is anathema, and you Act Out with more and more intensity. If you are righteous, The Light is PURE JOY and… Liberation… to the degree you are capable of receiving it.

Those who are used to doing their business in Darkness, Literally and Metaphorically, are now becoming more and more hampered in their industries. The Light makes everything seem different. For those whose long time venue is that of a Predator, there is also a problem. The Prey are becoming more and more aware of what has been going on. Keep in mind that The Avatar is sweeping down through the planes and clearing out all of the nests of Darkness. This is sending the former residents into a panicked flight to the nearest portals underground. Those who have been in the sway of these invisible entities are no longer being monitored and attended to. As a result, they are losing their minds.

The resistant are experiencing one thing and the acquiescent are experiencing another. It’s the same force but it is having two very different outcomes. The futility of the personal will can be compared to using a flashlight to duel with The Sun. The end result is fully predictable; The Light is triumphant and the battle already won.

If you find yourself going back and forth over all of this, the vacillation is an unfortunate state of affairs for you, in this Pull-me Push-you dynamic of Sisyphean pointlessness. The outcome of this global trial results in either an awakening or a greater nightmare that INEVITABLY leads to another form of awakening ♫what would you do if the people you knew, were the plastic that melted and the chromium too. Who… are… the brain police♫ Thank you for the alliterations, visible. Wait a minute; what alliterations? Moving right along. Moving right along.

I believe I will bring this portion to a close and provide some links with attending remarks and anecdotal meanderings.

Something from The Mass Media= https://www.foxnews.com/media/us-ruling-class-used-threat-of-disease-consolidate-power-ben-domenech

This is just too precious! He was experimented on as a child by evil Nazi scientists, BUT… they didn’t tell him about it until later. It won’t be long until the only survivors were still in the womb, or being perpetually Backdated. The next big marketing device will be the Children of Holocaust Survivors. I highly recommend for you the documentary film, “Catching the Friedmans” This is a CLASSIC (and probably unintended) example of the forensic study of bullshit cooking under a hot August sun.


Mike has always got a great take on things; https://www.realhistorychan.com/the-coronavirus-conspiracy.html

Here is another Mike who just can’t help himself, due to a bad case of Tabloid Fever. I’m not saying he’s wrong, cause I wouldn’t put anything past these people, but he can make a plate of French Fires seem like a roadmap to Jimmy Hoffa’s grave; http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=234234

I don’t know what to make of this; https://stateofthenation.co/?p=66082

I had some other articles but… hmm… I don’t know what happened to them. Okay, here is another from Mike #1 https://www.realhistorychan.com/anyt-06072021.html

I’ve come back to add this.


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