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Smoking Mirrors – June 5, 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

From what I see in the world around me, rarely in person, and through the lying eyes of The Media who can’t keep the truth from leaking through anyway… is… a shape-shifting shadow show of all the old, atavistic fears looking for somewhere to materialize. No doubt, in some places, they will. If you do not carry it with you, you are much less likely to find it out there, and in any case, it’s all there in the Accounts Due Department. I cannot stress how important The Grace of God is in these… and… ALL matters.

What I am trying to say is that no matter how things may look, or the larger and more common perspectives that are being bandied about by those seeking to control the human mind, conditions ARE NOT what they appear to be, unless you buy into them, and feed them with your attention and negative emotions. Yes… The World looks pretty out of control and alarming, but this surface struggle for control of the perception of appearances in our minds is rapidly diminishing under the force of Awakening. The best way to fight, or to handle Ignorance, is with Intelligence, given that the tool is in the hands of The Higher Nature. That is what The Intelligence is, a tool. So is The Mind, which is a tool of The Intelligence, or SHOULD BE, just as Intelligence SHOULD BE a tool of The Higher Nature. Many people are on the same level as the tool they are employing. I don’t need to go into all of the ways that is not a good thing. All tools should be handled by a consciousness that is more informed than the tool.

I realize that the last few sentences are less than clear, but that is as far as my talents extend, to characterize or define the idea. On a positive note, other minds often are capable of developing images and blueprints of an idea, and discovering more than the original picture contained.

Our world, which is really a superimposition of an infinite amount of worlds, overlaying the original theme, gives the atmosphere and conditions of their world their unique character through the perspective of the one who created it. That would be… You. There is one author to it all and in THAT perspective is Reality, Truth… and all the sterling archetypes that radiate through time. The lies of this world are the shadows cast by the light of The Truth. The Truth has no lies in it, BUT… just as the heat of our sun at its best setting, accounts for life here; a greater intensity or a lesser intensity accounts for the lack of life, at least in a similar state of abundance at the other planets. The same happens when one, or anything, moves away from The Light. The Darkness increases. That’s just how it works and it works on every level, as above so below.

I should add that there are incorporeal, at least to our senses, spirits, and entities that are to be found on all the planets. Some planets contain Heavens and some Hells. Some contain both, like our planet. Irrespective of all that, you carry the propensity for both with you, and how that sorts out determines your exteriors, AND interiors. In other words, you are never in danger from anything else unless you are in conflict with it. Your greatest danger is your Personality. Observe in your own life and the life of everyone you know, how this happens to be true; and all the times we ignored our good sense and better judgment, and got the predictable results, at least in terms of hindsight.

Thinking we know is our biggest error. It sets us up to discover whether we know or not. Life demonstrates. Life demonstrates through you, in you, and all around you. A CAREFUL and FOCUSED inquiry into the world around you will provide endless insights. The same applied to yourself, opens whole worlds of being. Most of us miss this completely and mostly only learn when life comes upside our heads. This is because our appetites and our negative emotions have captured our thoughts and colored our world. There is a master painter. There are capable students, and then there is a large mass of clumsy incompetents, some of whom will improve, others… less so, BUT… there is ONLY ONE master painter.

This master painter is all about his students. Unfortunately, in times of material darkness, most of the students cut class, or sleep in class, or don’t come to school in the first place. They are attending OTHER institutions of learning (grin). Well… you can CLEARLY see this in the world around you. Take an afternoon and go sit in a park, at a sidewalk cafe, at some source of public amusement, or all of them and just watch. Watch carefully. I used to take psychedelics and do this. I used to take psychedelics for various reasons. All of them were about learning more, concerning the world I was in and about myself.

You WILL… if you pay attention, see all kinds of things. You can learn to spot criminal enterprise and watch humanity on its fantasy cruises. You can study the patterns of human facial expressions and learn all kinds of things. Once again, MOST PEOPLE don’t do this because it gets in the way of what they desire. When you take the time to THINK ABOUT what you are getting up to, you find that there is very little worth doing, and all of it costs.

One can say that there is no free lunch. Lady Nature thinks otherwise and provides endlessly for so many of our needs. Do we thank her? Not often, from what I observe. The important point here is that Lady Nature is a living being. She is MORE REAL than most of us, and any of us that are real are those who have learned to live in Harmony with her. She is REAL. This means she CAN HEAR YOU! Nature is very attentive and she has MANY ears. It is possible to develop a personal relationship with her and perhaps be permitted to read her book of Living Nature. It happens. Luther Burbank and others have discovered and demonstrated this.

There are people here who can do astounding works, but generally, and almost always, NOT in the public view. You will not see them in Las Vegas. You SELDOM see The Exceptional Ones in the public thoroughfares.

Here are a couple of selections from Gary Snyder’s translation of Han Shan’s Cold Mountain Poems;

“I spur my horse through the wrecked town,
The wrecked town sinks my spirit.
High, low, old parapet walls
Big, small, the aging tombs.
I waggle my shadow, all alone;
Not even the crack of a shrinking coffin is heard.
I pity all those ordinary bones,
In the books of the Immortals they are nameless”


“In my first thirty years of life
I roamed hundreds and thousands of miles.
Walked by rivers through deep green grass
Entered cities of boiling red dust.
Tried drugs, but couldn’t make Immortal;
Read books and wrote poems on history.
Today I’m back at Cold Mountain:
I’ll sleep by the creek and purify my ears.”

I am much attracted to The Asian Perspective in my appreciation of Lady Nature and her timeless suitor of light, clothed in light. It’s just a different style of the same thing. Informed minds KNOW that God is SINGULAR. He does express in multiple personalities for the benefit of the cultures where he appears. He shows up as Buddha in one place, Lao Tzu in another, Krishna in the same area as Buddha but at a different time. He appears as Mohammad. He appears as Jesus Christ. He has (and will appear) appeared MANY TIMES in MANY PLACES and is present in some form RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.

In Times of Material Darkness, we become so possessed by the senses and the Monkey Mind, and their interpretations of The External that we lose our awareness of The Internal and The Supernal. That DOES NOT MEAN it is not here. It is all around us and as we rise in consciousness, into a more refined awareness, we come into direct contact with Heaven. It’s like trying to get into a fancy restaurant or club. There is a Dress Code. You have to present as one who has the credentials. Fake ID might work down here, but it doesn’t work up there, which is both inside and outside of you.

I wasn’t supposed to write this, or anything today. I had committed to posting on the weekdays and doing other things on the weekend, like the next album, and some other projects, BUT… God had other plans and I was literally compelled to write this. There isn’t as much traffic on the weekends, especially in good weather, and far fewer comments, so… yeah. That didn’t work this week (grin).

May this serve where the need was present.


End Transmission…….