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(Lemmings, soldiers don’t question if the war was contrived to kill them. The question probably doesn’t even occur to them.)

Henrymakow.com – Oct 9, 2021

Vaxxed people remind me of these soldier-dupes going to die in the Battle of the Somme...One million did.

One hundred years ago, satanist bankers convinced the goyim that it is courageous and patriotic and “the extreme sacrifice” to commit suicide.

Similarly, the vaccinated are cannon fodder in this the latest genocidal war designed to destroy and depopulate.

Satanism (Communism) is the worship of Death. 

They won’t stop until we have been enslaved or destroyed.

by Henry Makow PhD

History has finally caught up with us.

For most, the globalist Covid Coup is our first experience of the Cabalist cancer that afflicts mankind and has murdered millions.

It is our first taste of political persecution. It’s our first taste of adversity.

The minute our feckless ancestors gave Satanists control of the banking system, mankind was doomed.

(Of course, we hope he is wrong since it includes our loved ones.)

One reader claims this quote is not accurate. “These false statements, which are circulating all over the world, have been attributed to him. Luc Montagnier is more circumstantial. He simply indicated that we know nothing about the possible side effects of this new vaccine technology. He did however mention the possible occurrence of cancer. He indicated that he personally would not be vaccinated.”)


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