Trump is One of them, They are ALL Related!

Richie From Boston – Oct 6, 2020

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  1. A well known US comedian coined the phrase
    ” its one big club and you aint in it”
    How very true, we need REAL people not puppets spongers shirtlifters and fakes
    to run the country.

  2. So related means you’re in it too? Wow! I am related to my oldest brother who is a high level mason in the Netherlands working for King Willem-Alexander. I am not in it but he is. Mind you that is a direct lineage. The lineage here is so wide apart, this really means NOTHING. Maybe it’s time for Richie from Boston to use his mythical directed energy weapon?

  3. Mafia mob out again censoring free speech.
    What was so sensitive in that vid that got it banned?
    Anything to do with actual facts, raw truths?
    Don’t these bats-from-hell realise actions speak far louder than words and does more to support the truth movement than any censored speech could ever achieve?

  4. I think the ‘related to’ is a bit of a dead end. It’s like any statistic, if presented in a certain way it can say whatever is wanted. In a family tree I start with my parents. That’s 2. They each had 2 that’s four. By the time you go back six generations you are related to millions of people. If you then look at brothers and sisters of direct relations it becomes billions. The real surprise is that there’s one President that isn’t related to the others. If I was to look in depth at my family tree I would probably find I’m related to Thomas Becket. St. Thomas of Canterbury. My surname isn’t Becket or Beckett but it comes from the same source line.

  5. Kind of like Gorbachev who was brought in to oversee the breakup of the Soviet Union

  6. 2 planes, 3 skyscrapers, and all its subsequent looting, shooting, ripping, tearing, beating, gnashing, flailing…
    Yup, Amurica’s Got Talent.

  7. Richie is right about our taking the easy road because it was convenient. We fell into the trap set by our rulers because it did not require any effort on our part as human beings. Now we are reaping what we sowed –

  8. If you do not know what the Ninth Circle is, you must study more! Find the Truth.

  9. ‘Equites’ meaning mainly corporate assets are being bought up from underneath us by trillions and trillions made out of nothing. This all started big time before Covid hit this year. A trillion or so was “loaned” mainly to corporations last year at this time and the money went directly into boosting stock prices. Well before Coivd hit in March the trillions with QE unlimited was already allocated by the US Treasury to the Fed. The market was deliberately pumped and deliberately dumped with insiders not only selling before the dump in February and March but also a number of them shorting for the big planned March crash. Then with trillions of dollars made out of nothing, both the privately-owned Fed and our governments went on a buying spree with the huge dip. To bring the market back up? No, to own everything. They have kept buying us everything in sight and even all the debt they can find, while we say “how wonderful they are keeping the market up” ,as if they are boosting the economy. The Covid scam is only the tip of the iceberg.

    The market rollercoaster rides for the past 100 years have all been engineered and always result in the few who control the creation of money to capitalize on every dip and crash, constantly concentrating and consolidating more and more wealth and power into their very dirty hands. The present alleged mother of all debt-bubble “crisis” was deliberately engineered over the last three decades and since at least 1998 planned to dove tail with the Coivd crisis, in order to usher in with perfect timing the brave New World Order now being openly run out in our midst. They cannot usher in their Great Reset, the UN Agendas, the technocratic AI control grids, microchip ID vaccinations, and get us to accept any of this crap, unless they are first able to pull the rug out completely from under us. Saying that those who run the world are nothing but crooks and thugs, is an understatement. The scams do not just “dove-tail”, they are so many that they are like giant horse tail attached right to the horses ass which is running everything. While we ponder asses like Gates about the vaccination scam, and Schwab for the Great Reset scam, and see how the Covid scare and scam in a necessary condition for these very people control measures out, the same elites behind all of these scams are busy usurping the world from under us, while completely destroying their biggest obstacle, which is the middle class.

    The few including our corrupt governments are transferring all of major corporate wealth and debt instruments to themselves. The very corporations they have already designated as “essential” are the ones they are buying and which they favor to survive, with the Reset measure. Their buying is not like we buy with our sweat equity. It is buying with the fiat money made out of nothing. How convenient. Not peep about this monumental scam also going on with the orchestrated Covid scam from any mainstream media source or from any politician. The US Fed is fast becoming the buyer and lender of last resort, as Gregory Mannarino has repeatedly said on his Youtube videos.

  10. doesn’t it mean they are related in what they stand for and believe in so all singing from the same satanic hymn sheet. All Satanist snakes believe they are the only ones that deserve this planet. All of this is about sustainability and that includes the disposal of the human race. They think we are not good enough to share the planet with them and that we do more harm then good. You have people like doctors, surgeons, scientist and many more including the media whores bribed into doing what these snakes want. These are people we trust with our lives. Prime ministers, Presidents, and many others in high position who are at this very moment plotting and scheming how they are going to dispose of us. Here in the uk we have a PM who is little less than an idiot. I did not vote for him or any of the whores who sit in our parliament searching there mobiles to see what next lucrative deal their agents have in store for them. We even have the highest family in the land talking about sustainability and the state of the planet, just decipher the language and you get the same answer we do not want to many humans on this planet we want it for ourselves and so yes in that respect they are inter related in as much as they are all colluding together for the same end game.

  11. OH MY GOD…. you are SO off target that it isn’t even funny but I am laughing. I know for a FACT.
    Your site should be taken down because all you are doing is spreading fear porn and you are 100% incorrect about Trump. FACTS!
    If you don’t know you are lying, I feel bad for you. If you do know you are full of shit, then I feel bad for your viewers.
    Remember me within the next 3 weeks just before the election and right after the election. Like I said… FACTS. I KNOW STUFF…. and that STUFF is the TRUTH!
    Just wait… it won’t be long.. YOU WILL BE SHITTING YOUR PANTS! lol

  12. For a very long time I’ve believe America was controlled by the British and it took an 11 year old child to work it out. Our children are the future I so hope they work this stuff out in time.

  13. DM….Could you be more specific….. I’ve obviously missed the point you were trying to make….What did you mean by before and after the election..?….What is going to happen..?

  14. DM I don’t think you could surprise us with anything we on here are too clued up. As for bleeping our pants we are made of sterner stuff and are aware what’s in store.
    You know stuff as you put it and that stuff is the truth. Grow up LOL.

  15. Non Fiction or Fiction? YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!!!
    They’re all gonna walk after the Transition Integrity Program (TIP) and its operatives overthrow the Trump Administration even after being legally re-elected in a landslide. (Look up TIP if you still can). And when they settle back into the office they thought was in the bag for the hag in the pantsuit in 2016………
    1. Be prepared to be arrested, disappeared or sent to the gulag…
    2. Or prepare to resist with extreme prejudice when the democrat/Marxists and their agents pay you a visit for having even looked at TIP……
    3. Or for having posted remarks disparaging to present and former democratic public office holders, groups like the DNC, BLM and ANTIFA.
    4. Oh, if they do arrive at your door… they have a vaccine for YOU!…and you WILL take it…or…see #1 or #2.
    Pssst. Isn’t this already obvious?
    If you are a Black American, just where has voting democratic gotten you? Really? Any reasoned person so longing for a “middle ground as a platform for debating the issues” will be trampled upon as if they wore MAGA hats in Portland. Marxists do not care about your feelings.
    Elect Democrats, become China. It’s that simple.
    All those plotters and insurrectionists who should already be in prison for treason or executed for their roles in the wanton attempted destruction of this presidency, like him or not, and are in on this TIP plan, have been taking names, with the able assistance of Silicon Valley.
    Right now, all this BS is the democrat attempt to run out the clock on prosecution of people in the State Dept., DNC, FBI, CIA, DHS, DOJ,, for sedition and treason. Many are doing this not recognizing that many of these actors themselves are useful idiots for the NWO, Trilateralists, soulless billionaire titans of industry. They, too, will eventually become…”His/Her name was……..”
    The statute of limitations ends with an uncontested Democrat election victory. In that very unlikely event…
    The coming pre-election rioting and destruction will pale in comparison to what comes after a Trump election victory. Your Holiday Season HAS BEEN CANCELLED!  Consider, if you will….
    The death of the President and possibly his family and loyal members of his administration either by disease (from deliberate exposure), accident (accidentally on purpose) or worse (think JFK). The result will be Civil War, like it or not.
    Don’t think for a minute that the democrat party and deep state actors with them are unwilling to do this. Meet the new Stalins, Hitlers, Maos, Pol Pots, Israeli Prime Ministers…pick any, Osama bin-Laden. They are aficionados. To deliberately lay waste to the country, they should be viewed as nothing less.
    From whom will the military take their orders, even if Trump is re-elected? Will there be dissension within the ranks? Will the military drift left or right? I know what I hope but I just don’t know.
    In fact, the longer it takes, the more National chaos, violence, hunger, suffering and desperation there will be. Actually, what happened in the former Yugoslavia is a realistic possible outcome.
    In fact, all these SOBs will all be back comfortably in familiar jobs,if they are allowed to be successful. These people from the Left want rights only for themselves and their social strata. To them, the common man is, just, well….common and of no real value anyway.
    Like the CCP who takes national pride in their epic historical bloodletting, losing 25 to 50 million here in a Country of, allegedly, 350 million is a desired outcome not a tragedy to our Marxists.
    TIP is THE bipartisan overthrow of the government, and a violent revolution could ensue.
    But if you already sense this, you can help re-elect Trump by a very substantial and incontestable margin. Oh, it WILL be contested.
    If the Country is lucky, he will then unleash the fury that deserves to be applied to every person who took part in the closest we have come to a successful coup d’ etat on this soil since pre-revolutionary war days.
    I say that war only because the democrats are getting ample help from actors outside the US, some who call themselves our Allies.
    THINK! Research the Transition Integrity Project. We think bipartisanship would be Nirvana nowadays. This is anything but Nirvana.
    AND REALLY, DO YOU REALLY WANT BIDEN, a sick old man, HARRIS OR PELOSI TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT, EVEN FOR A MONTH? And believe me, there are even worse options from the left. We might as well cancel ALL future elections if the democrats take the White House by losing the election or by brute force.
    So…^ for fiction….v for non-fiction.

  16. WOW!

    I’m really a bit taken aback. Is this the Truthseeker? I’m used to seeing comments from those who are clearly awake and this comment section is completely fast asleep.

    If you do your research you’ll find that almost all presidents of the USA, along with politicians are related. Don’t believe me, do your own research. Not only that, but you’ll find many are connected to British aristocracy, along with many actors and actresses, both in the US and UK.

    I see a hell desperate people, here and on other forums who simply WON’T accept that Trump is controlled opposition and playing the game, well, so much so that he’s got you fooled….or is it because you simply can’t accept that there’s no one, in politics who’s batting for you?
    Geez, people…..really, look back to 1990 and when Trump was in debt by some $3 billion of which $1 billion was personal debt.

    Getting Donald Out Of Debt: The 25-Year-Old Ties That Bind Trump and Wilbur Ross

    More importantly, the fact that Trump not only converted to Judaism, moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and has pledged undying support to Israel should have answered all questions you had on whom Trump really supports.

    And how did Trump play the game, to win the hearts of US right? Well, after 9/11 he questioned the official story, saying planes couldn’t bring down the towers and that they fell courtesy of controlled demolition. He also went on to talk about ‘draining the swamp’ and putting Hillary Clinton in jail. He ANSWERED all the tick boxes of the right just like any good snake oil salesman did in the past, when trying to pass off their magical elixir, to heal all ailments, nothing but rosewater with some alcohol within, if that. Within months of getting into office, Trump was at a gala dinner, welcoming his guests of honour and ‘old friends’ whom he ‘respected very much’ and that was of course the Clintons.

    Trump Full Speech at Inaugural Luncheon: ‘Honored’ by Hillary Clinton’s Attendence | ABC News

    Look, you really need to wake up because so many of you who think you’re awake, clearly are still not. POLITICS IS A CLOSED SHOP! Unless you swear fealty to Israel (Rothschild) then you can kiss your career goodbye. Just listen to Cynthia McKinney and James Traficant speak about the Israeli lobby.

    American politicians are in politics in order to rape America for Israel and bring it into the state of demise that it’s in. What you are watching, between Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Trump is pantomime. And because everyone is SO addicted to watching TV, reading the newspapers and listening to the radio, they still believe the BS.

    Trump also is not ill. More pantomime. Covid is less dangerous than the flu. The body can easily defend against it with its immune system, but you’re not being told that. Trump getting Covid is yet more to keep you distracted and to push you into taking the vaccine when it comes.

    And I’ll finish with the Proud Boys. They are another, top-down created organisation, by the same peoples who brought you the BLM and Antifa. Hegelian dialectic, hello? Look to see whom the founder is and you’ll see it’s none other than Gavin McInnes. And no people, he is NOT right wing in the least, far, far, far from it. He is the creator of the SUPER left wing Vice Media and no, it was never right wing, in the least. He’s playing the game, just as all are. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there will be many people, in the Proud Boys who are fighting to American values, but they fail to see they’re puppets. The Proud Boys vs Antifa & BLM is the US version of the US Armed forces vs Al Qaeda/ISIS. It’s all a game, a sham there to keep everyone distracted.

  17. This backs you up in crystal clear language. It’s fun too.

  18. Very poor science, old news and a common misunderstanding of relatedness.

  19. White Elephant no offense but I am as many on here are if not all are related to royalty and aristocracy many generations back as in cousins 18 times removed and all that . We are not as thick as you would like to think we are. Most presidents and royals have a elite bloodline that connects generations back. You do not become president in America or prime minister here in the UK without that bloodline connection.

  20. Trump is One of them, They are ALL Related!

    They are all descendants of Cain !

    Trump “The Snake”

    Who are they ? Let the evidence speak for itself. The Truth can stand by itself and the truth never changes.


  21. White Elephant, You are 100% correct.


    Melania Trump posts photo in face covering, promotes mask-wearing

    First lady Melania Trump on Tuesday posted a photo of herself on Twitter donning a white face mask, urging Americans to wear face coverings and practice social distancing to help to create a “healthier & safer” country this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Most governors across the nation have mandated residents wear masks or face coverings at indoor retail stores, offices, grocery stores, restaurants and bars, and other places where social distancing is not possible.

    Trump pleaded with Americans to wear masks out in public to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

    “We’re asking everybody when you’re not able to socially distance to wear a mask,” Trump said.

    While his comment falls short of a national mandate, it is the strongest endorsement yet from the president who until recently had questioned the efficacy of masks.

    He added: “Whether you like masks or not, wear a mask.”

    Trump on Monday tweeted a photo of himself in a face mask, calling it an act of patriotism, after months of resistance to being publicly seen in the coverings.

    Trump also touted the strides researchers in the country are making toward a possible vaccine – noting that the process is moving along quickly and promising results soon.

    “My administration will stop at nothing to save lives, shield the vulnerable,” he said. “The vaccines are coming and they’re coming a lot faster than anyone thought possible.”

  23. @ White Elephant; Well said, spot on!
    @ Masks; Exactly! Trump’s endorsement of face muzzles and the “warp-speed” vax roll out proves he is most def in on the hoax cover up, 100% without question!

  24. Now, if Trump is compromised and is “involved”, then it makes me wonder
    – if Trump hid the epstein case evidence? Could it be that Epstein was not killed, he was extracted and tranported to Israel?
    – if Alex Jones/Q are “controlled opposition”?

  25. Trump got himself Jewed- up as a passport and was taught by Roy Cohn, the main handler of Joe McCarthy, but he can still do some good things, which should be welcomed.

  26. A counter balance would suggest forming a club made up of the “mongrel” breeds down here in no man’s land that keep validating the egregious transcontinentals with terms like royalty, elite, aristocracy and so on. We could start by knocking that kind of free speech out of existence and start referring to them as just them or they and any derogatory term available. A lot of commenters here need to start placing them on the low shelves not the high shelves because every time the commentary does that, it only makes them stronger and the more they laugh at us, you, and I. Stop being whinging pussants and come up with fairdinkum alternatives. Don’t think in terms of resistance either, think in terms over the top like our ancestors did facing no man’s land in the early war.
    No wonder they have got it all over us, the Mr is one hell of a mind player and we have plenty of catching up to do, to meet his class in intelligence. Get with it. Psyche comes first in this battle learn what it is and how they use it against us.

  27. Another article/video full of lies by an ignorant CIA stooge. Trump has done more for America in ONE week than “big Mikes” bitch Barry Setoro did in 8 years!!