Nigel Farage threatens to launch anti-lockdown party

Jack Newman – Daily Mail Online Sept 27, 2020

Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. Click to enlarge

Nigel Farage has threatened to start an anti-lockdown party as he criticises Boris Johnson’s draconian measures to curb the rise in coronavirus cases.

The Brexit Party leader heaped pressure on the Prime Minister, saying the current restrictions are a threat to freedom.

He told The Times: ‘We stood aside for Boris Johnson’s government, now many are questioning why we bothered.’

He previously lambasted the government’s measures, accusing Mr Johnson of adopting an ‘authoritarian’ response to the crisis. 

The former UKIP tweeted earlier this week: ‘The PM says we are a “freedom loving country”, but will fine you £10,000 and send the army in if he likes.

‘This is authoritarian – I don’t believe his promises on testing or the competence of the government. We didn’t vote for this.’ 

The Prime Minister’s decision to impose the recent 10pm curfew has been hit by criticism after it was revealed the move was not advocated by Sage – the panel of scientific experts chaired by Sir Patrick Vallance.

Sage members are said to be increasingly frustrated that they are being overruled while simultaneously being scapegoated for the harsher measures, according to the Daily Telegraph.

A former World Health Organisation director, Professor Karol Sikora, also highlighted concerns, saying: ‘Where is the evidence? Closing a little early will just hurt so many business owners.’

Sage scientists are reportedly calling on the Government to release their advice to exonerate them from any part in mooting a pub curfew. 

It comes as households in the Welsh town of Llanelli were banned from entering each other’s homes and gardens from 6pm, with the nation’s two biggest cities of Cardiff and Swansea following suit. Residents are also banned from entering or leaving the areas without a ‘reasonable excuse’.

It comes after lockdowns were already imposed in large swathes of the North East and North West of England. More than a quarter of the UK is under tighter restrictions, including half of the Welsh population.


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16 responses to “Nigel Farage threatens to launch anti-lockdown party”

  1. Fall began this week. Right on cue, as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci foretold, covid is “breaking out again.” The second wave is being hyped in the Jews Media.

    Jews Media outlets are pushing propaganda about covid breaking out again. News outlets in Canada, Singapore, France, and nations around the world, are singing the same covid song about “another covid outbreak.”

  2. Last time Farage got somewhere with his Brexit Party he jumped ship before Brexit and look where we are with that. I think he’ll act purely as a safety valve for the elite, to give people somewhere to go and then go nowhere. He’s amiable enough but I don’t trust him to follow it through. Then when he lets them piss on us again he can use the excuse not enough joined him.

  3. Farage dragged out of retirement by MI6 so anti Covid movement can be derailed. The lockdown period proved two things. Because human activity was lower, the climate actually got warmer. Pollutants atributed to vehicles actually went up during lockdown. There are other factors: passenger flights were almost nonexistent during lockdown and as a result, very few chemtrails, so maybe the Sun is behind the warming. And then we have Trump’s very assured comment that “It’s going to get cooler.” What the climate idiots don’t realise is that melted ice means the seas freeze much easier and this becomes a self fulfilling cycle. As the seas freeze, they reflect sunlight back into space and so you get more ice. We have probably reached that tipping point & lockdown might have helped. As others of great prominance have stated, climate science is dead in the water… pun intended.

  4. He is controlled opposition who will only provide confusion and misdirection .

  5. Nigel Farage… a bullshitter par excellence….a windbag and very likely to be a crypto jew.

    The name “Nigel” is usually Jewish….that is it is a name favoured by Jews.(of course not exclusively)

    If Farage was the real deal….the secret police MI5 would have removed him from circulation by now.

  6. Qwerty

  7. Farage could be controlled opposition, and the people who are running things who have put so much money and effort into their planned psyop to cover all of their planned resets, would now want to intervein and control the mounting opposition to steer things in a more ordered way to suit their interests. Any real leader against the restrictions will must expose the mass deception, which to create mass fear, for mass state control on a permanent basis, as announced in all of the NWO agendas. The entire plandemic is in fact the overture for the NWO brave new world.

  8. ”PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE” Led by Mark Collett and Laura Towler are the organization for me Read This and share if you agree with what they are saying…Nigel is probably ”Controlled Opposition” I wish that I am wrong on this,though!

  9. So the only means people have to prevent being stripped of historically established rights is to start a new political party? This is preposterous.

  10. The “secret police” have tried taking out Farage TWICE:

    Obviously they failed but both attempts look like authentic attempts to kill Farage, particularly the plane crash. Meaning that Farage is probably authentic

  11. Vespasien is right if Farage was such a threat he would have been removed a longtime ago
    It seems he has been got at . Another soul seller. Don’t touch him

  12. Re: sunny’s comments:

    Question: How do we know that sunny’s comments don’t come from a disinfo agent working for British intelligence?

    Answer: We don’t know. So anyone visiting this website should approach its visitors comments with caution and scepticism.

  13. Lately many of my comments have not been posted…Now either they’re being intercepted by Britains renown secret police apparatus OR The Truthseeker has gone “Daily Mail” on its readers…and is censoring comments.
    You could perhaps draw some conclusions that the comment about Farage “got through”…..
    The helicopter crash favours Farage but other factors mitigate against him???.
    Which is why….if you want to change the system you HAVE to start with the internal secret police….you should expect MI5 to become more “active” if they start to think they are losing ground.
    One thing is for 100% sure ALL the recent directors have been JEWS including the current one….Britain could end up like the former Eastern Bloc countries where the internal secret police were all led by Jews….and that is not a pleasant fate to contemplate.

  14. Rixon stewart the ONLY person telling the truth on this thread ther rest are just frigid Snowflake haven’t got a clue Far left troll’s like the usual Jones, McNUTTY, Fred B and even the ‘crypto ‘TROLL’ Vespasian that tried to post but thankfully couldn’t………………ALL of you far left TROLLS deserve what is coming to you

  15. Rixon Stewart: yes, these attempts were genuine in my opinion, but there are factions within the intelligence establishment and they don’t always work together and they have conflicting interests. I have no doubt that there is a faction in MI6 that favours the EU and as a generalisation, I very much doubt that all MI6 players support the game officials all the time. It has always been clear to me that Farage was an MI6 asset, but plenty in MI6 won’t like Farage’s US links, especially with Trump. My belief that MI6 tried to take out Trump in Scotland and failed. They tried and failed to take out Gordon Brown & Richard Branson at LHR.

    In the US, the conflicts within the CIA, FBI and NSA are much more open & there is a constant battle for control or influence. This was especially so before and after 9/11. Before, there were plenty of ignored warnings & after 9/11, the good guys were retired at best.

    Piers Morgan is a so say friend of Trump who fancied a job in the White House. Morgan didn’t like it when I mocked him for being an MI6 asset, he blocked me, but he didn’t get the job offer.

    If you take all the false flag terror attacks and the terror patsies run by factions in British intelligence and then you have the British intelligence muppets alledgedly chasing the bad guys tail… I mean, the fake news must have some content. And talking of terrorists, MI6 must have told its terror cells, patsies and crisis actors to stand down during Covid farce, are they furloughed?

  16. @ ANTIFA muat Die.

    I agree Rixon allows theyre comments to expose their madness.
    No one does it better then Rixon.