British security services to get extra powers in wake of Russia report

Rixon Stewart – July 22, 2020

Putin demonised as the new Hitler in the Western media. Click to enlarge

Months of speculation about the supposed threat posed by Russia have finally paid off. All the conjecture about Russian interference in Brexit and the U.S. presidential election, Moscow meddling in the British general election and allegations about the Skripals poisoning have helped create a monster in the western public’s mind.
Or so the Western powers hope. Whether the Western public sees Russia in this light is another matter but these stories have helped pave the way for the introduction of new security legislation.
It remains to be seen if history repeats itself but a similar process happened with Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi dictator was lavishly armed and equipped by the West during his war with Iran. Then, when the war was over Saddam had outlived his usefulness. Whereupon the Western media was full of speculation about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and the potential threat they posed to the West.
As it turned out Saddam never had any WMD. It was all pure speculation, but it conveniently prepared the Western public psychologically for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In this regard the media played a key role. Once it had been decided to invade Iraq, and before that decision had even been announced, the media went to work, psychologically softening up an unwitting public.
Now a similar course of events is unfolding with Russia. Once again the media is full of stories about the threat it poses, while the West is imposing trade and economic sanctions on Moscow, just as it once did with Iraq.
Although this doesn’t mean that the West is about to invade Russia, it does suggest preparations for an increase in hostilities are underway. This may result in more sanctions, more trade embargoes and ultimately increased support for anti-Russian groups in regional conflicts, like Ukraine.
NATO forces now also routinely deploy for drills close to Russia’s borders, with one of the more recent taking place in the Black Sea. To better grasp how the Russians view these drills, imagine if the Russian navy were to conduct large-scale drills in the English Channel or the Gulf of Mexico. NATO deployments close to Russia have the same objective. The aim is to put pressure on Moscow.
While Putin and his military commanders don’t seem unduly alarmed by this they are concerned. As NATO creeps ever closer to Russia’s borders with regular drills, now often annual, the intended effect is incremental and cumulative. Sowing mistrust and tension with Moscow, so that it would only take a relatively minor incident to ignite a much bigger confrontation.
Is this what the powers that be want? Do they really want war with Russia?
We would suggest that they are keeping their options open for now. So that if all else fails, including pandemics, mass-vaccinations, racial conflict and lockdowns, they have one final option: war with Russia.
The following report illustrates how the powers that be, and the media, are working to keep the notion of a “Russian threat” alive in the public mind, just as they once did with Saddam’s WMD.

British security services to get extra powers in wake of Russia report

Simon Murphy – The Guardian July 22, 2020

Legislation to clamp down on foreign spying is being considered by Downing Street in the wake of a damning report laying bare the impact of Russian influence in Britain and accusing the government of “badly” underestimating the threat posed by the Kremlin.

Under the new legislation, foreign agents would have to register in the UK in a move modelled on similar requirements in the US and Australia.

The long-awaited Russia report by parliament’s intelligence and security committee said ministers in effect turned a blind eye to allegations of Russian disruption, highlighting the failure to conduct any proper assessment of Kremlin attempts to interfere with the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The government, which has rejected calls for an inquiry into Russian meddling and said it had seen no evidence of successful interference in the EU referendum, is now looking at new security legislation.

Asked whether the legislation represented a move to close the stable door after the horse had bolted, the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “First of all it is true we are looking at that legislation but secondly, even as the report itself recognises on page 6, it says we’re clear about the government’s response and it’s now begun to take a more assertive approach … so I think we are already taking a much more forward leaning approach to all of this but you’re right, we also think this is the time, potentially, to have additional powers.”

The report, which questions whether the intelligence community took its eye off the ball in its response to Russia, calls for new legislation to replace the outdated Official Secrets Act. Current laws enabling action against foreign spies are “acknowledged to be weak”, the report says, adding: “In particular, the Official Secrets Acts are out of date – crucially, it is not illegal to be a foreign agent in this country.”

Pressed on whether action should have been taken earlier given the delayed report was available to be published in October last year, Shapps said: “It’s not the first time that we’ve talked about these additional powers. Of course, today is an important moment to flag them up and we want to be able to look at the activities, clamp down on the activities of hostile states which threaten the UK but no individual power on its own is going to resolve that; it’s another tool in the armoury but it’s not going to be the only solution.

“And, of course, we do have very broad powers in existence already for our intelligence and security agencies …”

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  1. Russia was taken over by the jews in the blood bath of 1917
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    The jews took the USA from 1913
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  2. This is a geographical – geopolitical nightmare for the UK and US. Russia did everything asked of during the initial post-Soviet era. Trade between the EU and Russia grew, this was a marriage made in heaven.

    The UK failed to take advantage of the EU market that was designed so that the UK would thrive. Britains trade success was only lukewarm. Globally, Britain’s trade performance was even worse. Evan Davies’s Made in Britain concluded that the UK needed over 30,000 medium-sized businesses that exported all their production in order for the UK to break even.

    So the UK has been a failing state since the end of WW2 and it had a chance with the EU, but it failed for a variety of domestic and class reasons. As the EU expanded Eastwards and the EU’s need for Russian energy continued, the UK’s future was as a modest island off the EU mainland, a backwater by geography and soon to be politically insignificant.

    Over the years, the economic and political centers of power have moved Eastwards. Couple this to the EU’s policy of stopping the Citys massively corrupt offshore banking operation and use of blind trusts & a new EU tax system, the UK had to leave the EU, or should I say, the UK’s corrupt elite had to drag the UK out of the EU.

    Historians will look back on the Brexit referendum and shake their heads in disbelief. The UK is now the 51st State. The US and UK act as one against Russia and China. Look at the illegal US sanctions placed on and threatened on EU businesses for building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline… why is this any business of the US? This pipeline is nearly finished. But fear not, while the US has already placed illegal sanctions on the EU, this will become a full-blown trade war next year.

    The Russia Report has very little evidence that the Russian state did anything untoward in respect of foreign elections and referendum. The big issue in this report is the fact that MI5, GCHQ, and MI6 did NOTHING to find out if Russia was interfering and that failure is being used to increase funding, funding for nothing and to bring in a new Official Secrets Act that will have the majority of workers being forced to sign it… how about all presstitutes? Or anyone in telecoms? Or anyone who works for a utility? Or anyone claiming benefits?

    I was watching a YouTube video last night about US deep state operatives in plain clothes, using unmarked vehicles who are abducting Amerikans off the streets. After the abduction, there is no process to deal with these abductees. Are they dropped into a vat of acid? Are they taken to a REX-84/FEMA concentration camp? Let’s just remember, the US & UK have a long history of illegally abducting people off the streets of sovereign states and shipping them off to black sites where these people were tortured or were reprogrammed into patsy terrorists like the two guys who were blamed for murdering Lee Rigby in 2013. Both of these men supposedly spent 6 months in a Kenyan prison… but was it in Kenya, was it a prison as classically understood?

    So the British and Amerikan sheeple should not be surprised that the deep states in both these countries are now doing the same evil things in their own countries against their own people and if this isn’t a green light for revolution, then I don’t know what is, because time is running out.

  3. Why is it that the UK Government has Become for over 73 Years the Toilet Wipes of the USA, as a Brit I am getting Sick of it for Many Reasons, I think that we could Have a Good and Fair Trade Russia, most of all the Nord Stream Pipeline will also be good for the Rest of Europe as Well, and that is what is Making the US jealous, I do not like the British lies and I like the US lies even less, and I am Beginning to wonder when Are the British people going to get a backbone and wake Up and Tell the USA to Piss Off and make us all feel Patriotic Again, we Must Stop these Illegal Sanctions that is being Passed onto Russia By the USA, Apart from JFK, I do not like Anything About America at all. Because they are Crumbling Into Mediocrity.

  4. Bankster Jews use their jews media to divide east against west. The banksters use Russia and China as the main nations of the ‘East.’ Jews use Western Europe and the USA as the main nations of the ‘West.’

    This East vs West Divide and Conquer scheme goes all the way back to when Jews manipulated Emperor Constantine to divide the Roman Empire into east and west divisions.

    Constantine set up the east capital at Constantinople and the west capital at Rome. Later, Jews divided Roman Religion into 2 divisions with the great schism. The east half of the Roman Empire got the Orthodox religion and the west half got the Catholic religion.

    Bankster controlled politicians and the jews media constantly poison the minds of people in the West against Russia and China and poison the minds of people in the East against nations in the West.

    The incessant propaganda against Russia and China in western mass media outlets is all about Divide and Conquer operations.

    In similar fashion, Al Jazeera, PressTV Iran, CGTN, RT, and such jews media propaganda outlets in the East denigrate the nations of West.

    WW1, WW2, and lots of other wars were Divide and Conquer operations incited by influential Jews. Inciting Christian nations into war against each other so that Christians destroy each other is what it’s all about.

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” – Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869

  5. if they really were interested in stopping spying and interfering in elections they would tackle israel, the font and instigator of world terrorism.
    The UK is the only freind america has, and after the USA behaved in W W 2 Korea Vietnam and iraq, many Brits no longer support it
    NHS figures show there re now far more foreign nationals in the UK than Brits.
    which is why Brits no longer support Tory or Labour as both are run by Mossad
    Tony Blairs New bour had 2 remits A war on Iraq and to grow the homosexual community by 5% per year, both israeli policies

  6. @ Jim Crowstein

    Wars have divine inspiration.

    Exodus 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.