Coronavirus and Regime Change: Burundi’s Covid Coup

Off-Guardian – July 14, 2020

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While the people of the western world occupy themselves wearing masks, pointing fingers and using so much hand sanitizer it literally kills them, the big world of Geo-Politics still ticks along, following the same tired old patterns with only slight variations in method. A modern twist, if you will.

Here’s a little summary of Burundi’s recent history:

  • The president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, dismissed covid19 as nonsense.
  • The president of Burundi was vilified in the Western press.
  • The president of Burundi expelled the World Health Organization from his country.
  • The president of Burundi died suddenly of a “heart attack”.
  • The NEW president of Burundi immediately reversed his predecessor’s Covid19 policies.

And now for the long version…

6th May 2020

The Council on Foreign Relations blog posts an article titled COVID-19 is Coinciding with Dangerous Trends in Burundi’s Democracy.

At that time Burundi was listed as having 7 ‘active cases’ of COVID-19.

President Pierre Nukurunziza’s reluctance to impose policies aimed at stopping the virus from spreading is converging with his enthusiasm for democratic authoritarianism, putting not only Burundi, but Burundi’s neighbors at risk.
Burundi’s trajectory has been apparent for some time. But the pandemic now raises the stakes for neighboring states whose attempts to control the virus are threatened by Burundi’s insistence on moving ahead with electoral theater regardless of the public health risks involved.
Just as the EAC’s attempts to advance dialogue in Burundi did nothing to stave off the closing of political space, today the organization seems helpless at best as Burundi and neighboring Tanzania refuse to take COVID-19 seriously.


14th May 2020

Reuters reports that Burundi’s government expels the WHO:

Burundi is expelling the national head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and three members of his team as it prepares for a presidential election that is being held next week despite concern about health risks during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government confirmed on Thursday that a May 12 letter from the foreign ministry was sent to WHO country head Walter Kazadi Mulombo and three others of the U.N. body’s health experts, ordering them out by Friday. Bernard Ntahiraja, the foreign affairs assistant minister, said the officials had been declared “persona non grata” but did not give reasons.
Burundi has so far reported relatively few cases of the COVID-19 disease: 27 infections and one death. But testing remains very low: the nation of 11 million people has carried out only 527 tests, according to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Large crowds have been gathering during the election campaign in Burundi, which has no lockdown measures in place at all, unlike many other African nations.
Some Burundians say privately they believe COVID-19 infections are higher than officially stated but they say they fear to say so publicly because they could be targeted and punished. Léonce Ngendakumana, a presidential candidate for the opposition FRODEBU party, called the expulsion regrettable. “The country alone won’t be able to contain the pandemic,” he told Reuters.


10th June 2020

The Guardian reports the death of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza of “suspected Covid19” [our emphasis]:

The outgoing president of Burundi has died of a sudden illness, suspected by many to be Covid-19.

The cause of Pierre Nkurunziza’s death was described as a heart attack in a government statement. The 55-year-old was due to stand down in August following elections last month.

It was unclear exactly when he died. A government statement said the president, a keen sports enthusiast, had attended a game of volleyball on Saturday but fell ill that night and was taken to hospital.

The former footballer’s health improved on Sunday but “surprisingly, on morning of Monday June 8, 2020, his health suddenly deteriorated and he had a heart attack”. The statement described Nkurunziza’s death as “unexpected” and asked people to remain calm.


15th June 2020

The Financial Times runs an article titled Coronavirus stalks Burundi’s political elite after president’s death. It’s behind a paywall, but here’s a screenshot:

1st July 2020

The Daily Monitor publishes an article from AFP headlined Burundi changes tack as president declares COVID-19 ‘biggest enemy’ [our emphasis]:

Burundi’s new President Evariste Ndayishimiye has declared the coronavirus the country’s “biggest enemy”, in a major about-turn for a nation which has largely ignored the dangers of the virus.

Former president Pierre Nkurunziza, who died suddenly last month, and even Ndayishimiye himself, had until now downplayed the gravity of the pandemic, saying God had spared Burundi from its ravages. Burundi held a full-blown campaign ahead of a May election, and unlike its neighbours which have imposed lockdowns and curfews, has taken few measures to combat the spread of the virus.

Officially the country has reported only 170 cases and one death in two months. Ndayishimiye was speaking late Tuesday after the swearing in of his new government in parliament. “From tomorrow (Wednesday), I declare the COVID-19 pandemic the biggest enemy of Burundians, because it is clear it is becoming their biggest concern,” he said.

“We firmly commit ourselves to fight this pandemic.” He called for “the strict respect for preventative measures which the health ministry will from now on display across the country”.

He reminded citizens that coronavirus tests were free, as was treatment, warning those who did not get tested when they had symptoms.

“If in future someone does not go and get tested in such a case, it means he wants to contaminate others voluntarily… and he will be considered a sorcerer and treated as severely as one would be,” he said.


14th July 2020

As of today, lists 1 single death & 269 “Total Cases” of Covid19 for Burundi:

It seems Covid19 is a disease of rare complexity. Not only is it able to understand the importance of some social protests and avoid them entirely, it’s also able to sense when the world leader is inconvenient and take him out.

Many thanks to commenter Stinky, who collated, researched and sent in these links, as well as Edwige and Mucho.

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5 responses to “Coronavirus and Regime Change: Burundi’s Covid Coup”

  1. The JWO will murder anyone who gets in the way
    Nkurunziza stood against them and paid the price
    No quarter can be expected from them and none should be given

  2. Generally speaking it looks like JWO is ruling 70% of the countries on hell planet Earth,
    then. The Khazarian Mafia can turf off the planned steps towards their Agenda 2030.
    For a moment Burundi showed symptoms of freedom, independence and own mind.
    That has been abended immediately.

    IMO, they are ahead of their Agenda(21). What a blessful goyim they are ruling! Everything is accepted and all “health instructions” are followed, well, not by all yet but big spy-programs on the goyim are already launced for the solution of that problem.
    The big advantage the goyim is paying and wearing their own “spy-camera”.

    Burundi must have a lot of valuable and big profit bringing resources under her deck.

  3. Wow! Now that is real news and it all rings so very true. It ought to erase any doubt in anyone’s mind on the side of freedom about how very, very evil the entire world establishment is, right down to our local governments, politicians, and media who are their instruments. Pure evil. They are saying that if you do not play the game to support our totalitarian control measures, and our fake pandemic, and we kill you. That is the message. It all comes from the same crowd controlling the money supply of the world, able to make trillions out of nothing, by pressing a chain of zeros on a key board, and which ruthlessly destroys any nation having the audacity to trade its oil outside of the petrodollar. Pure evil.

    Our nations now, more than ever before, are more similar to China and Russia which are essentially one-party states. We think we have opposition parties, but they are all controlled by the same unseen hand which is not God, but the very opposite to him. The Covid scamdemic absolutely proves my point. One wonders what is going to happen to the brave Italian politicians who raised the roof in their legislature a few months ago, calling out their own government on the scam.

    We have no real freedom anymore. It is not just the state-manufactured fear and oppression from the unnecessary restrictions, it is the entire oppressive system with the lack of any real and true opposition in the establishment, our government, political parties, and the media for the people to voice their concerns and to fight for what they believe to be true and right. All organizations are being increasingly channeled into central controls, and if a person or an organization is out of step with what comes from above then they will be erased. We also now live under virtual total surveillance where we know everything is likely being monitored and all information goes to some central command. This technocratic oppression we know is not really subject to our fake laws to protect our privacy, and it is a system which can only reinforce the status quo in power, likely in perpetuity, destroying any personal or local self determination springing up from the people which does not serve the interests of the evil monsters running things, and especially initiatives to remove them from power. Because we are a threat to their rule, they have to completely control us, killing anything and anyone daring to speak the truth. Like a body gradually shutting down on a death bed, first the feet, then up the legs until the heart and the mind go, they are now systematically shutting off the life of our civilization which is our freedom.

  4. you can kill a person but you can’t kill the truth , may God bless the brave leader.

  5. Mortality rates, strokes, heart attacks, missing persons reports, suicides, accidents leading to death, are more prevalent among influential people who oppose JWO evil.

    A politician in high office who doesn’t follow Zionist orders has his election campaign de-funded, is smeared by the Jews Media, and has his political life destroyed.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Judge Roy Moore are recent examples of people in politics who opposed the evils of the bankster jews. They were ruined by the Jews Media.

    JFK set out to go Andrew Jackson on the banksters. JFK was in a powerful position. Banksters viewed him as an urgent problem requiring more drastic action than media smear jobs and the usual tactics.

    After the banksters had JFK assassinated they directed their Jews Media to stop vilifying JFK and start singing his praises. This made the Jews Media look pro-JFK instead of anti-JFK. Mass media ran every possible story about who was behind the JFK assassination except the bankster story.

    Politics, governments, the UN, major corporations, labor unions, universities, masons, all institutions with big power and influence, are controlled by the children of the devil, the bankster jews who rule the JWO.

    Jesus labeled the Jewish rulers as ‘the Children of the Devil’ at John 8:44.