Bill Gates on the Second Phase of the Pandemic

Ian56 — #SayNoToBillGates July 5, 2020 

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  1. It is getting harder to mock David Icke’s talk of “reptiles” at the top. What kind of people grin knowingly as they announce a coming “second wave” that we will find “harder to ignore”? Are Gates and his horrible wife human at all?
    They parade themselves as being protectors of life, highly concerned for the well-being and survival of humanity while IT IS COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that their mission is to create as many dead human beings as possible.

  2. Please send this clip to as many people as possible. Everyone has to see that evil people do exist, their values are to hurt and kill others and make money out of it at the same time, a win-win for these sick people. People need to see this and know that God will act when it is shown without doubt that we humans are incapable of living in harmony and if left to our devices, these sick, twisted, evil people would destroy all of us.

  3. These people, Bill(grey) and Mel(rose), are chosen, so that a large group of middle class academia can identify. That group, unsufficiently educated, with the caracteristic lack of religious wisdom, upholding many important positions in society, and thereby influence, is targeted and used, so that coven-influences can be exchanged into social coven-money and look sound. The appearance is like a scene from Ingmar Bergman, a couple representing the most common product of western universitys, smartest people in the world, leaking their psychic insufficiences all over.

  4. The chosen people are allowed to trat us as they wish
    thy told us so
    We fought 2 world wars to help thm continue in it
    Adolf Hitler showed us the way, his people fought for the world to be free
    I am ashamed of wht we did to Germany

  5. 06/07/2020 Fantastic video report and comments. Well done. I just put your LINK on my website. Best Wishes – Steve Here is my website:

  6. As eugenecists who think they’re superior to most everyone else, maybe old Bill ain’t looking too bad at 64, but if his wife at 54 is a mother of the master race then the master race is going to be one big bunch of ugly suckers.

    I guess I’d rather not be a part of it after all.

  7. These people are guilty of GLOBAL GENOCIDE. What is the proper punishment for that? I am dreaming of a global lawsuit against such people (and let us at least include George Soros, Henry Kissinger and the Rothschild family), with as death penalty hanging from the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, those same stones in which they have chiseled their wish to reduce humanity to 500,000,000. We can’t wait any longer!


    anyone pls help to take this out to public

  9. I call these ‘people’ the parasitic class. Not sure what they propose to do when they’ve destroyed the host, except turn on each other. Robots won’t be anywhere near as much fun as the species they’re throwing under the bus. Hopefully AI will get round to sorting them out. But, yes, ThereisaGod, it gets more and more difficult to consider them human.

  10. Some relevant feedback from Jeff and Max.

  11. WHY has not that windshield found the INSECT GATES ???

  12. These two are Sick psychopaths’ who need to be hunted down and destroyed with the rest of their cabal. If we in this time don’t do it there will come another generation who will because the baton will be passed down to their evil offspring to carry on there disgusting tirade against humanity and, it will go on and on. Their is no place on this planet for these evil people it is they who must be exterminated not us.

  13. Lets get them before they get us.

  14. Bill’s face shows something hidden and sinister at the same time, I do not prefer that a wealthy philanthropist pleasantly do favors for human health, and Melinda is an actress touched by Bill’s sayings, my opinion has been acting synchronously.

  15. Empress Melinda, I’d say? Kill Bill is her best Knight.
    He has got the syringes and … the moneys.

  16. Me too Ellis C…………….Me too!! My ancestors are turning in their graves thinking they fought to save us only to destroy us by these vile SNAKES…………WE need the freedom to take up arms to protect ourselves in the UK (As was allowed during the war) If you remember thge very first time this HOAX FLU came on the news we were tol;d ‘we are at war’…………Give me a gun to do MY duty and protect MY loved ones from these vile sewer dwelling scum

  17. IT and IT (Neither are Human that is for sure) Live in the USA where Guns are Legal DEFEND ones self………..Let’s hope a Patriot hunts then scum down and puts them into HELL where they belong for all eternity

  18. Duping delight apparently doesn’t have financial boundaries.

  19. Sounds like he must have been working on his vaccine for all of us for a long time now.
    I wonder what is really in the vaccine that he is so desperate for all of humanity to have?
    Could is be a foreign DNA??? To counter/pollute our Divine God given DNA?
    If so whose DNA is it …..Satan’s

  20. Bill strikes me a woman and Melinda strikes me as a Man.

    Change my Mind.

    Bill cant even remove a Virus from a computer what makes he think he can rid the body of a Virus. Both love to play the role of God. Both have a God Complex.
    Bill doesn’t even give his children Vaccinations. He is a peddler of death.

  21. They are laughing at us his vaccine patent is 060606 or 666 Satan’s number his god.
    He apparently wants to alter our DNA with this vaccine with 666 DNA?
    I think this vaccine has been lurking in the background for a few years….
    Jesus will have the last say in everything

  22. I remain baffled that no one has yet taken a shot at these two, or indeed Soros, Fauci, Kissinger et al

  23. Can you keep this video on your slidebar permanently, if possible? It’s an under-a-minute total reveal!!!!! Everybody in the world needs to see it! God damn these snakes, vipers and all their twisted ilk born in the bowels of Baal!

  24. I’m glad you posted this video. It shows Sir William and Dame Gates in their element. He is almost salivating at the prospect of 7 billion vaccine doses. Watch his face while she is speaking. I think the title “Philanthropist” should be tweaked a little. “Misanthropist” would be more appropriate. Everyone should see this video. Nothing speaks better than their own words and demeanor.

  25. Time to wipe the smiles off their faces. They’ve started this, remember, so if they want to kill us we have the right to kill them.

  26. What is he peddling/What is he trying to introduce/That will get attention this time(Epidemic number 2 repeated thrice)/ Is he expending a huge amount of money only to get a better return for his buck/God only knows his intentions?/ If increasing his already fabulous wealth by investing in some sort of vaccine is his GOAL then he stands condemned by mankind/His wife doesn’t strike me as being an intelligent sort so I am of the opinion that she is not conniving with Bill/But as the saying goes Never judge a book by its cover/ I sincerely hope this recording gets as much coverage as possible because news coverage in all parts of the world tends to be very biased

  27. The Declaration of Individual Independence

    “Every human who claims to be an “authority” is in fact a predator, and the appropriate way to deal with predators is to exterminate them as quickly as possible, with as little risk as possible. The only legitimate declaration is the declaration of independence of every individual.”

    No Immoral Society Wants You To Become Wise,
    It Is Against The Investment of Immoral Societies.
    The Declaration of Individual Independence
    The Dollar Vigilante, Max Igan & Larken Rose

    My name is Voltman Plutonymus Rex and I approve this message!