Kevin MacDonald- The White Race in Peril – June 30, 2020

How did evolution bring people of European descent to a pinnacle, then turn them against themselves? 
“White people can no longer remain oblivious to the fact that most of their fellow citizens, and especially the media and their government, hate them. They cannot remain oblivious to the fact that they are destined to soon become a minority within the lands their ancestors have inhabited for centuries in the Americas and time immemorial in Europe.”
Makow – Clearly White nations must adopt policies like Poland or Hungary if they are to survive intact.

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Evolution is the theme in MacDonald’s very ambitious book. How did peoples of Western European descent come to be different from the other peoples of the world? How do we arrive where we are, and what are the evolutionary implications for our future?
MacDonald’s dissertation examines the topic of why his theme – the evolutionary interests of white people – finds itself beyond the pale of respectable discussion. Readers of this review will certainly recognize that whereas the civil rights of Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics are a totally legitimate topic of discussion in Western Europe and North America, those of the indigenous white people are definitely not. It would be inconceivable to have a congressional white caucus, a university course in white studies, or a White history week.
MacDonald is an evolutionary psychologist, a scientist. He is primarily interested in explanations. Why? How did we arrive at this point? In his conclusion, he discusses various alternative paths forward. He states – analytically, not as an advocate – that Western descended societies seem to be approaching a tipping point. The animus against white people – straight white males in particular – is reaching a crescendo. White people can no longer remain oblivious to the fact that most of their fellow citizens, and especially the media and their government, hate them. They cannot remain oblivious to the fact that they are destined to soon become a minority within the lands their ancestors have inhabited for centuries in the Americas and time immemorial in Europe.
McDonald’s thesis offers a dispassionate scientific foundation, an explanatory basis in evolutionary terms to support other, more popular books that have recently appeared. Douglas Murray’s The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity examines the rise of an irrational, manufactured hatred of white people. Julian Langness’ The Coming War in Europe and Guillaume Faye’s Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming European Civil War offers comprehensive descriptions of the way the problem manifests itself in Europe and prognostications of alternative ways in which it will play out.



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  1. The BLM want all pictures of Jesus to now have black faces
    London radio yesterday had Wayne Dobbs the ex black gang leader
    saying that white people as they walk along black roads, imagine they are walking on black people and the colour of all roads must be changed to white, i think this is ging to far the black guy down stairs to me said no its only fair

  2. How?….that’s pretty damn obvious isnt it.The cuckoo in the nest…..everyone’s favourite people…the jews.

    Currently Britain has a Jewish PM and a deputy who is also Jewish.”Strangely” this fact is never mentioned.

    Also strange is the fact that Britain has had a succession of Prime Ministers who have promised there will be a “crackdown” on immigration….which NEVER happens.
    An examination of the PMs in question reveals that ALL of these recent PMs have actually been Jewish.Including the hooked nosed “christian” Theresa May.
    Guess what….the media NEVER mentions this stuff because,surprise,surprise….Jews own and control the media.
    Meantime in the real world….illegal immigrants continue to arrive in Britain from across the channel….the media reports that the police/border force “have apprehended asylum seekers”…..its nonsense of course….because these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are only held temporarily and funded with taxes by the people who want Britain closed to illegal immigration.
    AND YES…..the Kibbutznik Johnson promised a crack down on “immigration”.The Jewish chap was lying his head off of course.
    So theres the answer…..Western nations are being overrun by the third world….and like communism for Russia post 1917…..the ultimate outcome will be disastrous for the west.

  3. With all the accusations of systemic racism from the media and universities in the USA (not supported by the facts) we should have a Thank You White People Day.

    White people created the very high standard of living all races in the USA enjoy
    They allowed non-Whites from all over the world to immigrate to the USA
    By 2044 Whites are going to become a minority (Census Bureau) in the highly advanced country they created, extremely generous of them

    The USA was almost 90 percent White until the deceptive Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 flooded the country with non-White immigrants (the USA became an economic superpower by about 1890). Powerful elite Jewish extremists in Congress and Jewish organizations created and passed the deceptive Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

    The ubiquitous word “diversity” in the media and politics supports discrimination in the workplace (especially management positions) and higher education against heterosexual White males and in many cases White females.

    Unfortunately, these days, according to the mainstream media, White is basically another word for racist.

    Many European countries, such as Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and France, are also generously allowing a vast number of non-White people to immigrate to their countries.

    Oxford Professor and population expert DAVID COLEMAN says White Britons could be in the minority by the 2060s – or sooner.

    Perhaps White European countries with generous immigration policies should also have a Thank You White People Day. Non-Whites from throughout the world migrate to White countries to have a higher standard of living and better lives, perhaps they can show some gratitude with a simple gesture: Thank You White People Day.

    Perhaps somebody can start a petition at to create an International Thank You White People Day.

  4. Qwerty

  5. I have a great deal of respect for Henry Makow’s Articles. and although I agree that many Nations need to adopt policies like Hungary and Poland, but they also must Remind Themselves that Poland have also been the victims of Propaganda And deception regarding America’s intentions, and it should not be forgotten that it was a CIA-MOSSAD Sabotage of the Polish Presidents plane in 2010 that stopped the Missile shield Facing Russia from coming Down.

  6. Fake narrative.

    1. „White Race” does not exist. This is simply a culture of immigrants of European-Christian descent. There were times when German, Scotish, Irish, Greek or Italian immigrants were below Niggers in American racial hierarchy. Even Jews (Ostjuden) – now gods – were a problem 🙂

    2. Colonization of the New World was a Jewish enterprise from the beginning. America was „discovered” centuries earlier by Vikings. Columbus was a Jew and his expeditions were financed by Jewish capital. Queen Isabel was a minority partner, she had no money enough 🙂
    Columbus brought sugar cane to America and Jews started to develop global economy. They wanted to turn Indians into slaves but these people were relucant. So they imported Europeans and black Africans. Globalism is a Jewish ideology. Jewish gods says (Ex 19:5): „for all the earth is mine”.
    A century later Virginia Company initiated colonization of the US East Coast and capital was also delivered by Jews. Is there any non-Jewish financial capital?

    3. Individualism and liberalism so worshipped by Kevin MacDonald were created by Jews and their serfs. Look at sponsors, always East India Company & friends. Open „Protocols” and check how many times respected authors use term „liberal” or „liberalism”.

    Global Predictor (explained below) uses ideologies to manage & control societies. Ideologies seem to be the strongest weapons (Methodological Priority p1) – career of untouchables in India is perfect expample. Liberalism is a smiliar tool in ideological warfare (always hybrid war).

    Liberalism & individualism is an ideological diversion aimed at destruction of ignorant victims. Happened to work. Surprise?

    Liberalism helped the Jews to build global superpower and impoverish global masses. Jews act as a tribe and do not believe in individualism & liberalism (only promote these „values” to disarm ignorant Goyim).

    4. White people seem to be extremely ignorant and do not understand reasons for their global career. Many of them still believe that they were great so they won 🙂 So what is happening now? Do we know reasons for their fall?

    Kevin Boyle once promoted lecture given by Russian professor Victor Efimov (

    Professor Efimov was using term „Conceptual Power” or „Global Predictor” (,

    Here pyramid of power and pyramid of knowledge interpreted by Russian academics (inc. Efimov). Yellow Global Predictor monopolized Conceptual Power in the world.

    Global Predictor decides what people „think”. In organized society thoughts are injected to the heads of masses (Edward Bernays “Propaganda”). Hollywood, Reuters, sinful music, all mass-media and global education (UNESCO) are tools used by Global Predictor. Global Predictor creates money and decides about exchange rates of currencies. Global currency US dollar (earlier pound and gulden) was created by Global Predictor.

    Dutch/British/US Empire was created with the assistance of Global Predictor. This assistance may be invisible but lack of this support would destroy an empire in few decades. Soviet Union is an example. Jews declared war on Soviet Union (+ India and China centuries earlier) and the empire died.

    5. Kevin MacDonald values liberalism & individualism. Is he unaware that this is a weapon of cultural subversion? Is he so ignorant?

    I do not bielieve so. He enjoys an image of respected academic skilled enough to eat a soup with a fork. He is not ignorant. He is controlled opposition employed to talk about good old days of European domination.

    White domination was created by Global Predictor. Global Predictor is changing the horse and Whites must adapt to new reality.,

  7. I have the first volume of MARCH of the TITANS. The History of the White Race. by Arthur Kemp.
    White people did not come out of Africa. They are descended from CroMagnum Man, from the Caucasus Region.
    Ancient Egypt too was Caucasian.

  8. @ paul davis

    (Fictional or real) lord Jesus the Bastard was not tall blond white man with blue eyes for sure. He was a Semite. Here more realistic picture:

    @ Brian USA

    White people did NOT create very high standard of living in the USA. Jews did.

    US federal debt:
    US public & private debt:

    US dollar did not experience devaluation like Indonesian rupiah. Dollar is a global currency since 1944. International Jews conspired to create global war, destroy many countries and promote US as „the last man standing”.
    US banks (Jewish banks) create US dollars (modern gold bullion substitute), finance Pentagon, Pentagon buys aircraft carriers to discipline defiant countries (eg. Libya, Iraq) and US dollar enjoys global currency status. For this reason Americans can buy everything in the world.

    White people did NOT create very high standard of living in the USA. White people don’t even know who did.

    Do you remember good old days when it was trendy to lynch „Niggers”? Ku Klux Klan was established by Jewish magician Albert Pike. Now they may establish reversed Ku Klux Klan and lynch Whites. I am not saying they will but this is the power they have.

  9. Patrick is mostly right. White Europeans were used by the Jews to take over the world and have provided a very useful scapegoat for slave traders, colonizers, war mongers, and the environmental Holocaust.

    But it all began with the entry of swarthy, hook nosed middle easterners entering the Northland, spreading a new ideology-masquerading-as-religion, and a New Order called feudalism.

    Examine the looks of many early Pope’s and also certain early Kings of allegedly Germanic tribal origin. That includes Charlemagne and his ancestors.

    Rome could not conquer the North. It took “a Jewish carpenter” and the sketchy usurpers and nation-wreckers behind the o curtain.

    It is not too late to Return to traditional ways of ancestor appreciation, living within nature, and true spirituality of FolkFaith, rather than the “Borg” of Semitic materialism and anti-human precepts of an alleged Jewish hob goblin cum “loving Creator God.”

    When you worship your enemy, you are destroyed. And yes, Jesus really ought to be depicted as resembling Woody Allen or Jerry Rubin.

    Carolyn Emerick has much to say on this issue, for those who are tired of being swindeled.

  10. “Cro-Magnum man” was,by all accounts,named after a commonly available ice cream.

  11. @ Ghost Who Walks

    For sure Christianity is a psychological weapon aimed at destroying and subduing peoples (like liberalism & individualism). Christianity is a religion of serfs (turn another cheek, bow down and offer your arshole) and Judaism is a religion of lords (conquer the world through usury).

    This man is officially declared to be the first Jewish pope:
    His father’s name was „Abram”. Zosimus Abramovich 🙂

    There is also interesting legend(?):

    Popes were officially backing Jewish interests for centuries:

    Merovingians and Charlemagne were living in symbiosis with Jews. Jews were delivering expensive weapons (also on credit) and intelligence, Merovingians were conquering lands and selling slaves to Jewish traders (largest markets: al-Andalus and Constantinople). This is ugly beginning of modern European state.

    Charlemagne was a philosemite. Jews invented his fake „Roman Empire”. Roman Empire still existed and had capital in Constantinople. Charlemagne was an imposter.

    I believe all this civilization is hopelessly Jewish :-/

  12. @ tony lane

    Mr Makow is lying. Poland & Hungary are completely controlled by Jews.

    German map from 1881, distribution of Jews in Central Europe:

    In 1915 (last Russian census) 40% of Warsaw population was Jewish. Warsaw was the second largest Jewish city in the world after New York.


    In 1920, 46.3% of the medical doctors, 41.2% of the veterinarians, 21.4% of the pharmacists of Hungary were Jewish, as well as 34.3% of the journalists, 24.5% of performers of music, 22.7% of the theater actors, 16.8% of the painters and sculptors. Among the owners of land of more than 1000 hold, i.e. 570 hectares, 19.6% were Jewish. Among the 2739 factories in Hungary, 40.5% had a Jewish owner.

    These numbers are not realistic because of large number of cryptoJews.

    Both Polish president Duda and Hungarian president Orban enjoy „law of return” to Palestine.

    About Polish prime minister:

  13. @ Patrick – You are WRONG

    Jesus was NOT a semite. He was NOT even a “jew” ! Tragic that todays Christians are clueless about this truth!

    His physical description was given in a letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar :

  14. @ Frogg

    I have certain doubts regarding credibility of these documents.

    Pilate was a Judean procurator subordinate to Syrian legate. What was the reason Pilate sent a letter to Tiberius in Rome? Do we know anything more about this letter? For sure it must have been something extraordinary. Would educated Roman official use such semitic term as a „son of god”?

    This „Publius Lentrelus” – who is he? Do we know anything more about this guy? Not many Romas in Judea at that time. This letter is very important since term „Christ” is believed to be invented many decades later.

    This correspondence seems to be as much real as Donation of Constantine 🙂