Imagining Antifa

Brother Nathanael — Real Jew News June 30, 2020

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

6 responses to “Imagining Antifa”

  1. Fabulous this guy is so loved in theUK and this is one of hs best

  2. Funny, maybe strange, I’ve taken absolutely no interest in “Antifa”. My default setting just ignores it. This is my first and last comment on Antifa. Brother Nathanael is probably right. It’s just another venting/change/distraction mechanism like Covid and BLM. The sheeple are so thick, so conditioned, they have no idea what they should be fighting for.

  3. We are in the period between Daniel 11:40 and Daniel 12:7.

    Daniel 12:7 When the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, then all these things will be finished.

    The power of the holy people is Christianity. Jews have shattered it almost completely. Christian culture and tradition is only a dim shadow of what it was just 60 years ago. The little of it that remains is fading fast.

  4. Can’t drive me crazy if I won’t board your nut-bus!
    Antifa is an astroturf ISIS replacement for the western world. Being as phoney as they are, they can’t verbally fight, just scream obscenities, most incoherently so. Punch one and they’ll crumble like a Jenga tower. Aim a weapon, and they’re going to need new underwear.
    Put a TV camera on them, they’re fu**ing HEROS!!

  5. Brother Nathanael’s videos are worth watching over and over.

  6. Brother Nathanael knows the TRUTH! He deserves more support.