Planned Parenthood Insider Speaks Out

Queen of Peace – YouTube Aug 10, 2017

7 responses to “Planned Parenthood Insider Speaks Out”

  1. While I think it’s a pity that a woman should abort her child, at the end of the day it is her body. If others claim the right to stop her on the grounds of religion, how is this religious domination of women any different from any other religious domination of women? The rule may be a different one but the domination’s just the same.

  2. This is extremely moving and profound. How we make such things legal is beyond anything rational. It explains at least to me why we are now aborting everything in our civilization and our nations, including our most basic rights and freedoms, our histories, our cultures, our religions and our morals. What goes around comes around and it will not be long before most of us are deemed as unwanted and be aborted by those whom we have allowed to deceive, manipulate and rule over us. In the same way the secular humanists have confounded, undermined, and destroyed in countless lives, the most natural, the most beautiful, and the strongest of human bonds, which is the love and care of a mother, as predicted some 50 years ago the licence to kill now extends outside of the womb right into our hospitals and nursing homes where so many vulnerable and generally “unwanted” people fear for their lives, but are snuffed out on a regular basis.

  3. It’s her body,,, No it’s the child’s body she is killing.

  4. That’s bizarre! In Amerika abortion is legalized since 1973. I don’t see any distinction between murder and abortion of 9 months fetus. Fetuses aren’t inert things that magically gain life when they pass through the woman’s vagina. Rigorously, babies have 9 months of age when they are born.

    Not your body, not your choice darling! After some thoughts on abortion it’s quite easy to demolish the feminist pro-abortion narrative. I know it’s difficult to reason with emotional leftists, they are victims of animal mental conditioning, poor them. We don’t have two, but three stakeholders involved in this case: the mother, the baby and his father. No abortion should take place without the father’s consent – the woman did not get pregnant by herself alone. No abortion should ever take place because it’s impossible to ask to the fetus if he is ok with finishing his own existence.

    We all have to face the consequences of our actions. If an adult woman had consensual sex and got pregnant, deal with it – it’s called responsibility. There is a point of no return when the spermatozoid make thru the egg’s wall, the former and the egg make a genetic fusion to form the zygote, a new successful life. Only satanic murder/sacrifice can highjack his destiny.

  5. A brave and honest woman. But she tries to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.

    What about her parents? She talks about having had a happy childhood. Did no one care or even notice that at 14, she was having a sexual relationship with a 19yo man? Did no one have a chat with the boyfriend (ya know, to make it clear she’s too young and hey buddy, if you don’t respect that, I’ll have your sack for a keychain?)…

    And this is just basic / pragmatic parenting. I’m not going into the real issues here, like teaching your kids about boundaries incl. respecting your bodies, about intimacy, about why throughout history, premarital sex was discouraged etc. etc. Let alone about religion and physical + spiritual purity.

    Counselling and retreats — sounds great, except many are fronts for grooming trauma victims into more abuse and who knows what. Those who end up peddling their story on book tours and Oprah have clearly become industry fodder. Sad.

  6. @NBTT: AMEN!
    ONE other who might have some interest in such: GOD.
    Karma’s a bitch.

  7. To Micheal McNulty: You say, “While I think it’s a pity that a woman should abort her child, at the end of the day it is her body.”
    WHAAAT??? Just think about your statement. Exactly WHOSE BODY IS KILLED/MURDERED by abortion?? Not hers. The BABY’s.
    Abortion brutally murders an innocent baby. End of story.