Queen In Disappearance Of 10 Canadian Kids?

Shaun Attwood – YouTube June 29, 2020

10 responses to “Queen In Disappearance Of 10 Canadian Kids?”

  1. Do I remember correctly, that Lizzy and Philip wandered off with a bunch of kids on some Pacific island group and the kids were never seen again? I don’t know of Attwood, but he needs to calm his language down and stop over dramatising crimes that have been known about or suspected for decades, and the slow-motion questions… “I was nearly sick” or whatever he said.

  2. You could dismiss this as utter nonsense BUT for the routine visits of Saville the crypto jew to Buckingheim palace.
    Saville was one very sick jew…..probably insane…having sex with dead bodies really deserves the death penalty….just for example.
    He was definitely a freemason.

    Notice how the MSM has swept the whole Saville business under the carpet….its virtually gone down the memory hole.

  3. An intelligence man i forget his name but hes was close to Churchill said that Sir Anthony blunt used to trawl the late night lavatories at london rail stations looking for drunk or drugged up boys to take back to his house and force them to have sex, used to take small boys from barnardos to tea with the queen mother.
    When Blunt Died we were informed Saville took over th network much like the heifi fliess boystown and epstein rings for mossad
    I believe this about the queen after all her mother was into it

  4. That’s story is about FOUR years old! She and Philip were found guilty by the International Common Law Court of Justice of the murders of 10 Canadian children in an orphanage in Kampoons shortly after she was unlawfully coronated.

  5. God save the Queen she really aint no human being!

  6. Child abuse has been the lifeblood of our politics + industry / military / entertainment since at least the late 19th century. Today, the BBC, tabloids like Daily Mail and all the US TV networks are nothing BUT platforms for systematically traumatized, schizoid, possessed individuals (“programmed multiples”).

    At the level of royalty, it’s about bloodlines and genetic coding through multi-generation trauma. Fact of life.

  7. If you continue putting rubbish like this on thetruthseeker It won’t be worth reading anymore.

  8. Well, I am unsure if “the royals” are reptiles or shape shifters. But, they sure are SATANIC!

  9. That story broke about 4 years ago! How out of touch can you get?

  10. So what do you suggest? That we ignore this story because it’s “old news”. Just like the mainstream media has ignored for the past four years!

    Or are you work for the elite and help conceal their crimes?