Covid19 is Linchpin of NWO Blueprint – June 28, 2020

50-Year-Old Plot for Prison Planet

On the surface, the UN AGENDA 2030 FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, sounds good. But closer inspection reveals global government takeover of every nation across the planet, dismantling sovereignty, property rights, privacy, food systems, and more.

We are Being Played 

by Grace Van Berkum —(excerpts by 

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Covid was planned, thought out, and implemented as a smokescreen for something else. It is not a theory of any kind…..IT IS RIGHT ONLINE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.
Have you heard of Agenda 21? Research it.  Key points I will share that I have found on my research:
Agenda 21, created in 1992, has been carried out by NGOs funded by foreign countries, and groups like the “Open Society Foundation” (George Soros) + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
One major objective of the Agenda 21 initiative is that every local government should draw its own local Agenda 21. Since 2015, Sustainable Development Goals are included in the newer Agenda 2030.
Research this, too. The official name is the UN AGENDA 2030 FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT…Insert the name of your city…
 The World Economic Forum was created to support Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030.
It was created in 1971. 50 years ago.
Bill Gates is attached to both parties, the UN and also The World Economic Forum:
In 2018, World Economic Forum states: “The multi-stakeholder approach defines the core of the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals: “we are all in this together.”   (Wait a minute….sound familiar? Have we not heard this phrase being said over and over and over again since Covid started??” WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER??” This is not a coincidence.)
On the surface, the website looks amazing. Stunning! Beautiful! All the words and mission statements we want to hear!! It is an action plan to support & implement the UN AGENDA 2030 FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.
Sign up to the site (all you have to do is put your email, takes 1 min). This way you can see the entire plan for GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. What does that mean? It means the New World Order where there are no borders, only 1 government, and only 1 world. THAT’S WHAT THIS WHOLE ACTION PLAN AND SITE IS FOR. It is an extremely mind-blowing comprehensive plan to change our entire world as we know it.
When you click on one link, there are numerous tentacles for each topic. When you dig deeper there are more than 200 links PER tentacle. It is never-ending! It just keeps going and going! And everything is connected!! Why? Because it is an entire, comprehensive, meticulous plan for changing our ENTIRE world! No detail has not been addressed. I have literally already spent 24 hours on this site, researching, and have barely scratched the surface.
And it all starts with the Covid page. The covid page starts the journey of world globilization.

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7 responses to “Covid19 is Linchpin of NWO Blueprint”

  1. The planet is already a prison. Unless you are in the 0.1%, you can have movement with draconian restrictions. Agenda21 and Agenda30 are not economic and social destinations. Everything is misdirection, pole flip, and micronova coming soon, 30yrs, maybe less. The NWO’s big problem is the loss of sheeple control, so they invent problems.

  2. The June 3 session of the World Economic Forum announcing the “Great Reset” is the ultimate tell.

    The only people at risk of dying are those who are at risk of dying from any flu virus, expect for the fact that this Corona virus has been engineered with 12 added nucleotides to the RNA chain to enhance its “spiking” or infectious ability.  However, despite its infectiousness it clears very quickly in the general population with social mingling which promotes a general and quick immunity which is known as “herd immunity”. This quick clearing was not foreseeable by the psyop planners when they released the virus into the general population last October. What they did know was that with a sufficiently high initial infectious dose of the virus, the symptoms would or could overpower an immune system and cause relatively severe respiratory symptoms and could likely be fatal especially for the frail and very elderly with significant premorbid conditions with weakened immune systems, unless they were properly treated. The planners also knew that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was the right drug to be administered to help cleanse vascular systems to prevent the virus from overpowering a person’s immune system and suffering more severe symptoms.

    Furthermore, the planners expected far more people to suffer serious symptoms and more to die, and that was why they cleared out entire hospital wards in most cooperating nations of the West. However, the major purpose of the planning was more long-term in order to shut down as many economic and social systems they deemed as “non-essential”. The proof of that fact is now very extensive. When the numbers came in lower than anticipated all cooperating governments, instead of rejoicing that the death numbers were less than expected they exaggerated them as much as possible, and even in most nations ran fake news stories lying about empty hospital wards being full of people battling the alleged killer virus.  They also knew of the effectiveness of HCQ from the beginning and deliberately murdered many people by creating a fraudulent study in the US and publishing it in the peer-reviewed Lancet, that the drug was killing Covid patients and was highly dangerous. Because of that fraud the Lancet had to withdraw the article.

    When the planners discovered that the virus released into the public cleared very fast with few having serious symptoms, or any symptoms at all, they knew that the virus only affected a clearly defined mostly very elderly and an immune compromised risk group, and knowing this they locked down entire populaces in every plandemic cooperating nation, and in some places they even deliberately introduced people infected with the virus into clusters of the most vulnerable of people in order to increase the death numbers, and to save their precious PC UN Agendas requiring the shutdowns for the various technocratic, social, political and totalitarian resets.

    After the virus was released into the general population, the planners quickly became aware that despite its infectious (spiking) enhancement and it clearing the populations quite quickly, instead of encouraging social mingling with the the overwhelming majority of the population with little risk or no risk of any serious symptoms, they enforced “social distancing” in an effort to prolong the presence of the virus and to prevent herd immunity from developing, keeping the psyop alive as long as possible for all the measures of the “Great Reset” being rolled out. 

    There has been no greater heinous fraud committed against mankind than this one, and yet there remains no organized opposition, and one wonders if ignorant, naïve, and corrupt humankind simply deserves all it will get in the  “greener, smarter, and fairer” New World Order as promised by all the psyop creators and merchants of death, all of whom are untied in one common belief that all our major problems arise from our “unsustainable” and “non-essential” populations, and not from the contagion of evil which lurks in the human heart and is so manifest by our behavior.  

    The masks people wear are indeed for their protection, but not from the virus or any physical contagion, but rather to hide their faces from their shame of either being such ignorant & naïve creatures or from their heinous choices of the planners for their brave new world.  

  3. There are two NWO’s in the planning stage. One envisaged by the elites is totalitarian in nature, and based on technological control. The other is more benign with an intention to make a better world for all. The problem with both these goals is the lack of recognition of sovereignty and cultures which are an essential element of what it is to be human. If you do not want either New World Order now is the time to do something about it.

  4. Fred B: The only reset is a sheeple reset. Look at Boris with his Monopoly Money printing press. The only way bankrupt Britain can prop up GDP numbers is perpetual QE and where does the money go? Straight into the pockets of the 0.1%. The sheeple are thickos.

  5. The “New World Order” is actually the Jew World Order. Not so funny now is it?? By the way, do you remember the Satanist George H W Bush talking about the New World Order
    long ago when he was President? Save yourself and your family. Be well armed with plenty of ammo. Keep extra stocks of food and water on hand. Trust no one, particularly law enforcement. If you live on the West Coast, or in Jew York, or Illinois, might as well give your heart to the Lord, as the rest of you is TOAST!

  6. To all truthers on this site, why not leave a small A5 sheet with brief wording pointing out the website to read about this agenda 2030, on train, bus and park bench seats. People need to know, what we are facing.

  7. If you do not yet know about the “Noahide Laws” please watch the videos made by Adam Green at – on Bitchute if not on Youtube.
    That is where mankind is going unless they wake up NOW!
    They really do want to behead millions of people, so apparently, torturing mankind with all this monstrous “covid 19” BS is not enough, They want blood, and heads – I guess the way they did during the French Revolution.