The Chinese Corona Virus: The First Media-Driven “Planned Demic”

LC Vincent – June 12, 2020

In one of my favorite episodes of the classic television series, “The Twilight Zone”, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”, two aliens from outer space stand in front of their flying saucer parked high on a hillside, overlooking a neighborhood that has descended into panic, fear and chaos — simply because these two aliens have remotely commandeered the electric power, cars and appliances of the test population below by remote control.
As they adjust the knobs and switches of their control unit while watching the paranoia and panic they are creating with measured amusement, one space alien turns to the other and inquires of his companion: “And this pattern is always the same?”…. His friend at the remote control unit nods in agreement, and cynically concludes: “With few variations — they pick the most dangerous enemy they can find… and it’s always themselves. All we have to do is sit back and watch.”
Curiously, I cannot but help feel that a similar scenario is going on somewhere on this planet, as the surface dwellers around the globe react in panicked desperation to the Chinese Wuhan Corona virus. I cannot help but feel that there is a Corona Virus media coordination center somewhere, a beehive of activity that continues to plant and exaggerate stories with the clueless lame stream media — television, radio, newspapers — along with their internet and social media pajama boys fanning the flames of fear and hysteria around the world. For this unprecedented global freak out has all the earmarks of a refined intra-governmental mass media psy-op.
But allow me a simple digression: I do not mean to imply that there is just one particular government behind this societal tsunami. On the contrary, what we are considering here is the outward manifestation of a coordinated mass psychological operation being run by the puppet masters, those who pull the strings of elected heads of state who remain visible and in power. How else to explain the nearly instantaneous and coordinated voice of the mass media, braying the frightening and hysterically exaggerated statistics of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)?
In certain ways, The Corona virus “planned demic” reaction even reminds me of that first purposefully executed foray into the manipulation of the masses via mass media — Orson Welles radio broadcast in 1938 of H.G. Wells’ Martian invasion classic, “The War of the Worlds.” Despite the countless newspaper stories recounting the tale that Welles had no idea his radio drama would cause people around the U.S.A. to panic, lock themselves in basements, and in some cases even commit suicide, his
Martian invasion radio show and the public reaction to it was heavily monitored by the members of The Princeton Radio Project, who, you can be sure, observed this chaos with amused cynicism, their note boards in hand, checking boxes and squares for future reference as Americans panicked over Martians that had supposedly invaded America and had begun killing people with their “death ray.”
Today, decades later, a similar panic ensues throughout America and the rest of the world. Yet I cannot shake the feeling that somewhere in an underground office, pencil pushing bureaucrats and Tavistock Foundation opinion shapers are tabulating the variables of this well-anticipated global “planned-demic”, while they refine their governmental/media manipulation techniques through hundreds of arcane social equations, all of which will be crunched and digested for a future mass manipulated global phenomenon.
Perhaps the next incident like this will be “The Main Event”!
In the meanwhile, we have witnessed schools closed, sporting events cancelled, airline flights are empty, cruise ships have stopped. We witnessed panic buying of sanitizers, hand wipes, disinfectants, facial tissues and toilet paper. The stock bull market finally reached the end of its run, crashing some 9,000 points below its all time high. Oil disturbingly dropped to less than zero, as the cost to store it became higher than the ability producers had to sell their supply.
In response to the exaggerated lethality of The Corona Virus or “Covid-19”, President Trump closed our borders, suspended flights between China, Europe and the U.S., and announced a major medical emergency to deal with this issue within the first 3 weeks of its emergence.
Now contrast our current scenario to 2009, when the Swine Flu virus hit America. President Obama did NOTHING for the first six months of its emergence. During that time, the CDC estimated that 60.8 million Americans were infected by the Swine Flu, 274,304 were hospitalized, and ultimately 12,469 Americans DIED!
Despite these statistics, however, there were no school closures, no sporting events cancelled, no panic buying, no airline flights or cruise ship journeys cancelled, and no stock market plunge. We were not ordered to keep a safe social distance, wear face masks, shelter in place, and stay home from work. Nor did our economy grind to a halt in fear of a widening epidemic.
Why the difference? Because Barack Obama was in the White House, and the liberal main stream media were loathe to criticize their anointed hero. Therefore, there were no breathless reports of mass death and hospitalizations; no hostile press conferences by the lame stream media asking “gotcha” questions about what was being done to contain the contagion, and no hysterical barrage of commentators trying to outdo each other in a display of their hatred and defiance of The President. On the contrary, The Media portrayed the Swine Flu as nothing more than a minor annoyance, while St. Obama skated and busied himself with golf, hobnobbed with rap music thugs and hosted NBA All Stars at The White House.
The only difference between the Swine Flu outbreak and the Corona Virus outbreak is that Barack Obama was in the White House, and the lap dog media were more than happy to run interference for him until he eventually got around to announcing a national medical emergency SIX MONTHS after the emergence of the Swine Flu. In contrast, President Trump, who has taken every possible precaution, is relentlessly criticized as “clueless”, “floundering”, “ineffective” and “incompetent.”
This Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus “planned demic” is the first media driven medical emergency in our lifetime, and altho it has come to fruition for several reasons, the main reason was to use it as another weapon in the media’s arsenal to remove Donald Trump from office and to promote and expand the globalist “one world government” agenda around the world and in the United States.
The political response to this outbreak has revealed deep fissures concerning the public’s rights as citizens, including their right to know the truth. Tellingly, the virus appeared to break out among the favored cities of Liberal elites; undoubtedly a societal indication of the liberal elites cultivation of such “woke” virtues as open borders, tolerance and inclusion. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle suffered numerous cases of the virus, and their political elites have exposed the paucity of their care, courage, common sense and lack of Constitutional protections.
Death and corona disease seems concentrated in liberal enclaves and cities. Half of the virus victims are located in New York City. If half the victims were located in Bismarck, North Dakota, would New York City and New York State, as well other business centers throughout the United States, demand a total economic and societal shut down of the rest of the country? I seriously doubt it!
Many liberal cities and states declared mandatory closure of all nonessential businesses and services, thereby sending most of their population home from work and into financial hardship. Liberal mayors imposed curfews for the general population, and also instituted “snitch” programs, encouraging their citizens to report non-compliant persons to their local government watch dogs for fines and further punishment.
The President of the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve, James Bullard, even went so far as to state that people should be forced to wear identification badges on their clothing to indicate whether or not they had the Corona virus, while carrying papers to prove the validity of their claim. It does smack of a certain short-lived scenario from the 1930’s that ended badly in 1945.
The focus on saving “just one life” proved a devastating policy failure, according to author Heather MacDonald. “If it saves just one life…” is the brainless, brain dead mantra of the politicians and sheeple they lead in their lemming-like quest to commit societal suicide. “If it saves just one life” philosophy would legitimize putting an end to driving automobiles (35,000 deaths per year), flying in airplanes, riding bicycles, swimming, using a bathtub, or even eating (5,000 deaths from choking on food every year); not to mention the elimination of the right of self defense with firearms.
The global mainstream media’s “take” on this menace is predictable. The virus was first blamed as a viral cross over from a “wet” (live) animal market in Wuhan where the virus supposedly jumped from an animal to human host. Currently, that story has changed, and now we are told that China’s top virology lab in Wuhan was the cause of an accidental release into the cities’ population, and thence to the rest of the world. The truth of the matter — that this release was not only deliberate but known well ahead of the actual event for more than a year by those associated with what might loosely be described as the global financial elite — is a story that has yet to be told, and one that is most ripe for examination.

Evidence of Foreknowledge and Foreshadowing

 Lest you think the idea of widespread advanced knowledge concerning the release of this virus is hokum, may I point out just two interesting “coincidences.” The first is that the year 2020 featured an unprecedented number of high level CEO’s abruptly resigning from their posts and positions, giving up millions of dollars in salaries to “ spend more time with their families” and other unbelievable bromides. In fact, even the CEOs of Walt Disney, Harley Davidson, Google and MicroSoft — yes, even Bill Gates — resigned from their companies and their Boards of Directors. The total number of high level corporate resignations numbered close to 2,000, far above usual, as if in anticipation of “something” that would allow them to gather their resources and prepare for a new paradigm shift in the world’s economy and social mores.
Beyond these suspicious resignations, we also have “Event 201”, held in Baltimore, Maryland in October of this past year. Panelists included Bill Gates, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci from the Federal Government, representatives of the CIA, NBC, Johns Hopkins University, The World Economic Forum, the UN Foundation, the World Bank, and the Center for Disease Control. Curiously, the main topic of the event was a discussion of what would happen should a “corona virus” escape into the general population. The talks did not center around how the virus should be treated, or how to insure that there were sufficient medical supplies, staff hospital beds and equipment to deal with such a virus. No, the main thrust of this meeting was how to handle the media to shape and direct their inquiries and push their agenda for vaccines and injectable identification tags, should such a virus appear and escape into the world population, which it did just one month later.
Corona’s appearance was foreshadowed by Bill Gates’ TED Talk in 2015, where he predicted the emergence of a Corona-like virus, and touted that the only effective way to deal with such a pandemic was to have a vaccine which would be injected into the waiting arms of the entire world’s population. This “planned demic” was originally evaluated in detail in 2010, when a Rockefeller Foundation Report summarized all the details of this scenario we see being played out on the streets of our country.
Curiously, remarks economist and geo-political analyst Peter Koenig: “It sounds like a strange coincidence that in October 2019 a simulation with precisely the coronavirus was carried out at the John Hopkins Institute in the US, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WEF (World Economic Forum), as well as the Pirbright Institute of the UK, one of the world’s few level 4 (highest security level) bio-warfare laboratories.”
“Second, there was Event 201, on October 18, 2019, at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF – the corporatocracy representing Big Weapons, Big Pharma and Big Money), and the John Hopkins Institute. The theme was simulating a High-Level Pandemic Exercise – and yes, the simulation produced 65 million deaths. Just a couple of weeks before the first COVID-19 victims were identified.”
Abandoning all pretenses of journalistic integrity, the media presstitutes have shown their “virtue” by actively rooting for panic, pandemonium and hysteria. They actively slandered President Trump by voicing an ever revolving merry-go-round of conspiracy theories, one of them being that the only reason he promoted an anti-malaria drug called Hydroxy Chloroquine that is producing amazing curative results is because he was somehow going to “profit” by its use, despite the fact that it is a generic drug, and costs $20 per treatment as opposed to Rezvidifir, championed by Doctors Birx and Fauci, who have deep ties to the vaccine industry thru Bill Gates. Of course, Rezvidifir happens to cost $1,000, versus $20 for the generic Hydroxy Chloroquine. Do the math and follow the money.
This level of societal manipulation is reminiscent of (altho it far surpasses) the Great (fake) Oil Embargo of 1974, where huge tankers full of oil were parked off both coasts of the United States while at the same time the population of the US were being trained and conditioned to learn to pump their own gasoline, which resulted in the oil companies being able to lay off tens of thousands of gas station attendants, as they were now a superfluous drag on their corporate bottom line.
However, that societal manipulation occurred mainly in the US, whereas this Corona Virus psy-op is a world wide endeavor of the global Deep State. Nevertheless, the end goals are essentially the same: change behavior patterns and re-condition the populace (of the world) to live in constant fear of death by contracting a deadly disease; a disease which necessitates “social distancing” and the closing and contraction of the entire world’s economy, bankrupting small businesses which are now available to financial vultures for pennies on the dollar, while the unemployed former workers learn to live with the very real threat of poverty and homelessness.
This is similar to the societal shocks with which the Tavistock Institute would initiate, impose and then observe as the result of their manipulations, the former Great Depression being a perfect example of a needless economic catastrophe that was engineered for societal psycho-surgery and mass mind control.
While innocent people who are just trying to go about their daily lives or salvage their jobs are restricted to their home environments and threatened with jail, liberal governors terrified their citizenry by opening their jails and allowing convicted rapists, murderers and burglars back out into the general population as a “humanitarian gesture” so that they may not contract the corona virus; while at the same time, these same governors closed firearms stores as “non-essential.”
In fact, the entire labelling process of whether a person’s work is to be considered “essential” or “non-essential” reeks of social control and manipulation. Just exactly what is a “non-essential” job or a “nonessential” person? If you stop and think about it, all jobs are essential to someone, somewhere — otherwise those positions would not exist. Such labels smack of social engineering gone berserk, because it relegates certain occupations and people as less valuable than others, which is just another way of creating a wedge to “divide and conquer”, yet another tool of social control for the puppet masters behind the curtain.
It is clear that liberal politicians, with the help of their fellow travelers in the so-called “mainstream media” were pushing the envelope and using this epidemic as a way to carve out and create a new social agenda. Freeing criminals (rapists, murderers) from prison so that they won’t get Corona virus, while arresting people for playing with their own children in a park is a perfect example of the bass-ackwards world these simpletons occupy. It is just another example of liberal politicians coordinating with their political water carriers in the media to push a program of fear, panic, and societal manipulation for easier social control.
Increasingly it is becoming clear to any fair minded observer that the global societal shutdown was not only unnecessary but decidedly and deadly counter-productive. Societal restrictions like masks, quarantining the healthy rather than the sick, and social distancing not only exacerbated the spread of the virus, but actively worked against the herd immunity its assimilation proved in those few countries and states that deigned not to follow the CDC and World Health Organization’s “guidelnes.”
An slightly more cynical perspective would posit that this “planned demic” was actually imposed upon the global populace for very specific as well as incidental purposes, all of which helped push the global population further into the psychic mind space of accepting the “necessity” of a global government with its ancillary regulation, taxation and police force.
In my opinion, the Chinese Wuhan KungFlu (or WuHuFlu for short) was done for the following reasons:
– 1. Prevent Trump’s re-election, and as a corollary, prevent Trump from holding massive rallies under the pretext that such gatherings would spread the Corona virus.
– 2. Collapse the world economy, especially the U.S (again, to prevent Trump’s re-election), and use the stock market crash as an excuse and justification of a global monetary re-set, to hide the quadrillions of “default credit swaps” and massive global debt (8X all the currency on Earth!) that can never be repaid;
– 3. Clog the mass media news cycle to hide the revelations of government corruption and treason that Attorney General Barr and investigator John Durham are bringing to light;
– 4. Impose the need for global, world-wide mandatory vaccines — to reap vast profits;
– 5. Co-ordinate ID2020 — tagging IDs and satellite tracking devices inserted into vaccines so that everyone on the planet could be tracked by The Governmental Elite;
– 6. Reduction of the world’s population — directly thru COVID-19, and associated vaccines, and indirectly thru delays in cancer testing and treatment, necessary operations, and suicides from economic destruction and financial despair;
– 7. push for one world “inter-dependent” global government and global taxation schemes to fight the “planned-demic”…
– 8. Study the reaction of people, especially in the U.S., to lockdown restrictions for later and more extreme societal manipulation;
– 9. Fine tune social media censorship and mass media fear mongering;
– 10. Adapt new “police state” protocols and restrictions, especially in the U.S. Promote “safety” and give up the right to free speech, assembly, and travel to refine the tool kit of total control: quarantines and curfews. Lock up and quarantine healthy people, destroy business prosperity thru financial bankruptcy, and make people government dependent;
– 11. Use the virus as an excuse to eliminate paper currency as a vector for the spread of disease transmission so that all financial transactions can be tracked, monitored and controlled electronically;
– 12. End yellow shirt demonstrations in France and freedom protests in Hong Kong
– 13. Promote cognitive dissonance and schizophrenia (CDC and WHO Corona “guidelines” constantly switched and contradicted); just some examples include: lockdowns are good, necessary and mandatory vs. lockdowns are bad, unnecessary and evil; masks are good and necessary; masks are bad and unnecessary; stay 6 feet apart — distance does not matter, as it is counterproductive and does not help herd immunity; germs live on surfaces for day vs, almost impossible for CV germs to live on surfaces; CV is deadly vs: CV not as bad as the ordinary flu for most people; Hydroxy Chloroquine (HCQ) will kill you vs. HCQ will save you.
– 14. Offer an excuse for mail-in voting in the U.S.A. to promote and increase Democrat voter fraud;
– 15. Offer an excuse to hold a “virtual Democrat convention” to protect the democrat leadership hierarchy from the wrath of Bernie Sanders supporters;
– 16. Acclimate population to more government restrictions, more government intrusion into private lives, less privacy, and make it harder for people to assemble and travel;
– 17. Promote fear (fear porn) via threatening financial security, health, life expectancy, and food supply availability; require mandatory wearing of face masks and body temperature checks as a requirement to access social events;
– 18. Promote new buzz words: “the new normal”. “social distancing”. “essential work or person” versus “”non-essential” to further mind-control the populace;
– 19. Justify social media censorship, (which just happens to mirror the pronouncements of the Chinese Communist government) thru tech tyrants Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites as they blatantly censor anything that goes against what they consider the “official” narrative, labelling anything else as “hate speech” or a violation of their unspoken and unwritten “community standards” which they interpret however they wish and impose on whomever they wish, whenever they wish. (Its fascinating to see them flip-flop 180 degrees, as the pronouncements from the CDC kept changing and contradicting their earlier pronouncements).
– 20. Installation of special LED street lights with special “COV-19 circuitry”. — a possible electronic transmission vector for a “second wave”???
– 21. HR 6666 (yes… an extra 6 just to be sure you ‘get it’!) was introduced into the United States Congress by Democrat Bobby Rush to pay for societal “tracers” and “trackers” who will go door-to-door to supposedly find those exposed to the virus, as well as test, quarantine and/or REMOVE from U.S. households anyone who is ill with the Corona virus.
Granted, most impartial “observers” would consider the above list to be highly conspiratorial. But when one bothers to really examine all the pieces of the puzzle this so called epidemic presents us with, it is hard to deny that not only was shutting down the global economy an unnecessary overreaction, but the accompanying restrictions on people’s right to work, freedom of movement, assembly, speech and worship are highly indicative of a planned and formatted response to this event, a plan that points to the involvement of the “usual suspects” (The Rothschild, Rockefellers, Soros and Bill Gates axis) THE Cabal that has been openly planning on their societal and MEDIA manipulation once this planned-demic was brought to fruition.
Not only have these globalist manipulators openly planned for such an event for years; they have also planned on how to manipulate media in order to amplify and control the world governments and their populace thru psychological fear mongering. Indeed, that was the very purpose of Event 201 in Baltimore, just two months prior to the release of the virus into the general population.
Like all good socialists, these puppet masters and societal string pullers have used this virus as a precursor to the Main Event which is somewhere down the road in the near future. By harvesting information and judging how far and how fast they can push and “nudge” humanity into the “social credit” chicken-coop matrix already established in China, these globalist thugs, ALWAYS in the guise of social welfare and reform, are pushing to impose draconian restrictions on thought, speech, finance and movement so that they and their elite circle of friends can reap the benefits for themselves.
Consider in detail just some of the above reasons and consequences of what was clearly an over-hyped, over-blown, world-wide, PLANNED-DEMIC, a planned societal reaction thru media manipulation to achieve fear, panic and herd conformity. In fact, as we shall see, The Corona Virus “planned demic” IS the weaponization of fear!

Weird Restrictions: 

Governors throughout the U.S. imposed weird societal restrictions on their populace, varying wildly from one state to another, altho it quickly became clear that the most repressive and ridiculous “rules and regulations” were unerringly issued by Liberal governors from majority “blue” (Democrat) states. Just consider the following:
– Pink arm bands required to buy groceries and goods in Montana Valley, Montana.
– Snitching programs on neighbors not wearing masks where residents are asked to turn in their neighbors in Los Angeles and New York City — just like Nazi Germany
– NJ Highway Patrol stopping people on highway, and asking them where they are going – Chinese drones being used in Elizabeth, New Jersey, supplied by DJI (a Chinese company) to track citizens with loud speaker warnings to get back inside their hovels.
– In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Witmer declared that the public could not drive to 2nd home in the state; could not buy paint or carpet; could buy alcohol, cannabis, and lottery tickets but can’t have elective surgery (joint and hip replacements); but can have abortions because “abortions save lives”!!!
In California, Governor Gavin Newsom closed all California beaches. Police actually arrested solitary surfers in the ocean for violating Newsom’s orders.

Violating everyone’s civil rights, freedoms and liberties for the “common good”?

 Ultimately, governmental lockdown and quarantine of healthy people is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue — because innocent, healthy people are essentially under house arrest. This was the first time in history that a healthy population was put under quarantine, rather than a sick one; just the reverse of what one would expect from supposedly rational people.

Pushing the Police State while Restricting and Violating our Rights: 

This “planned demic” exercise has turned us into the capitalism surveillance state, with all movements monitored and restricted. The imposition of the suggested 6 foot “rule” is the ultimate insult — as it would permanently cripple commerce and in-person social inter-action; and it is useless, since it has been proven that the virus can be contagious up to 27 feet from an infected person. Yet just consider these other manifestations of a police state mentality: 
– LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio initiated a program of snitching where people could turn citizens into their police department for not wearing a face mask in public.
– Garcetti forbade people to stand on dry sand at the beach; people were told that they can only walk on wet sand.
– The Governor of New Jersey fined people for attending a drive in church service – while they were in their cars with their windows rolled up.
– Governor Cuomo of New York and Mayor DeBlasio of New York City were threatening to arrest people for swimming in the ocean, even tho the virus cannot be spread via sea water;
– People in Los Angeles were dragged off buses by police for not wearing a face mask;

Police drag a man from a bur – for not wearing a face-mask. Click to enlarge

– In many areas, the public were forbidden to walk in public parks, which were closed and off limits — even tho the latest research shows that the Corona virus is killed by heat and the ultra violet light from direct sunlight.
– Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia passed anti-firearm/anti freedom/anti 2nd amendment legislation while prisons were being emptied of prisoners for the sake of “humanity”;
– In Mendocino County, CA, no singing was allowed in church, to stop the spread of the virus;
– The Governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, used drones to fly over neighborhoods, photograph people and take their temperature!
– Governor Gavin Newsom of California instituted a program of “tracers” to knock on people’s door and attempt to track their inter-action with everyone they had encountered to supposedly help stop the spread of this virus;
– Governor Jay Inslee of Washington set up a cadre of volunteer “tracers”, “authorized” to go directly to homes and PHYSICALLY REMOVE Covid infected individuals and take them to Covid “facilities” (concentration camps);

Moulding and shaping people to accept bogus “safety” rules:

 Citizens were constantly coerced to give up their right of freedom of speech and assembly by the media in the name of government, while trading their rights for the so-called safety of “sheltering in place.

The Hypocrisy and Double Standards of the Left were on Full Display

 Throughout this crisis, the old bromide “Do as I say, not as I do” seemed to define the hypocrisy of Liberal Left-wing politicians. Or perhaps put more simply, hypocrisy defines Democrats. For instance, Mayor DeBlasio of New York City went to the gym to work out while cautioning others to stay home; he also drove to a park while the populace of NYC was forbidden to enjoy their parks. He said he drove to a park so that he and his wife could get some fresh air, despite the fact that the governor’s mansion is LOCATED in a park.
In Chicago, Democrat Mayor Laurie Lightfoot went to her hair dresser to have her hair done after declaring that all hair salons must stay closed. Her reasoning: She’s in the public eye! And (unlike you!) she really cares about her personal appearance! During the same press conference to address her hair-raising hypocrisy, Lightfoot also declared her allegiance and obedience publicly to the “New World Order”, lest one have any doubts where her allegiances lay! And in a later press conference, after Trump mentioned all the murders on yet another typical Chicago weekend, Lightfoot succinctly and publicly told Trump, with all the class with which her mentality allowed: “Fuck You.”
Former President Obama went golfing on a deserted golf course while everyone else was forbidden due to Covid-19 precautions; and CNN muscle boy Chris Cuomo pretended he self-isolated in his basement while actually going out and visiting the construction of his new home miles away from his current domicile. Unsurprisingly, he became super bothered when some viewer spotted him and asked him why he was breaking his own quarantine by not staying home or wearing a face mask, as he pretended to do on his network CNN show!
And irony of ironies, the British man who built the initial disease projection model for the world, Neil Ferguson, ignored his own advice, did not self quarantine after he contracted the Covid-19 virus, and consequently gave his married Mistress the WuHuFlu. Ironically the hysteria generated around this planned demic and which justified our societal shutdown was the result of very bad data supplied by Neil Ferguson’s IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) of England.

Social Media Censorship and Police State Surveillance Tactics

 At the same time that Neil Ferguson’s death projections were continually proven to be wildly inaccurate, two California doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi were removed from YouTube for questioning public policy based on the very bogus statistics suppled by the IHME. Apparently it is against YouTube’s policy to “question authority” or go against the official government narrative at any given time., even (and especially!) If they can be proven wrong.
You Tube and Google and Facebook censored and removed pages, content, videos or anything that contradicted what they thought went against the official “line” of the day, despite the fact that the “official line” changed from day to day, sometimes in direct contradiction to what had been gospel only a few days before!
Further, quasi competitors Apple and Google teamed up to use their software to keep an electronic trail (and leash) on everyone using their portable operating systems.

Promoting Cognitive Dissonance

 Ironically, those “authorities” to whom the public turned to for valid and specific health information were often found to contradict themselves and each other. For instance, the World Health Organization initially said the Corona Virus would not be a pandemic; that it could not be transmitted person to person; and that face masks were unnecessary; media authority figures routinely claimed that Hydroxy-Chloroquine did not work, was extremely dangerous, and would kill people who used it. Probably the most stupid media declaration was that President Trump wanted to have people shoot Lysol in their veins and gargle with Drano to fight the Corona virus.
Through all of these absurd contradictions, we learned that the government and the powers that be thru “the media” urged us to do nearly everything WRONG.
 New Yorkers were told it was safe to use the subway, and that Covid-19 patients should be returned to their care homes despite the fact that there were no facilities to house them separately from the general populace. This stupidity resulted in the needless yet predictable deaths of THOUSANDS of New York and New Jersey elder adults!
In New York City, 66% of Corona virus cases developed from people who “sheltered in place” because keeping a safe distance and staying indoors is the perfect way to breed more virus, whereas fresh air and sunlight and building herd immunity NATURALLY (without vaccines) has proven to be THE WAY to beat the Corona virus (as both Sweden and the State of South Dakota have proven). South Dakota, like Sweden, did not shut down their economy and they have one of the lowest COVID infection rates in the U.S.

Overblown Hype 

The more an impartial observer evaluates the hysteria and false information, as well as the planned in advance manipulation of the media by the world’s elites, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that The Corona Virus “planned demic” IS the WEAPONIZATION OF FEAR!
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus to be a “pandemic” – despite the fact that it bears not the slightest trace of a true pandemic. A pandemic might be the considered real when the death to infection rate reaches more than 12%. In Europe, the death rate is about 0.4%, or less
Anti-body studies indicate that a huge number of people in the most affected areas already have anti-bodies for the Corona virus, indicating that they have already been infected without any real complications, which strongly indicates that this virus is nowhere near as deadly as was originally predicted. The people who have died are either the very young, whose immune systems have not yet fully developed; or the very old, whose immune systems have already been compromised by many additional factors. A recent serology study of New Yorkers in the City show that 3-3.5M had already had the virus and got over it. That’s approximately 21% of the population.
We have also learned that the actual count of Corona virus deaths have been purposefully skewed to dramatically increase the death count. The real question is why. The answer is that doctors around the United States have been repeatedly told to consider and record ANY death as being “Corona virus related” as it opens the cash spigots from the Federal Government.
In NYC, more than 3700 dead have been re-labelled as Corona Virus induced death when NO determination had been established for their deaths. However, a Corona Virus label and “determination” more than TRIPLES the amount of money received by state and local hospitals. This same scenario has been repeated throughout the U.S. Corona deaths have become such a scam that even people who have died in car accidents, or from gunshots are being declared as a “Corona virus deaths” if the antibody can be found in their blood.
To add to the exaggeration, authorities are acting as if EVERYONE who gets this virus dies, whereas the actual survival rate is over 98%! Recent tests indicated it is actually 99.8%!
While only 1.8% Americans live in nursing homes, these facilities have tallied 42% of all Covid 19 deaths, and most of these are in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.
At this juncture, we must stop and ask ourselves the obvious questions: Why is it that we readily accept 60-80K flu deaths every year, a disease for which we already have a vaccine, yet we were told we have to shut down the entire world economy for simply another version of the flu?
The data shows no connection whatsoever between unemployment, case rate and death rate. There is NO STATISTICAL CORRELATION BETWEEN the SHUTDOWN VERSUS DOING NOTHING! Based on REAL statistical data, The Shutdown was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! There appears to be NO EVIDENCE that the lockdowns and the economic destruction actually improved overall health statistically. No correlation between economic pain and no correlation between Covid cases and mortality.
An editorial in The Washington Times lays it out succinctly:
“COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals who have no business running a national economy or government. “ 4/28/20

Deadly Unintended Consequences:

 Despite the push to save lives by such expedients as “social distancing”, enforced quarantines of healthy people and the isolation of “sheltering in place”, only now are authorities and analysts realizing the unintended consequences of this radical behavioral change in our society.
How many workers will have lost their jobs after their extensions? What will shutting down for another several more months achieve, as the governors of New York, Michigan, Illinois and California demand? How many businesses will have shut down for good? How many new workers will be unable to find work? How are we going to measure the benefits of all this mitigation?
How many deaths should we expect to avert by a shutdown extension? What will your state economy look like after another month of this? How many people avoided going to the hospital for routine cancer screenings and other “non-essential” medical procedures that will now result in their deaths?
For example, according to an article written by geopolitical commentator Peter Koenig: “A data analyst consortium in South Africa found that the economic consequences of the country’s lockdown will lead to 29 times more people dying than the coronavirus itself.
 Professor Richard Sullivan also warned that there will be more excess cancer deaths in the UK than total coronavirus deaths due to people’s access to screenings and treatment being restricted as a result of the lockdown.
 His comments were echoed by Peter Nilsson, a professor of internal medicine and epidemiology at Lund University, who said, “It’s so important to understand that the deaths of COVID-19 will be far less than the deaths caused by societal lockdown when the economy is ruined.”
 This once again begs the question, if the lockdowns were supposed to save lives and yet will end up costing even more lives in other areas – what was the point?”
The data shows no connection whatsoever between unemployment, case rate and death rate. NO STATISTICAL CORRELATION BETWEEN the SHUTDOWN VERSUS DOING NOTHING. The Shutdown was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY, based on statistical data!

The Push for Global Governance and Control

 Behind all the chaos of this planned demic, we find megalomaniac Bill Gates and The Gates Foundation. Gates is an unabashed globalist, and a brief review of of his past recent history shows the thrust of his planetary vision.
Consider that Bill Gates was the main financier (and benefactor) of the failed radical overhaul of our educational process in America, deceptively titled “Common Core.” Like all things presented by the Left, the label appears both positive and promising; it is only the details which reveal the true nefarious purpose of this program: to destroy children’s ability to read, write, do math, learn real American and World history, and to think.
Gates also bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto, the main company whose stated goal is to control the global production of food through GMO “terminator” seeds that cannot reproduce, and that must be repurchased every year from the company.
Currently, Gates is pushing the global vaccine initiative, and of course, the Corona virus “planned demic” provides Gates with the perfect fortuitous opportunity to vaccinate everyone on the planet, which is his stated goal! And, by the way, as a “bonus” which Bill plans to add to his global vaccination plan, he is also pushing a program he calls ID2020, which would put a satellite readable and trackable tracer in each vaccine so that every human being on the planet could be constantly, tracked, monitored and surveilled in real time! What a beneficent vision that Gates and his global megalomaniacs have planned for us, as expressed at the latest World Economic conclave in Davos.
As Peter Koenig reported: “This has been on the drawing board for years. The final decision to go ahead now, was taken in January 2020 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos – behind very much closed doors, of course. The Gates, GAVI (an association of vaccination-promoting pharmaceuticals), Rockefellers, Rothschilds et al, they are all behind this decision – the implementation of Agenda ID2020.” 

Destroying Trump’s Chances of Re-Election

 If you have harbored any doubt about the TRUE purpose of this planned demic, the very Number One reason for its appearance is blatantly simple: to prevent the re-election of the one person who stands in the way of the globalists and their agenda for the United States and the World. The purpose of all this chaos and destruction is to sabotage the re-election of Donald J. Trump.
Consider that the liberal governors of the six major “blue” democrat states want to keep their businesses and economies closed down for another three months! In fact, Virginia governor cum klansman Ralph Northam wants to keep his state closed until after the November elections! And Zeke Emmanuel, an Obama advisor, tells us that we should shut down our economy for at least another 18 months or until a vaccine can be universally mandated and injected into all Americans! No political agenda here….!
Americans have been told that we can’t open until we flatten the curve; we can’t open until we have massive testing; we can’t open until we have massive contact tracing; and we can’t open until we have a vaccine. What the Deep State is really communicating thru the media they own and control is that we can’t open until Biden or his surrogate is elected to replace Donald Trump!
While the Democrat governors from the major Democrat strongholds like New York, New Jersey and California emptied their prisons out of concern that prisoners might catch the corona virus and perhaps meet an early demise, their concern for humanity apparently did not include the citizens of their own states, who now have to deal with over 67,000 released criminals back on the streets, and whose crimes include rape, murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion and child molestation.
Predictably, altho I do expect President Trump to outfox and outwit these Deep State psychopaths, Trump will not be President forever, and you can be certain that the globalists plans for a new and more frightening agenda will include more control over financial transactions and the eventual elimination of cash; more control over travel with ever greater restrictions and even more impediments to the enjoyment of world exploration; and more heightened efforts at “social control” via the Communist Chinese model of “social credit.”
Dr. Alexander Myasnikov, Russia’s top Corona virus doctor, has publicly stated: “’It’s Just the Flu, It’s All BS. It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease (i.e. the flu) with minimal mortality. Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know.”
And former Colonel of The Military Intelligence Service (GRU) of Russia, Vladimir Kvachkov, has publicly stated in an interview broadcast on March 25th, 2020, that the so-called Corona virus “pandemic” … “….is all a lie. It needs to be considered as a global, strategic special operation. These are command and staff exercises of the world’s ‘behind the scenes powers’ on controlling humanity. This is what the goal of this Corona virus is. So the aim of the Zionists and financial powers is reducing the world’s population. It is their idee’ fixe’. They think there are too many of us ordinary people in this world. There should be… a maximum of 1 billion people to serve them. This is why the Corona virus and the financial crisis has emerged almost
immediately — they are inextricably linked to one another. The aim is to stop peoples’ movements around the world, to curtail political freedoms.
The first attempt to take away these rights happened on September 11, 2001. Not many remember that, after the so-called attack on the WTC towers and the White House, the War on Terror was declared. To understand what the Corona virus is now, let us analyze the first attempt— the declaration of the War on Humanity that was disguised as a War on Terrorism. The ‘behind-the-scenes’ world powers created the events of September 11, 2001. Now they need another excuse for greater control and takeover of humanity. That’s how they came up with the Corona virus.
Basically, that’s not a pandemic; it’s not an epidemic. These command and staff exercises of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ world powers have an aim to limit different political rights and to make people afraid. The goal is to scare people. That’s their second goal. Their FIRST goal is to limit the population numbers on the Earth. That’s their Satanic goal. Their third goal is finances and control over the economy.
Allegedly, the Corona virus started in China. Even tho the Chinese are now adamant and report the Corona virus was created artificially. It has an artificial origin — it’s been proven scientifically already. And when you take the RNA molecule, there’s a part of the genome that’s clearly been carved out and another one inserted in it’s place. The Chinese scientists have figured this out—it was artificially created and purposely spread — initially in Wuhan.
We are being served special political information propaganda, psychoinformative propaganda. Special psycho-informative operation by the world globalist mass media is now serving the ‘behind-the-scenes’ Zionist liberal powers that are creating this terror. And they, of course, tried to use the Corona virus in Wuhan to gain certain economic and political benefits. Until we are able to get rid of our internal parasites who rule over us, we won’t be able to tackle other parasites….” Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov concluded.
It is clear that the globalist overlords prefer to keep us planted at home, in front of our television sets so that they can continue our “programming”, and that any form of movement outside our home environment will be highly circumscribed and restricted for as long as possible.
It is clear that our faceless rulers envy the Chinese model, as the major film and television studios, as well as most of our financial institutions, are already prostrate upon the altar of the Chinese Communist Party. They envy China’s method of “social credit” which really means social control; as well as the Party’s ability to create immediate pariahs and social outcasts by the simple expedient of electronically downgrading their credit and restricting their ability to travel beyond their immediate neighborhood.
How would these restrictions work? Says Peter Koenig: “Well, along with the vaccination, …a nano-chip may be injected, unknown to the person being vaccinated. The chip may be remotely charged with all your personal data, including bank accounts – digital money. Yes, digital money that’s what “they” are aiming at, so you really have no control any more over your health and other intimate data, but also over your earnings and spending. Your money could be blocked, or taken away – as a ‘sanction’ for misbehavior, for swimming against the stream. You may become a mere slave of the masters. Comparatively, feudalism may appear like a walk in the park.”
It is no wonder, then, that our benevolent overlords are also looking forward to the elimination of the single family home, and replacing such free standing structures with condominium hovels whenever possible. Automobiles, too, are the bane of the social planner, so they will eventually be highly restricted, regulated and eventually eliminated in favor of mass transit and robotic separate transportation pods and modules that do the driving for you; and of course, prevent you from going where you are not allowed to go!
Altho this bogus “pandemic” will fade into oblivion, the next one is right around the corner, and you can bet that Fauci, Gates, Birx, Rothschild, Rockefeller and Soros, as well as their allies in the CCP, are ready, eager and waiting for the next crisis!
As Ted Kaczynski noted in one of his more lucid moments: “Technocracy (is) fine tuning their ability to shape and motivate the will of the people, creating a herd mentality, suppressing inquiry, and ridiculing conspiracy theories.” It clear that the mass mainstream media has milked and hyped the Corona virus for every advertising dollar it could generate, while their owners used the fear and hysteria their media manipulators generated to push a new social agenda and create a new political reality.
When it became apparent that the U.S. economy and the people would not remain locked down in their homes and would choose instead to re-open their businesses ahead of Corona cautions, a new societal emergency — the very predictable riots regarding “racial equality and social justice” — have now ursurped and replace Covid-19 as the new Deep State monkey wrench to sabotage our country, while former scientific authority figures have risen to assure us that the fight for “social justice” is more important than maintaining “social distance!!”
How many of you can see that the same Deep State players who wrote the script for the WuHuFlu are now writing the agenda of riots, arson and looting throughout America?
 As Rod Serling concluded: “There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices… to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, (fear) can kill, and suspicions can destroy. And the pity of it is….These things cannot be confined … to the Twilight Zone.”
Copyright 2020 LCVincent — All Rights Reserved
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  7. Good presentation of the facts and accurate analysis of why it is happening. We need to come up with a way to counter to all of this evil. The only thing that I think will work is doing the one thing we have all but abandoned – drop to our knees and beg God for mercy.

  8. Absolutely superb article covering everything, leaving no stone unturned. This article should be shared with as many people as possible, particularly those who consider the MSM as the representation of the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Hopefully, Donald Trump will prove to be the saviour of the world and bring these evil, demonically possessed satanic puppet masters to justice.

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    THERE IS NO VIRUS. There never was.

    Ignoring the manipulation, the falsification of “cause of death” and all the scaremongering, all we need do to know the whole thing is a HOAX is to look at the total number of deaths FROM ALL CAUSES and compare the current year with previous years.

    To conclude, there is ALWAYS (and always will be) a “coronavirus” circulating because coronavirus is the name given to the common cold and influenza.