Pressure on Dominic Cummings to quit over lockdown breach

Matthew Weaver – The Guardian May 22, 2020

Police spoke to Dominic Cummings about breaching the government’s lockdown rules after he was seen in Durham, 264 miles from his London home, despite having had symptoms of coronavirus, the Guardian can reveal.

Officers approached Boris Johnson’s key adviser days after he was seen rushing out of Downing Street when the prime minister tested positive for the virus at the end of March, a joint investigation by the Guardian and the Mirror has found. There are now calls for his resignation.

At the time, the government had instructed people not to travel and to stay at their family homes. Cummings, however, was seen in Durham. A member of the public is understood to have seen him and made a complaint to the police.

When asked if Cummings had been warned about breaching the lockdown, a spokesman for Durham Constabulary said: “On Tuesday, March 31, our officers were made aware of reports that an individual had travelled from London to Durham and was present at an address in the city.

“Officers made contact with the owners of that address who confirmed that the individual in question was present and was self-isolating in part of the house.

“In line with national policing guidance, officers explained to the family the guidelines around self-isolation and reiterated the appropriate advice around essential travel.”

Downing Street has previously refused to disclose where Cummings was staying during the lockdown.

The Guardian has also been told Cummings was spotted near the gate of his parents’ home with a young child, believed to be his son, at around 5.45pm on Sunday 5 April, five days after the complaint was made to the police.

This was just over a week after he began self-isolating with symptoms of the virus. It was also less than two hours before the prime minister was admitted to hospital after his symptoms worsened.

The Guardian has previously asked Downing Street about this sighting in April, but officials declined to comment.

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10 responses to “Pressure on Dominic Cummings to quit over lockdown breach”

  1. This fellow allegedly tells Boris Johnson what he has got to do. He is a major creator of the “lockdown/pandemic” bullsh*t that afflicts us all. The other major advocate for this nonsense was Neil Ferguson, already resigned for similar breach of his own commands to the public.

    These people clearly don’t believe a word of the terrifying nonsense they are responsible for generating.

    Unfortunately most of the people they were targeting with their lies DO BELIEVE IT.

    Beyond the brow of this dangerous and potentially catastrophic hill there are some very dark places waiting to welcome Cummings, Ferguson and their ilk.

  2. Lockdown is for The Masses, not for “Elite” THUGS like Dominic Cummstains

  3. None story neither had Covid or whatever is out there. Quite possible that Boris was given something to make him look ill. Where are the people around these two why had high viral loads? There weren’t any, everyone in their circles had mild symptoms. I don’t buy the infectious nature of viruses, but if you go on the official line, if you catch it with a low viral load, then your peak will be a low peak infection. If you are a doctor or nurse working in a high Covid environment, you will get a high viral load.

  4. The only sensible course of action for the Government to take is to hold up their hands, admit they made a catastrophic blunder, apologise, and get things rolling again immediately with no social distancing. masks, or lockdown required.
    Don’t hold your breath; they simply don’t have the guts.

  5. The Guardian is perhaps the most communist/globalist “news” machine in the UK, of cause they hate Dominic Cummings as he is one of the architects behind the leave EU strategy.

  6. @Activisor…….The most sensible comment on here I agree 100%. It is ntime to get OUR LIVES BACK from this Phsychological Media war on us. The whole thing has been blown out of all propoprtion to scare the spineless snowflakes lobotomised at birth then indoctrinated on a daily basis in indoctrination centres that used to be called schools into surrendering and freedoms our recent (In MY lifetime) war dead gave us!!

  7. The sheep just bleat on about Cummings and the rest of them breaking their own lockdown rules but seemingly lack the brain function to join the dots as to why these scumbags deem it perfectly safe for them to do so.
    How the hell can this charade carry on any longer. I really do fucking despair!

  8. British and just loud. Get your lives back suggests you handed them over to begin with, making supposed freedoms fought by ancestry obsolete previous to the virus. I remember asking the old diggers as a kid what were those freedoms they fought for. Not one answered in terms of fighting for a freedom after the fact.
    Snowflakes come in many variants in fact aren’t they all different? Dunno never seen snow what do I know.

  9. Lars-Henrik Christensen: The Guardian is a global media organisation and has more customers in the US, than in the UK. The Guardian is trust-funded, but this doesn’t cover the bills, so banks like HSBC spend a fortune on Guardian advertising. The Guardian is pseudo-left-wing catering for intellectual thickos & the right-wing kick it for want of nothing else to kick about.

  10. Cummings is in on the scam. He knew he had nothing to worry about. Like Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast in 1938, this is a Media driven event. And as in 1938, we have fallen for it again. As for Boris Johnson looking rough during his COVID self-isolation – all they had to do was take an early morning picture of him after a night of carousing at one of the HofP bars.