How 5G alters the blood cell permeability, Amplifying CV flu like symptoms

Mike Adams – Natural News YouTube May 7, 2020

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  1. “You have been targeted for termination.
    If you want to live, read”

    – Mike Adams

    If you want to live, disable these antennae!

    What is needed is data on microwave deployment in New York and elsewhere. People need to go around with microwave meters and broadcast their measurements over the internet; otherwise we won’t know the whether or not 5G had an effect on the alleged COVID-19 deaths.

    Have other doctors corroborated what Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell was saying about many NY city deaths being attributed to oxygen starvation, not viral pneumonia?

    ΝYC-ΙCU DR unknowingly describes the EFFECTS of 60GHz on patients
    Dana Ashlie – YouTube April 4, 2020

    The video was deleted by ZouTube but the comments are still worthwhile.

  2. This is one element in the multi-pronged narrative that is at play. We have evidence that CV-19 has been created in labs. We have evidence that 5G towers have caused cancer in school children and others who live or work in close proximity to them.We have evidence that vaccines have caused deaths and serious health issues that increase the dependency on the medical machine.We have evidence that Chemtrails are subjecting us to heavy metal poisoning and ecological changes in acidity of the environment. All of these “Military” projects are designed to nudge us to the next level of deception and control through fear and bewilderment of the causes life situations.

    In order to gain control of the population they need to have us believe whatever they present to us. By having multiple angles of attack and misdirection from media sources the goal of hoodwinking the masses and getting “truthers” to follow a false trails or disagree with one another is devastating the sources for truth and setting the stage for entrapping legitimate truther in a hoax. I have been fooled and I don’t like it, but that is part of unraveling the web of deceptions.

    It is going to become more difficult to sort out the truth from the veils of obfuscation and misdirection as we go forward and we all need to put on our thinking caps to diligently uncover the unscrupulous plots foisted upon us. Censorship is working against us and the purveyors of lies have megaphones compared to the whispers of truth that reach so few.

    Seek the Truth, diligently


    Oxygen deprivation can be caused not by 5G (many ranges of frequencies) but by specific frequency/frequencies. This is a combination of frequency, signal power and pulsation. Read:

  4. Most likely, the problem we are facing is not so much from those towers, but from low orbiting GPS satellites. Everything that moves nowadays, from cars, trucks, trains and planes, are tracked via low orbit (200km) GPS satellites. The microwave transmission from those low orbit GPS satellites is powerful and can affect a person, livestock and pets health, especially those that are more EMF sensitive. The EMF attack on a living organism (people etc.,) can have symptoms that mimic that of a “virus” that it is mistaking for. Microwave weapons have already been in use for “crowd control” and other military applications. What better way for governments to control humanity via satellite EMF. Perhaps a second “(micro)wave” of “covid/19” later this year?