The Real Virus is Communism (Satanism) – May 22, 2020

CCP = Chinese Communist Party
“The virus is merely a device to drive the plot, but it has no real relevance;  in fact THE CCP IS THE REAL VIRUS. The CCP was created by a cabal who brought you Karl Marx and central banking; it’s their tool to move the world to One World Order.”
“The goals of this operation are obvious; make people live in fear (you can get them to do almost anything to themselves), take away independent means of income to create dependency (destroy small business), pass draconian laws to vaccinate the entire population (to alter their DNA, destroying humanity), provide fiat credit to businesses you deem essential (promote the monopolies), eliminate the useless eaters and remold everything into One World Order.”

By CK — (

This virus is real, people have actually died from it, but so far it’s more like a bad flu than the “Ebola” promoted by the media and some government officials.
Because it can reinfect people, it’s always possible things could get worse during the next wave…or not.
Many call it the CCPVirus because it was created (or stolen) by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), released on accident or on purpose by the CCP in China and elsewhere, and it was covered up by the CCP to further the spread.
Ninety-five percent of the damage worldwide could have been avoided if the CCP had been transparent and honest with outside health officials.  The CCP is using the virus to gain advantages; they don’t care if they lose 100m Chinese, they have too many people anyway.
The CCP is fundamentally against Truth, Compassion and Tolerance (see  They use slave labor, harvest organs and persecute innocent Falun Gong, Christians and Muslims — the CCP is the definition of evil.
Many high level government officials around the world are aligned with the CCP.  Hotbeds of the virus are where the CCP has been welcomed (NY, Italy, etc).  Lockdowns are the symptom of CCP infiltration and influence.
one-world-trade.jpg Like a McGuffin in a Hitchcock movie, the virus is a patsy, a device to drive the plot, but it has no real relevance;  in fact THE CCP IS THE REAL VIRUS people need to eliminate.  The CCP was created by a cabal who brought you Karl Marx and central banking; it’s their tool to reach their goal to move the world from duality (communism and monopoly capitalism) and to impose the One World Order.
The twin World Trade Center towers were toppled in NYC on 9/11 and replaced with One World Trade Center.  If you missed this symbolism, the replacement building even has pyramids embossed on its faces.
Confucius said “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws”.  The New World Order is completed, it’s now called One World Order and the only thing remaining is to use this virus to herd the humans they decide to keep in the door.
Language is the first weapon used to befuddle and then direct their victims to their destination. The meanings of terms such as quarantine, social distance, lockdown and “essential” have been inverted to change your thinking.  You need to break through this matrix of words to see how this operation is designed to destroy you.



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5 responses to “The Real Virus is Communism (Satanism)”

  1. Kinda looks like a fat hypodermic needle too.

  2. Makow has a real problem with non-existant communists. I realise that Matt No Brain’s Hancock was having a laff when he suggested ‘vaccinations might be mandatory’, this from a small government Tory. Does Hancock go home at night laughing his head off, or does he go home crying his eyes out? It appears that most sheeple want the entire year off & now the regime has a problem. Where are the Communists?

  3. “The virus is real”
    “The virus is real”
    “The virus is real”

    If that statement were true, it wouldn’t need to be repeated at the start of every article.

    The monsters believed they’d finally perfected a “killer plague” following many failed attempts (bird flu, pig flu, etc.), but this too proved a failure.

    They went ahead anyway, AS IF this latest bio-weapon had turned out as planned. That’s why they need to keep reinforcing the LIE that “The virus is real”.

  4. The Real Virus is the Jewish Banks that funded Bolshevism, Zionism and currently control the USA. Read Revelations Chapter 18 the USA (NEW YORK) is Babylon the mother of of abominations. When it is destroyed then greatest evil shall be excised from the earth!

  5. It is actually now a Two World Disorder made up of the elites and the ROU (the Rest of us.)
    The reasons why there has been no rebellion so far is that the millennials have nothing to really fight for after being deprived of reality for most of their lives and generally not having a cent, while the boomers making up a huge percentage of the population are retiring and too old to fight while trying to live mostly on their failing pensions and savings. Both groups have been been ripped off by the same elites who robbed our nations and made of fortunes by outsourcing jobs, capitals, and opportunities to China. As for the people in the middle, half are immigrants who feel they are competing against all who were born here and they seem to side with the government on everything but taxes. So our governments seeing that they can do virtually anything they want to us without any real reaction will just keep tightening the screws to bring us into that ideal PRC state of totally homogenized compliance.

    I really wish I could see something good in all of this going on, but how can we ever trust our governments again with such blatant and mass deception.