Epstein’s Honey Trap Op Continues: Ryan Dawson

Shaun Attwood – YouTube May 22, 2020

Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl0dDbe63Oc&list=PLPT_cCpNMvT73vjeimfkttju80FKKlH52


3 responses to “Epstein’s Honey Trap Op Continues: Ryan Dawson”

  1. who said he is Dead, show me the Body, what do these so called leaders think the Public is made up of, Nobody has bought the story of his suicide or death.

  2. He is probably dead but I leave an observable chance that the body found wasn’t his. Although the safe thing to do in these situations is to definitely murder ( as dead men don’t talk) there may have been a few thumbs up to keep him alive under a new identity as he was a favorite of the Mossad. If so then possibly resting on a beach somewhere drinking Pina Coladas,

  3. They made our society look like what it is. Adults ready, willing and able to hand their kids of society over to a bunch of cheap sleazy hacks with top dog connections. Aspiring to egregious corruption and subversion is a western household dream these days and so righteous about it too they feel exceptional about it. How can you blame the Epsteins when the society is as it is. The Epstein road is a dead end street when they can offer a sacrificial lamb at any time like they have. If people think they’ll break the back of this ring with this way of nagging on what society deems frivolous anyway, then society surely has got serious problems.
    Lars old son and Henry boy, can you both tell me the Chinese connections to Epstein. As the supposed NWO shouldn’t they be running the show. What about the Russians, how many of the Epstein girls had Russian accents or were Chinese mainland. Why wasn’t Epstein island in the south China Sea. Would the exceptionalism of Ivanka trump and toe rag mrs Britain capture the imaginations of young girls if they canvassed Chinese and Russian schools?. Seriously you boys have got some explaining to do. You haven’t cried for Lilya either of you, so give it up but I know I know it’s the drum of empire right.