Nigel Farage condemns media for not reporting migrant boats

TalkRADIO – May 21, 2020

11 responses to “Nigel Farage condemns media for not reporting migrant boats”

  1. I find it amazing that in all the years we’ve had this MI6 designed migration problem, no one has caught the rubber boat builders (single-use boats). Some of these boats are huge and even if they are cheaply made, the big boats must cost £20k to make, but no one has broken the supply chain & no one has been arrested or prosecuted. Even the fake news fails to mention this, so in conclusion, the entire migrant thing is an MI6 operation from start to finish.

  2. Typical…..more waffle from Farage….it has all reached a point where the elites are INCAPABLE of acting in the interests of Britain.
    They’re too insulated from all the problems caused by mass immigration.Theyre too rich and too busy flying off to the Caribbean in winter….and while there arranging financial deals to hide their money from the tax authorities.So their holidays in the Caribbean have a dual purpose.
    A violent revolution could clear out the corrupt elite BUT the British dont have it in them….they’re a beaten people who live off past glories….which explains why they haven’t got rid of the parasitic Windsors.
    Worse…the British are amongst the greatest TV watchers in the world… the elite plenty of time to manipulate them.The 100 year old walking pensioner has received a promotion and knighthood NOT because he may deserve it,but rather for the govts propaganda effect.
    When Frances yellow jacket movement threatened to spill over into Perfidious Albion……guess what….the state propaganda unit drastically reduced TV and media coverage….almost as if it wasnt happening!!!!…and the silly British peasant is fed anti French stuff by the Daily Mail….
    The French have Marine Le Pen…..all the British have is the garralous windbag Farage….and there is the distinct possibility he works for the secret police MI5.

  3. Unhindered migration is the globalist plan to destroy national boundaries……the purpose which is to institute the New World Order ( NWO ). Leaders in almost all countries are picked, placed into power, bribed or threatened to cooperate with this NWO plan. This is more obvious than the sun rising every morning… is just that the Sheeple ……excuse me I mean the people don’t see it. People in most nations are willing to take in displace persons at a low level….but the intentional flooding into the borders of migrants is disruptive ..not just economically….but culturally. Obviously the leaders of these flooded countries are not acting in the interest of their people which they are supposed to represent. It is a farce.

  4. The Solution To The Problem

    EUROPE’s Bums Afloat's_Bums_Afloat.jpg?

  5. I agree with Vespasian well said mate

  6. Vespasian – you know the old saying ‘it is better to remain silent and be considered a fool than talk and remove all doubt.’ Farage is absolutely correct in highlighting this unlawful migration and for what purpose? firstly to bring in cheap labour and greater profits for the elite. secondly provide housing and income support for these people in preference to uk citizens and thirdly ensure more uk citizens are placed on the dole and fighting for any hand outs.

  7. migrants will take the vax with no resistance , if they know where they heading they would run back to their slump caused by imf an wb.

  8. Whatever you say about Farage, at least he’s doing more than the paid off politicians and the dumbed down populace.

  9. @Vespasian I Hope you get the HOAX that is currently happening worlwide and DIE from your sheer FEAR of the HOAX and the fact you had your brain removed at BIRTH!!” YOU are a waste of SPACE in the world deserve what comes to you you complete and utter far left NUT JOB DO one or I will hunt you down and do it for you!!

  10. United we stand, divided we fall.

  11. The NZ media love of the Zio-globalist Jacinda Ardern knows no bounds…..they’re still at it on a daily basis.She has helped FLOOD NZ with third world immigrants creating a huge housing crisis….which the media RARELY if EVER mentions….theres no connection whatsoever according to NZs Jewish dominated media….
    Almost all Jews in the media are crypto Jews who Jews like McKow and the mad monk Bro Nathaniel dont consider mentioning.
    Essentially Kiwis are getting a replay of the US media fawning over Obama…..who achieved nothing.(Americans still seem to be fooled by his Jewish authorised replacement…Trumpstein….)
    The NZ Tory Party equivalent…The National Party has just deposed its idiotic leaders….and about time.But the new leader is being handed a poisoned chalice should he win the coming election….because that’s about the time the huge hit on NZs economy will take place (the tourist industry has been decimated by the fake news virus).