“It Is Destined To Happen This Way” [EXPOSED BY INSIDER]

YouTube – May 21, 2020

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  1. There already is a global government.The whole world has been on lock-down and told to wear masks and stay home for NO GOOD REASON. Remember that the pope of Rome, the current Caesar, has a militant force in many countries, if not all countries. This force is the Jesuit army which has insinuated Jesuit-trained leaders in the governments of the world, and they are sworn to uphold the pope’s commands. The rulers and kings of the nations go to Rome with gifts for Caesar, the pope, to get their instructions from him. The pope is always the guest of honor at the UN. He is treated like a super-celebrity wherever he goes. The Caesar pope issues his orders to the rulers and kings, and they follow the orders. Check out how many of the world’s statesmen, Jew and gentile, have been Jesuit educated, and how many of the media moguls are under the pope’s command, like Rupert Murdoch, who is a Knight of Malta, thus sworn to serve the pope. In 1984 Ronald Reagan took the US back into the Vatican whorehouse after 117 years of separation from Rome. This battle is a spiritual battle as well as physical.

  2. Everyone of those national leaders and representatives of our governments of these 179 nations who endorsed the totalitarian measures in 1992 (UN Agenda 21) were paid agents and groomed stooges of the same international banking cartel (IBC) and secret societies which have controlled our nations for the past 200 years making any semblance of democracy based on truth and justice only an illusion. With the dishonest wealth they have stolen from all of us, they have usurped all positions of power and influence to bring about their sham “New World Order”, and in doing so they have further abused the money and power in their control for further crimes and usurpations, through huge financial crimes and by fear mongering in manufacturing fake crisis after fake crisis to achieve global hegemony over finances, resources, local and geo politics, and over all of humanity.

    They rule through the control of money, deception, fear, and the ruthless suppression of all opposition. By virtue of having power, despite the means they and their ancestors used to accumulate it enabling them to wield it, they believe they have an absolute right to play God and to make the entire world over in their own corrupt and hollow images.

    The exact same governments of these 179 signatory nations and all of their present leaders in every major political party of these nations are all promoting the present manufactured crisis of the Covid plandemic. That is a fact. It ought to be clear and irrefutable proof to all as whom and what they really are, as well as all of the further unwarranted and unjust control measures they intend to impose on us.

    All of our governments are controlled from the top-down by the same international banking cartel (IBC) that is responsible for all major wars for well over 100 years. It is the same cartel which is responsible for the inception and growth of communism in the world and also for the neo-con corporate monopolies, all of which organizations are usurping more and more centralized control over the people everywhere.

    However, it is not just people at the top. It is a vast network of financial, business, political and social institutions, including secret societies and now all major church denominations. They are all on the same frequency and most of the people with bird-like brains trying to survive are reduced to having to follow the bread crumbs scattered by their governments to lead them to complete dependency. Speaking to your next-door neighbor with just the facts will not work when they are being brainwashed by a continuous stream of messages to the contrary. The people are now very much like the people in the Stephen King movie Cell, who once they have heard the resonance they lose their minds. They start making bird-like noises and flocking together, killing all others who do not seem to be bird like them. Finally in one huge mindless mass they all end up streaming around a central transmission tower locking them into the deadly frequency resonating from their mouths as they trample in a circle to their doom.

    In our New-normal World Order we now see all of the scepters of the draconian, centralized control to be imposed more and more over us. We are coming to a time where even the freedom to have, love and raise your children or to have stable happy families, or freedom to start and run a small business, will be considered as selfish and anathema to whatever agenda the control freaks deem by fiat through payoffs, fear, intimidation, fake news, fake science, and continued brainwashing to be in the common good.

  3. The Crown consists of City of London, Washington District of Columbia, City of Vatican.
    The pope and associate The Chair of the Estates (the queen of England) are ruling District of Columbia.
    The pope, a jesuit, is the CEO of the filthy-richest company of the world.
    His priority number one is the One World Government, and to activate Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 on all point, ASAP.

    (The queen served only three days as a Christian Monarch before abdicating that position and occupying The Chair of the Estates, the “throne” of the Probate Court, and proceeded to have everyone in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales delcared legally dead in order to control and prey upon the estates of the victims of this con game).
    (Proven by the landmark court case “JAH vs Regina”).

  4. Agenda for the 21st century? We can pay attention – it is happening. The Good News is : the Agends for the 21st century is not going to happen! There is going to be an intervention. Not by human effort or design.

    The content of the audio is only one proof that people are awakening all over the world! It can not be stopped. It ties in with a message found at :

    This website exposes the corrupt world system.

  5. The US is being increasingly ruled by The City of London´s Constitution of 1871 for Washington DC, which made the US a corporation under the City of London/The Crown.
    Pres. Grant had to submit to that Constitution in order to borrow money to rebuild the US after the civil war – the City of London instigating and funding of both sides´ warfare. http://www.serendipity.li/jsmill/us_corporation.htm

    The EU Commission is a corporate partner of the Chatham House of the City of London,
    making the EU a corporation of the Crown, too. https://www.chathamhouse.org/membership/corporate-membership/corporate-list

    Agenda 21 has changed its name to Agenda 2030 – a full-fledged plan for a global Soviet Union – https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld

    The emergency state introduced because of a virus no more dangerous than an ordinary season flu ( so far 550 dead WITH coronavirus in Denmark – debilitated patients – compared with 1644 flu-deaths in 2018) will probably remain: It serves the dictatorial global one-world Soviet government with the UN as caretaker.

  6. Critical thinking finished. Fads and Fantasy has taken over.