What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step. (Video fixed)

Dana Ashlie – YouTube April 16, 2020

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  1. 18/04/20 Excellent reporting. See my reports of the last 89 days concerning the different aspects of COVID-19 and how it is engineered and being used to bring on a NEW WORLD ORDER and total control of every citizen. Will it happen now – or is this COVID-19 a TEST RUN for the NWO and that things will soon go back to almost normal aqain at least for a season – -but THEY have gleaned much more CONTOL until one day in the not too distant future the world will descent into CHAOS and the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT as prophecied in the Book of Revelations 12 &13. Listen to me talking on the latest International Nightlight Radioshow about the ENDTIME on these TIMELY matters with other speakers. Best Wishes – Steve : http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/445300229

  2. Miss Dana Ashlie: You are AMAZING and Beautiful!!
    Amazing Polly Strikes Again

    “In this video I talk about my decision to ‘quit’ twitter, the technocratic revolution, and how people are being driven apart. We should start PRESERVING our way of life in a parallel society NOW.”


  3. If you were an Iraqi whose family had been murdered, who are you more angry with? The politicians calling for the war, or the armed forces who murdered your family, that is the one who calls for the murder or the murderer? Of course, both, but more importantly, the armed forces did the murdering, not the politician.
    There is no difference between who the caller for the enforcement was and the enforcer, in comparison to the aforementioned.

    People, the police are your downfall. They are your enemy. They are the ones ENFORCING all of this, not the bankers, not the aristocracy, not the politicians – THE POLICE! All over the world, they are the thugs of the New World Order.

    Now people, I’ve never, ever openly called for resistance, but now I most certainly am. The police are your enemy. Not only are they the enforcers, but they are the protectors of those in charge, bringing this world to rack and ruin. You remove them from their ‘authority’ and you then have a clear path to those responsible. You’ll have a clear path to the Rothschilds, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, the Rockerfellers and everyone else involved in bringing about a situations, where once the Covid lockdown has finished, the economy will collapse, leaving billions of people without food and jobs, resulting in HORRIFIC loss of life.

    You have no choice people. Well, you do, of course, but really now it’s freedom or slavery. They WILL bring out vaccinations and unless you take them (resulting in death) you will not be allowed out of your house. You will not be allowed to work. You will not be allowed to collect social welfare. You will have no money and by then, it will be digital, as that’s what’s being brought in. It’ll be a case of take the vaccine and die, or die due to no money to buy food.


    Remove them, remove the judiciary, arrest all the elites and try them for clear treason. They won’t have a leg to stand on. There is only one punishment for treason and it looks like 1789 all over again, all over this world, just this time, it will be a revolution by the people, for the people, not an orchestrated one as was the French and all revolutions before and thereafter.

  4. MILES MATHIS has just posted an excellent overview of the “covid” matter. Worth reading and, in my judgment, sharing with fence sitters, doubters, and those too fearful to think straight. COVID.PDF.

  5. Any website that is remotely related to the UN suddenly screams “One World” and “Global Citizens” etc. So I think we might be running out of dry runs.

  6. Fantastic posting! In response we have to find some way of making it go more viral. For what it is worth, I have been trying in my little way to spread it around in comments through various sites on the internet and sending it to people I know.

    The Truth Is Out There Dana Ashlie What in the world is actually going on Document reveals plans step by step
    •Apr 16, 2020

    Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development
    Rockefeller Foundation, 2010 – BILL GATES – See “Lock Step” at p. 18

    All of our governments and leaders with the MSM are participating.


    We are the enemy. If they can pull this off poisoning a few and then using jacked up death rates to enforce totalitarian lock downs to destroy our businesses and jobs, and our lives, so they can have COMPLETE CONTROL through deception, totalitarian lock downs, police and army brutality and technological surveillance and tracking, then they can at any time they want bring on even a more lethal virus, to kill off those BILL GATES and ALL OTHER ELITES want culled and killed off to reduce the population, or even spike the vaccinations with fertility toxins as GATES has already done.

  7. Voltman: why is she still on Youtube????

  8. If you have something to say, say it. Most people (including me) have a two minute attention span. I have no Idea of where the document evidence is, but I was long gone. When will youtubers learn this basic fact, if you have something to say ,say it first.

  9. An effective way to understand what is going on in the world today is by understanding Systems’ Theory. We can explore different types of systems and I will try to be brief; generally systems are:

    1- Physical (material)
    2- Metaphysical (mental)
    3- Trans-physical (invisible)

    Physical systems are many and varied however the most famous ones are:

    1- Organic
    2- Mechanic
    3- Cybernetic
    4- Biologic
    5- Ecologic

    Three of the well known mental or mind systems are:

    1- Logical
    2- Mathematical
    3- Geometrical

    And then we have the most neglected and mysterious trans-physical systems that govern the universe and fabric of reality! This is the field of religion as science either denies it or is unable to reach. This is not in the scope now, we will focus mainly on Organic and Cybernetic systems.

    Humanity started governance with organic systems, the end result of which was “bureaucracy”. The important thing is to know that in this system ultimately we are concerned with the control of humans over humans. You can be the best driver but if you don’t have driving license you can’t drive, you can’t be the most skilled or knowledgeable in a field but if you don’t have a certificate you are nothing! The world was organized and five sources of power became important, namely: Military, Economic, Scientific, Cultural, Social.

    With the advances in electronics, computer and invention of Internet, humanity entered a new era of cybernetic systems. Because of the nature of cybernetic systems the world has been rapidly transforming and the traditional 5 sources of power defined before has ended; today only Information and Energy matters. A strong country must have hegemony in these two, other things still matter at technical and operational level only, a successful military must know what to hit, where to hit and when to hit with live accurate information/data. Due to the nature of cybernetic systems, the ultimate form of governance is a global one and we are inevitably going there, we can’t expect humanity not to explore the new horizons that came with cybernetics. Today we can’t separate ourselves from cybernetic systems and we are connected to the cyberspace, next generations will be more and more “cyborgs”.

    Satan, his army of Djinns and his top level human slaves know that ultimate control and governance can be realized only through cybernetic systems, so it is natural that globalists have been pushing for the end game!

    In comparison with biologic systems, cybernetic systems must directly command sub-systems, otherwise they are disabled. In Shock and Awe doctrine, you create a shock followed by an awe that disables and cuts the command chain. This is how they toppled Saddam in Iraq, they cut the head and the body can’t respond or receive orders. In cyber attacks, chain of command is disrupted and causes the sub-system to malfunction or become completely disabled. In contrast biological systems have true autonomous sub-systems, if your hand is disabled, it won’t move but still it gets the food and is alive. Spinal injury at the neck causes complete disability yet heart, lungs, digestive systems all continue to work autonomously. This is the key difference between biologic and cybernetic systems.

    Khomeini the founder of Islamic Revolution in Iran believed that perfect social and governance systems must be based on biologic systems and in particular based on the human body as it is the most advanced system in the world! In fact Allah in Quran takes a lot of pride for having created human!

    Globalists defined role of each country in relation to United States as The Brain. They were not expecting that in the heartland of energy, an autonomous heart would take power and grow its own mind! And they tried to destroy this threat through various means, however eventually they concluded that they should just contain it!

    The world is moving towards the ultimate advancement in cybernetic systems and naturally globalists have had their own dreams.

    Now back to systems… among all of the systems, the metaphysical Logical system based on language has been ruined by Satan the most, so to unravel the mess he has created, deep etymology and epistemology work is required.

    My two cents

  10. cos they are getting bolder

  11. Wouldn’t it be nice to read that the Taliban had kidnapped Bill Gates and tortured him to death.

  12. Not all the Police are your enemy. I know some that are aware of what is going and in time will do the right thing. We as the citizen should disobey ALL BULLSHIT AND CHALLENGE THE SICK AUTHORITY IN POWER. If one is afraid to die, then you will become ineffective in making any changes to the EVIL, EVIL, EVIL SYSTEM. open your THIRD EYE. Been speaking about this society since I arrived 50 years ago. All I do, shake my hear left and right. My mind do not want to accept, my SPIRIT HAS and WILL FIGHT BACK. ALL PLANNED AND CONTROLLED!!!!



  14. Been poisoned and hemorrhage for one month and DID NOT go to the HOSPITAL, an entity came and saved me. May seem unreal. There are forces more powerful than ourself. Know how to tap into the ETHERIC field.
    Two religion. Righteousness and Wickedness. Have your pick. ALL ABOUT ENERGIES.

  15. @ Harbinger,

    While what you are saying is very much true, I just want to highlight my experience the four times that I was intercepted by the police because of exercising my daily walk. In every instance I engaged the policeman into a conversation to remind him who is our shared enemy, namely the politician who is robbing us of our freedom and who is acting on behalf of the kleptocracy and that instead of fighting each other, we should be joining forces. The policemen invariably left me alone. However, I should note that where I live, the government is not as capable of oppression the way it was displayed in the video. But watching the Indian policemen beat the Indian citizens with a stick made my blood boil for if I were to to be exposed to such treatment, I have determined that my reaction would be kill or be killed.
    What we are seeing nowadays is only the opening salvo by the Powers That Be against the rest of us. If we cherish our life at the expense of our freedom, we the people will have no chance whatsoever to prevail.

  16. Well done Dana excellent video, keep up the good work. The work in general from conspiracy sites has been a beacon of hope in these dark, unprecedented times. We owe the conspiracy theorist (factualists) a huge debt of gratitude for exposing these tyrants.

  17. COVID 19 Predictive Programming 2012 London UK Olympics ! This must be seen to be believed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipFbfshjxkc

  18. This Covid 19 false pandemic is merely the vehicle that is delivering the fear seed. In the future another similar incident will invoke immediate cranial paralysis due to fear based reasoning rather than logic or rational thought processes. Through propaganda and subliminal programming most people have been primed for the anticipated reactions that are desired by the tyrants in charge. Those of us who know the truth will not be as easily fooled by the disinformation and lies that are depended on for success. The uniformed people will be spinning their heads and blaming each other and anyone else they can for their own ignorance and lack of discernment.

  19. Carl Jones April 18, 2020 at 6:54 pm | Permalink

    Voltman: why is she still on Youtube????

    She isn’t!
    Next question please.

  20. Well… Dana Ashlie’s video wasn’t where it was on YouTube but it popped up somewhere else on YouTube. That’s the way you do it, Bursting at the seems as the thought police tries to plug the holes in the information dam.

    I said long ago that those who continue to abide by mainstream I mean Shitstream Media, are backing themselves into a corner while holding a sign above their head that says: HOW STUPID AM I? WATCH ME!

    The stupid police are getting paid to be stupid. The crooked doctors are being paid to be stupid…The lying politicians, the crass media, the government “scientists”, the phony celebrities, etc… they’re all paid to be stupid.

    Coming soon: Paid To Be Stupid – Weird Dan Yankovic

    For now:
    Dare to Be Stupid – “Weird Al” Yankovic

    Verse 1
    Put down that chainsaw and listen to me
    It’s time for us to join in the fight
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    Verse 2
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    Dare to be stupid
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    Dare to Be Stupid
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    “Weird Al” Yankovic – Dare To Be Stupid