Trump authorizes activation of up to 1 million reservists to help with pandemic

David Boyer – Washington Times March 27, 2020

President Trump on Friday issued an executive order authorizing the Pentagon to call up as many as 1 million armed forces reservists to active duty to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

The president’s order said the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland security are authorized to order to active duty, “not to exceed 24 consecutive months,” units and individual members of the Ready Reserve up to 1 million at one time as necessary.

“The Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Homeland Security … will ensure appropriate consultation is undertaken with relevant state officials with respect to the utilization of National Guard Reserve Component units activated under this authority,” the order states.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are authorized to order units and individual members of the Ready Reserve back to active duty for up to two years.

The Ready Reserve consists primarily of former active-duty service members who were discharged but have a contractual obligation for a recall during a national emergency.


6 responses to “Trump authorizes activation of up to 1 million reservists to help with pandemic”

  1. Perhaps to control rioting as a result of food shortages??…..

  2. Who ever knew all these soldiers were actually medical specialists?
    Perhaps they’re bringing back loads of poppies and heroine from Halfghonistan…

  3. .

    This is a war against the people. COVID 19 is just one step toward their goal.
    Radical population reduction beginning with the old and the frail.
    This is Agenda 21 Unfolding in Front of Our Eyes — Global Totalitarian Police State.

    COVID-19 Virus Conspiracy? Deceptive Agenda, Censorship, : Part 5 – Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

  4. What could possibly go wrong….

    An army guy I work with let us know yesterday he just got word from his command he would be deployed in one week. He was told they were going to Germany then Poland, but I have a sneaking suspicion the predators will actually be roaming the streets of the Jew-S-A in case the serfs and hoi polloi get any funny ideas.

  5. Oh Donald thanks for the thought but no thanks. Even if by Q logic he would use these Nous vous fusillons and more to wrap up the communitarian class from top to bottom that would still be a war on the people.So why not just a war on all the people and not be discriminatory because that’s what is happening. By waring on all the people they can be totally discriminate creating whole new divided classes the essentials and nonessentials and what’s the bet they’ll divide these classes further and further apart as time goes on.
    In each of these two new classes will be new divisions happening and from them maybe more. A similar pattern as we were seeing before but much more controlled and under more surveillance, communitarian surveillance not just technology surveillance although it will use technology as a tool.
    This will monitor the new bread and circuses and the new permit system for the common good.
    Business will be going to the TCFD which will still have more power than a continuous US interim government although they’ll be working in tandem as bottom buddies for sustainable development public enemy no1.

  6. There’s a pandemic of STUPIDITY and Gullibility. That’s all!!! Suckers!