Coronavirus: What is Really Going On?

David Icke – March 25, 2020

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  1. Dave gets street cred from his banning in Australia….He MUST be onto something….he is merely a non violent commentator…..why on earth would they ban him UNLESS he is onto something…….
    He exercised his supposed right to free speech and was punished for it…….

  2. Did you see the policeman on the news today ?
    he said london has had no major crime or stabbings in two weeks now
    of course not as the black gangs are at home to avoid the virus
    does he think we are stupid ?

  3. A lot of people now stuck at home will be amongst those who used to dismiss conspiracy theories, and while not everything is a conspiracy it’s naive to think they don’t happen; but after a few weeks of reflection they’ll open their doors again with a different perspective on the world. 9/11 and the Global War on Terror are going to go through a lot of reexamination I would think, as will this and the 2008 bailouts and who got help and who didn’t.

    Some will be reluctant to confess their change of view if they scoffed at others in the past but no matter, they’re going to become conspiracy theorists all the same.

  4. Some Hindu Indians worship Trump:

    The guy in the above video says he had a dream about Trump….and now he is his God!

    Here is my comment there:
    One dream and they find their Gods and purpose in life… All it takes is for one low-ranking Djinn to interface with his brain and direct a dream for him and its all done! The secret societies though need to do a lot more…. even blood sacrifices at global level to deal with the Djinns. Either way Satan is at the helm and not them. Avoid alcohol, music and energy drinks, avoid Kabbalah… if ever you become a bipolar and see things (real hallucinations) you have no one to blame but yourself, if by any chance you got mental and they told you that you are Jesus(ع) or Mahdi(عج) or have some very important global mission, just snap out of it; you probably can’t though, that would already be late, your mood stabilizer pills won’t help either, ECT (electroshock therapy) is proven to work temporarily, depends on the severity. When all fails you will come back to God and pray, it will work but only if your prayers are pure. If you got cured, remember not to open their ways again by the same sinful practices, see how you care not get the corona virus!? It’s really easy. And know that prophet and king Solomon (ع) son of David (ع) enslaved Djinns because people used to worship them. He used them as “masons” to build grand places of worship for the true one God; after he passed away, they were freed and so became “free-masons”. Iblis/Satan hid the forbidden tomes under his thrown so that later people who would discover them think that Solomon (ع) too was a magician and not a Divine Representative… later Knights Templar discovered the tomes and learned to contact the Djinns…. and now they want to rebuild the temple, they go there and do the head thing! They control most centers of power directly through their human agents or indirectly through the power of dreams and subliminal suggestions. Yes, that’s why you see things being predicted by different seemingly unrelated people; either they work for them knowingly or they had a dream one night and they wrote a book about them or made a cartoon or movie out of it! And that’s why “prophecy” is so important to them… not over but out!

    أَلَمْ أَعْهَدْ إِلَيْكُمْ يَا بَنِي آدَمَ أَنْ لَا تَعْبُدُوا الشَّيْطَانَ إِنَّهُ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ مُبِينٌ ( Quran 36:60 ) “Did I not enjoin upon you, O children of Adam, that you not worship Satan – [for] indeed, he is to you a clear/open enemy. ”

    >>>> Conclusion: Secret Societies that are controlling the world are being led directly and indirectly by Satan and his army of Djinns.

  5. Look up CIA operation Grill Flame 1 & 2, they used psychics who interact with Djinns against Iran.

    This is not translated but the latest speech by Iran’s Supreme Leader for this Iranian new year just a week ago included a part about our enemies using Djinns against us. There is also a part of 2016 serial named Suicide Squad about this.

    Mossad used Djinns against Hezbollah but failed!

    We’re going to see a lot more of them. Perhaps 5G will help more and more people see and interact with Djinns.

    And then we have the Shiite history with Jews. There is so much stuff that you don’t know, I’m going to just point out a few with brief explanations, one can write many pages on each subject:

    1- The real truth behind “Lucky Horseshoes”. What did infiltrating Jews
    posing as Muslim do to Imam Hussein(ع) after he was martyred? 10 riders used newly forged horseshoes on their horses and desecrated the headless body after his martyrdom. They later took these 40 horseshoes as charms with them when they migrated to Europe. There is stuff about how they are cursed with special blood. They wanted their “prophecies” to become true.

    2- The Euphrates Slaughtered Man mentioned in the Bible (Book of Jeremiah) is Imam Hussain (ع). Look up Reverend Dr. Malkhas Songulashvili from Georgia.
    He is a proper christian scholar, he knows the Aramaic language too and can read the older less translated bibles.

    3- In book of Genesis chapter 17 verses 18 to 20 (there is the talk of 12 Imams) this part is removed in some versions of the bible:

    I have to explain this one more… really no one else is going to tell you these things.

    Shiites were being killed and prosecuted, 9 Imams poisoned and 2 martyred by sword and the 12th is undercover to this day. The organizational and under-cover work of the Shiites were perfected by Imams particularly 6th imam… things got so bad that the 10th Imam actually started communicating from behind a veil to prepare Shiites to be led indirectly. The 11th imam was literally held in a military camp. For this undercover style of work enemies have accused Shiites of TAQIA and lying! The history however shows the great atrocities done against Imams and Shiites. The 6th Imam had a son named Ismail who died at a young age, a group of Shiites named themselves Ismailites back-stabbed and branched out, they did a lot of damage to the network. Later they built the infamous Castle Alamut and formed the Assassins (Hashashin) group (Look up the movie and game “Assassins’ Creed” and the reference to the forbidden apple), they also collaborated with the Jews, in fact much of the network building techniques that Jews use today they learnt from the Shiites in Iran. You see… a country like Iran didn’t just spontaneously become Shia and the Iran’s revolution wasn’t something out of the blue. We have 63 scholars who have led Shiites when the 12th Imam went undercover. The last one is the current Iran’s Supreme Leader. So now you know why they hate Iran.

  6. Moshe Solomons said that both world wars were a blood sacrifice
    to satan, In the UK 112,853 children on average go missing each year
    many are found but many are not.
    Where do they go ?
    Harriet Harmans uncle the jew Lord Longford spent years going into prisons interviewing child snatchers, Robert Blacks confession was the most telling, as he said he would snatch
    kids for very important peoples rituals.
    Fred West was about to tell more and name names, but the day before his birthday
    a band of poofs were quietly allowed into his cell, the screams as they repeatedly raped him echoed all over the prison but no one heard a thing, or after when they hung himself.
    Jews have always used kids in ritual sacrifices, an wars are the best of all.
    So churchill did not like Adolfs policies, what had that to do with the people ?
    nothing, so why involve us ?
    only complete fols join the army to fight other peoples wars
    and the jews make fortunes from it