Why Iraqis Hate the U.S. Troops Who Occupy Their Country

Eric Zuesse – Strategic Review March 14, 2020

American ‘news’-media present a very distorted view of America’s international relations. For example, consider this:

Retired Marine’s message about travel ban goes viral

2,306,988 views•Feb 10, 2017

Fox News, Hannity

Marine in Iraq [Steve Gern, Marine Staff Sergeant (Ret.)]:

“We discussed the executive order [banning Iraqis from coming to U.S.], and their displeasure in this executive order, why they feel like they’ve been betrayed by the United States, and … I asked a simple question: As an American if I went out into the town right now, would I be welcomed? And they answered absolutely not, you would not be welcomed. And I said, what would happen? And they said, the locals would snatch me up and kill me within an hour. I’d be tortured first, and after they were done torturing me, I’d probably be beheaded, it would go on video, for everybody to see as an example. … What I am trying to make is this, is the local populace, that would do this. This isn’t al-Qaeda, this isn’t the PMU, this isn’t the militia from the Iranians, this is the local populace that would do this. So, my question then was pretty simple: If you would do this to me, in your country, why would I let you in my country? Because all this means to me is that if you have the opportunity, to take the life of an American, you would do it. If this is the way some of those cultures feel, this is the way that these countries feel about Americans, why would you be so naive to believe that if they came to the United States, they would do anything any different from what they would do right here in their own country?”

Actually, there is no comparison between those two situations (one of those Iraqis in America, versus that same person in U.S.-occupied Iraq), and here is why:

We invaded their land. We did it on the basis of Bush’s lies that Bush had conclusive evidence that Saddam was six months from a nuclear weapon and had been behind the 9/11 attacks. He blatantly misrepresented the evidence that he did have. And instead of Bush, or any of his successors, apologizing for this — the destruction of Iraq (on the basis of lies) — there has been continued military occupation of Iraq, and forcing of its Government to do what our lying Government demands, such as privatizing the oil and paying international oil companies to exploit and market it — their oil.

The reason why “they feel they’ve been betrayed” by Trump’s bar against any Iraqi relocating to America is that many of these Iraqis had been hired by U.S. firms to do translating or other essential assistance to the invaders, and so they are themselves now hated by the locals, their own countrymen, and they think that the only safety for them and their families would be to move, along with their families, to America. They are therefore now terrified, at finding themselves stranded in Iraq, where they are very reasonably considered to be traitors.

Furthermore, the U.S. did seize many innocent Iraqis, and subject them to torture; so, why would that be okay but the locals seizing some of the invaders and subjecting them to torture NOT be okay? Are the invaders (the U.S. forces) innocent? Maybe some of them are, but, really, should they be presumed to have been innocent and the Iraqis, whom our Government seized and tortured, be considered to have been guilty? Guilty of what? Defending their country? Against this evil invasion? Okay, so the evil was in the U.S. President, George W. Bush, and in his also lying V.P. Dick Cheney, etc., and other top-level Bush Administration war-criminals, and not necessarily in the troops who simply did what they were told to do. But in World War II, were all of Hitler’s troops innocent? They weren’t the ones who were primarily responsible, but were they INNOCENT? They did what they were paid to do, but were THEY innocent? Really? One may say that they were less guilty than America’s troops in Iraq were, because those German soldiers were conscripts, whereas ours are volunteers.

For Steve Gern to be hated in Iraq while he was in Iraq is not, at all, comparable to an Iraqi citizen who was a traitor to his country and is now provided refuge in America (which Trump’s executive order prevents). They’re totally different types of case. That Iraqi who seeks refuge in the U.S. isn’t any invader. But Gern was. All Americans in Iraq are invaders and military occupiers, on the basis solely of lies that George W. Bush and his team spouted in 2002. There’s no comparison. That Fox ‘News’ interview is sheer propaganda.

This isn’t to say that Steve Gern doesn’t believe what he asserts. It is only to say that what he is asserting is stupid because it is blind to the reality, which the other side see very clearly because their country was invaded and is militarily occupied by Gern and the other U.S. troops in their country.

And it’s not about “the culture,” such as Gern said. Gern asserted that “If this is the way some of those cultures feel, this is the way that these countries feel about Americans,” but the difference here is instead between occupier versus occupied, it’s not about anything “cultural.” Military occupiers are not liked. Not anywhere. Especially not after the invasion destroyed the country and contaminated it with toxins. And if the invading country has invaded on the basis of lies — as the U.S. did in Iraq and now routinely does — then those occupying troops are normally hated. Gern is blind to that basic reality. Furthermore, America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq destroyed Iraq.

That’s why U.S. troops are hated in Iraq. And it is also why an Iraqi traitor who has fled to America for protection is not at all comparable to an American soldier in Iraq. That person’s being instead now denied the right of asylum here is an insult to that traitor; it is telling him: after we have exploited you, we are discarding you — you will stay in the country where you are a traitor.

If Iraq had invaded and militarily occupied the U.S., and done it purely on the basis of lies, then wouldn’t we hate those military occupiers, of our land? Of course, we would. And, of course we should, in that case, hate especially the Iraqi leader who had spouted the lies and ordered Iraq’s troops to invade here. But would we then be able to kill that head of state, in that distant land, who had done the lying and ordered the invasion of your country? Unfortunately, not. And, similarly, Iraqis cannot kill George W. Bush, even though most of them would probably crave to do so. But if they were instead to kill someone such as Steve Gern, then perhaps that would release just a bit of the hatred they feel for Bush and for his team. It’s a very justifiable hatred, even if it misses the actual target. Gern was just a front-man for the evil. Bush WAS the evil.

Is a person justified to hate his or her rapist? No? Really? Why not? How, then, is justice even possible? This isn’t about “an eye for an eye.” It is a victim’s response to that person’s attacker and oppressor. Iraqis didn’t invade America. Americans invaded Iraq. The more that the ‘news’ media of America’s billionaires who benefited from that invasion hide this fact by pumping the deceptions that those beneficiaries of this evil have constantly been nurturing, the more justified this hate from the actual victims is.

Invading a country on the basis of lies is raping everyone who lives there. No crime is worse than that. America does it routinely, but now mainly hires foreign proxies to do the mayhem, such as Al Qaeda. That doesn’t make it any less evil. On January 3rd, Trump assassinated the man whom many regard as the world’s most effective general who was leading the fight to destroy ISIS, and Trump perpetrated this assassination on Iraqi territory, in complete disregard for the sovereignty of the Iraqi people, to whom that Iranian general was overwhelmingly regarded as a hero and a liberator.

When U.S. Staff Sergeant Gern was occupying Iraq, he was surrounded by enemies, and he didn’t know why. He’s not able to see things from the victim’s standpoint, unless he’s the victim. And on Fox ‘News’ he was being presented as the victim. That interview was broadcast as Republican Party billionaires’ propaganda against Democratic Party billionaires’ propaganda. The public is virtually ignored, except as onlookers to be deceived. This is called the ‘free press’ in America’s democracy. The ‘news’ is propaganda, but each individual gets to choose whose propaganda to buy. Gern is just a soldier in that type of ‘democracy’. He does what he is paid to do, and doesn’t understand why he is paid to do it, nor whose benefit he serves by doing it. He was a soldier for America’s billionaires, but was never told this. And his pay — then, and even in retirement — comes instead from America’s taxpayers, who derive no benefit from invading and militarily occupying Iraq. It’s a land of socialism for the rich, and capitalism for everybody else. That’s what America’s soldiers are actually killing and dying for. But the dying and the lying must go on, because it benefits the billionaires, the ultimate patrons of this mayhem.


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  1. The American colonel Butler (from memory) worked all this out,maybe 100 years ago…..and wrote a book on it…..
    It should be required reading at Westpoint…but those billionaires will see to it that it is not.

    So the ghastly multimillionaire Marrano Pelosi sure as hell does not represent average Americans….BUT THEY CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR HER…..they the voters almost deserve to be fucked over on account of their stupidity..

  2. Victimization of a war criminal.

    US barbarians invaded Iraq, they torture people, kill civilians, generally perform genocide (genocide=their national speciality) and every Iraqi has a moral duty and right to fight Judeoanglosaxon war criminals.

    I don’t think that ISIS is heavenly force. ISIS is creation of US Intelligence and Saudi Arabia. But this is US Army to be evil.

    Poor suxxer.

  3. Dear Ex-Marine Staff Sergeant, Steve Germ,

    Apparently, you didn’t get the memo so listen up!


    The US started the war on terror. Remember?

    The hyper criminal US government worships at the feet of the filthy rich zewz who run the brutish-amerikon-rot-child empire of greed, vanity and conceit. Look it up and lock them up! Are you chicken? Are you too chicken, Mr. Big, to even talk about it? Are you too chicken to even think about it? Yes you are… unless you’re just stupid.

    You’re probably so clueless that you don’t know who the biggest terrorist organization in the world is. You will justify and rationalize anything as long as the money monsters keep paying you. Well hear this: FUCK OFF!

    What about those illegal immigrants coming into the US from Mexico and elsewhere?! Don’t you think that a few of them might want to strangle you for ruining Central America?!

    Instead of overthrowing your own God damn traitors right there in the US, you’re off terrorizing innocent people in far off lands…based on OBVIOUS bullshit coming from certified liars who sold you the idea that Osama bin Laden did 9/11…!!!

    You, Sergeant Germ, and your fellow muscle-bound goons aren’t intelligent at all. You’re just “dumb, stupid animals” getting paid to terrorize innocent civilians. In case you’re starting to forget already, you work for the BIGGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD. Prove me wrong! You can’t. NOBODY ever has, nor has anybody ever tried.


    I found that out back in the eighties… and I haven’t forgotten it. I have only accumulated mountains of evidence since then. Apparently, you pentagoons are oblivious to the truth. Take your Full Spectrum Dominance and shove it up your stinking arse-nal. Got that?! What you manifest is Full Spectrum Ignorance, Insanity and Criminality.

    You disgust me. In my dictionary, the definition of the word evil includes the words ignorance, stupidity, cowardice, laziness and immorality. Witness all these obedient shitheads freaking out over “The Virus”. Watch your fellow sheep obey their criminal governments. Watch the “ignorance is bliss” happy crowd of exceptional morons commit collective economic suicide.

    Watch them blame everything on everybody except their own governments. They will blame China, Putin, Trump, climate change, antisemitism, the white race, nationalists, truthers, bats, spiders from Jupiter, snakes from Wuhan, anything they can think of. Americon lovers of israhel, are a virus upon the world, a REAL one.

    You serve the citi of london financial terrorists, the spiritual charlatans in the Vaticon, the warmongering bomb freaks in the Pentacon and the empire state gangbanksters in New York.

    Your dear leaders love israhel. They repeat it every day as if it’s the First Commandment. You serve an immoral shithole full of lying criminals, so suffer the consequences and shut up.

    Je Me Souviens

    Daniel Major

    All Rights Reserved.

  4. Voltman, you are so correct, but don`t blame all Americans. Most are dumbed down and lied to, however, those in power in the US have been building up hatred against the US in many countries of the world, and it is the man in the street who takes the flak. The only retaliation Bush had to deal with was a shoe, thrown in anger, but even the idiot Bush was just a front man, a face, a voice. The real criminals sit in their ivory towers, and laugh at the mayhem they create. Yes, the military, who have been used, should, by now, know who their enemy is, the enemy of humanity, and do something about it. Bush and his merry gang of thugs in Guantanamo would be a start..